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  1. IMessage is Apple’s instant messaging service for devices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Released in 2011 with iOS 5, iMessage lets users send messages, photos, stickers, and more between any Apple devices over the Internet.
  2. IMessage can’t work smoothly on Android devices. In fact, the problems are almost similar to those faced with the Google Remote Desktop extension. However, if you are willing to keep a Mac always on and connected to the internet, the following services offer iMessage support on Android.

Deregister iMessage. You may need to turn off iMessage if you are now using a non-Apple phone and can't get SMS or text messages someone sends you from an iPhone.


Contains communication data sent between cooperating message sinks.





Message sinks that use IMessage can be placed in the client sink chains or in the server sink chains. A message object is passed from message sink to message sink through the chain, and carries a set of named properties such as action identifiers, envoy information, and parameters.

An object that implements the IMessage interface meets the minimum qualifications to be considered a message object. The exact object received by a message sink does not have to be passed on to the next sink, but this is often the case.

Although the objects in the property bag do not have to be serializable, the message sink implementer needs to consider this, since the properties that flow out of the application domain must be serializable.


Apple Imessage Sign In


Gets an IDictionary that represents a collection of the message's properties.

Applies to

Create a group conversation

Imessage Protocol

Start a group conversation with your friends and family, give the group a name, and add or remove people from the group.

Imessage Not Working

Send a group message

Reply to specific messages

In iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, you can reply directly to a specific message and use mentions to call attention to certain messages and people.

Learn how it works

Leave a group conversation

Learn how to mute notifications, or leave a group conversation completely.

Mute or leave a group text

Personalize your messages with effects

How To Access Imessages Online

Create and use your Memoji

Make your own Memoji with fun new accessories, hairstyles, and headwear. Then create as many alter egos as you want in Messages and FaceTime.

ImessageImessageImessageUse Memoji

Add a personal touch

Express yourself with bubble, full-screen, and camera effects.

Use message effects

Use your own Apple ID for Family Sharing

When you set up Family Sharing, make sure that everyone uses their own Apple ID.

Learn more about Family Sharing

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