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If using iMessage abroad or even at home there is data usage it usage maybe very small and wont be reflected in your bill even if you're a heavy users like myself. The data usage of any individual iMessage may be small. However, it can add up and will certainly show on your data usage. My carrier shows usage by the kilobyte. Can you send iMessage to iMessage from USA to a user in another country free? Just like you could with BBM anywhere in the world? I have unlimited data so I'm not worried about data costs unless it costs extra to send internationally. But I have friends in England that I'd like to talk to without having to use 3rd party apps or pay extra fee's.

  1. Another option is that he can sign up for an international data package. This will allow him to use iMessage without the use of wi-fi. Although I still encourage using wi-fi as his primary means of communication, he does have the option to subscribe to a international data package for his trip to the UK if he would like true iMessage mobility.
  2. International SMS will be set up, but I have iMessage linked to this mobile number. I have other iPhones, iPads and Macs which also receive iMessages on this account. Do I have to disable iMessage on all my devices before I travel to ensure when people send a message to my mobile number, I will receive it as an International SMS? Thanks in advance.

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