How To Free Up Memory On Samsung

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On the Samsung Galaxy S7, a lot of system and temporary files accumulate over time, which make the internal memory of the device full. Therefore you should clear the system memory now and then.

I too have this issue, the pre-installed apps, that I use, I have on other equipment so they are of no use to me, I could use the memory for other apps but you cannot un-install them. I have currently only two apps which I have added, Is there a way of expanding the memory. With Samsung Smart Switch you can back up your files to an SD memory card, a USB memory stick or an external hard drive. Once you have inserted the memory card or connected your device to the memory stick or external hard drive, follow the below steps to back up your data. Read our FAQ to find out What is Smart Switch and how to use it.

This works on the Samsung Galaxy S7 fortunately by means of an integrated app or function. We show you here how to clean up the internal system memory on the Samsung Galaxy S7 quickly and easily.

How To Free Up Memory On Samsung Galaxy S9 Phone

1. From the Samsung Galaxy S7 home screen, open the app menu and then the Android system settings

2. Scroll down to 'Smart Manager' and tap the entry

3. Then tap 'Memory' and your Samsung Galaxy S7 will be analyzed


4. Now tap at 'Unnecessary data' on the 'delete' button. Then an overview message appears, how much space could be created by the cleaning up.

How To Free Up Memory On Samsung Galaxy S5

Usually the freed memory is between 500 MB and several gigabytes. Now you know how to gain fast and efficient storage space on the Samsung Galaxy S7.


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