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It is good practice to periodically Clear RAM on iPhone or iPad, in order to remove unwanted files and accumulated junk that can end up impacting the overall performance of your device.

Hence, the need to clear the RAM on iPhone or iPad on a periodic basis and get rid of unwanted files and expired data occupying RAM. Without such maintenance (especially on older iPhones) you may begin to notice problems during multitasking, viewing HD Videos and you may also notice crashing of Apps. It means your RAM is full and you have to remove data from it or manage it. Let us start how you can easily speed up your PC by cleaning your RAM from Windows PC. Clean Windows PC RAM and Speed up Performance. There are many ways for clearing your Windows PC RAM, here we are suggesting you some of the best ways. 1.End unnecessary running programmes.

Clear RAM on iPhone and iPad

RAM which stands for “Random Access Memory” can be described as a storage location on a device designed to store temporary files and data required for proper functioning of the Apps and processes running on the device.

As you continue to use your iPhone or iPad, its RAM tends to gets clogged up with expired data and temporary files, impacting the smooth functioning of the device.

Hence, the need to clear the RAM on iPhone or iPad on a periodic basis and get rid of unwanted files and expired data occupying RAM.

Without such maintenance (especially on older iPhones) you may begin to notice problems during multitasking, viewing HD Videos and you may also notice crashing of Apps.

With this understanding, let us go ahead and take a look at the steps to manually clear RAM on iPhone or iPad.

1. Power OFF and Restart

The quickest way to clear RAM on iPhone is to simply powering OFF your device and turning it back ON again.

Go to Settings > General > scroll down and tap on Shut Down.

Allow iPhone to completely Power OFF > Wait for 30 seconds Restart iPhone. This step should make your device run a bit faster.

2. Clear Safari Cache

Safari is the default browser on iPhone and like all internet browsers it stores information about websites that you visit and other data in its cache.

Go to Settings > Safari > scroll down and tap on Clear History and Website Data.

On the pop-up, tap on Clear History and Data to clear Safari Cache on your iPhone or iPad.

3. Offload Unused Apps

Another way to limit RAM usage on iPhone or iPad is to Offload Unused Apps on your device. This step ensures that unused Apps are not using resources on your device.

Go to Settings > App Store > scroll down and move the toggle next to Offload Unused Apps to ON position.

This setting will automatically Offload Unused Apps and prevent them from using resources on your device.

4. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Delete all the unnecessary Apps on your iPhone that you may have downloaded on impulse or just to try them out.

Locate the App that you want to Uninstall > Long press (Tap and Hold) on the App and select the Remove App option.

On the confirmation pop-up, select Delete App option to confirm.

Android devices offer power-packed features that put tons of techy needs on ease. With every upgrade, Android is becoming capable of treating users with hassle-free operations. However, it ends up draining the device’s RAM which usually works up to 8GB and already comes with pre-installed apps and processes. Thus, we have brought you this article to help you clean up RAM on Android phones and ensure optimum use of your device’s capabilities.

Easy Ways to Clear RAM on Android Devices

If you are looking for some of the easiest and quickest ways to clear your device’s RAM and boost its performance to optimum level, take a pause as here are the best ways to avoid interruptions in your device’s overall functionality.

1. Check Memory Usage and Force Stop Apps

Clear ram iphone 11

The First way out of cluttered RAM is heading to check the memory usage on your Android device. To clear RAM in an Android device, you must know what is really eating your phone’s storage and then quickly remove it free up the RAM. To do that-

  • Go to ‘Settings’ on your device.
  • Now, open the ‘Memory’ option.
  • You will now see the average memory usage. You can also view the average memory usage as per the day, or the recent hours.

This is not it for there are some apps that are consuming your device’s memory and that you need to clear away to free up the RAM. You simply have to go to the ‘Settings’ in your device and open the ‘Memory’ or ‘Storage’ option to view the apps and the amount of memory usage that they are consuming. You can ‘Force Stop’ the apps that you think are eating large space to clear RAM on Android devices.

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Clean Ram Memory

How To Clean Ram Of Phone

2. Disable Apps

Merely killing the apps does not corporate in keeping the RAM free for the long run and that is why it is necessary to disable the apps that cannot be uninstalled on your device to free up the RAM. To disable apps-

Clear Ram Iphone 7

  • Open ‘Settings’ on your device.
  • Now go to ‘Apps’ and select the app you want to disable.
  • You will see an app info page where you will find the ‘Disable’ option.
  • Tap the ‘Disable App’ option.
  • The apps that you have disabled won’t run your device unless you enable them.

3. Turn Off Animations and Transitions

You may not even realize it but using several animations and transitions that enhance the appearance of the OS and make it look modern and compelling make one of the key reasons to exhaust your device’s RAM. To avoid this clutter, you have an option to disable such animations and transitions. To do that:

Clear Ram Iphone Xs

  • Go to ‘Settings’ on your device.
  • Open ‘Developer Options’ and there you will find an option ‘Animator duration scale’.
  • From there you can simply turn off the Animation feature.

4. Stop Using Live Wallpapers

As much as you enjoy setting up those pretty live wallpapers, you must be aware of the fact that they contribute to cluttering your device’s RAM. Using live wallpapers on your phone quickly drain out the battery and thus, slow down the standard performance of your device. To clear RAM on your Android device, you can simply stop using the live wallpapers or widgets that nibble on your phone’s RAM and overall functionality.

5. Use Third-Party Tools

How To Clean Ram Mac

To ensure that the RAM in your Android device is cleaner than ever you can get certain booster apps in your favour. Here are two such tools to help you in cleaning your device’s RAM.

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A. Clean Master

Clean Master offers tons of features that include the deletion of cache. It allows you to kill the background processing of apps and save your device from slow performance. Besides, you can clear the browsing and call history and manage or uninstall the applications along with their files. Packed with amazing features to boost your device’s performance, Clean Master is a must-try.

Clear ram iphone 6

B. DU Speed Booster

How To Clean Ram Sticks

DU Speed Booster is another amazing app to clear the RAM in your Android device. It detects and analyses the functions/apps in your device that consume a big part of memory. It watches over the internal memory of your device and eliminates the useless files. It features app management and call blocker and it shuts the apps running in the background only to slow down your device’s speed. To clean up RAM on Android phone, you can give DU Speed Booster one shot.

Free Your Android Phone’s RAM with These Easy Tips

How To Clean Ram Of Phone Without

Here was the list of the simplest ways to clear RAM in Android devices. If you have been struggling with the unbearably slow and exhausting performance of your device then you can count on these tips as a life-saver. If you have more tips to clear the RAM and speed up the device’s process, you are welcome to share it in the comment section.