How To Clean Phone Storage Vivo

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Aug 31, 2020 On your Android phone or tablet, swipe down from the top of the screen once or twice, then tap the Gear icon to open the “Settings” menu. Next, select “Storage” in the “Settings” menu. On a Samsung Galaxy phone, you will need to tap “Device Care” first to get to the “Storage” option. Network settings SIM card Network issues VoLTE & iRoaming Phone communication Messages communication Connectivity USB connectivity Wireless connectivity Location Bluetooth connectivity.

If you are an Android Phone user, then you may know about the cache and temp files. Your Android Phone will become slow due to increase in the number of temp files that are gathered by browsing internet or inbuilt applications. Because of large number of temporary files, your Android device cannot have enough capability to run applications and your Phone will get hang. In this way, the internet as well as applications can run slowly on your Android Phone. Therefore, you need to clean temp files for proper working of your Android Phone.

To keep your Android Phone working properly, you need to know how to remove temp files Android? However, it is not a big task since there are many free tools available to clear temp files from Android Phones. The Remo MORE is the best application used to delete temporary files from Android Phones. It can erase all junk files from Android including cache, cookies, temporary internet files, etc. It is more secure tool since you can select only temp files to delete, without damaging other files from your Android Phone.

This software is developed with several unique features to clear temp files from all types of Android Phones. It includes HTC, Micromax, Samsung, Sony, etc. The Remo MORE Software is compatible with all versions of Android OS such as Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, etc. Using this tool you can free up the space on your Android Phone SD card, by removing all temp files from it.

The Remo MORE software is completely user-friendly so that the user can customize the tool, to clear particular items from the Android. The user can select the type of browser from which he wants to clear cookies, cache and temporary internet files. You can also select all junk items to delete instantly from the Android Phone. The Remo MORE Tool is fast and strong application that enables to delete all items within a few seconds.

By using the Remo MORE software, the user can get two types of advantages. One is protect your privacy by clearing internet history, cookies, etc and the second one is speed up your Android Phone working. This software will help you to increase your Android Phone speed so that you can open files quickly. You can also access emails quickly and make the browser working faster. One can run all inbuilt applications effectively without getting any disturbance. Thus the Android users can enhance their phone speed with the help of Remo MORE software.

Apart from Android Phones, it can also be used to delete temp files from iPhone, Windows and Mac computers. It can delete temp files from computers and enhances the system performance. It supports all versions of Windows and Mac operating system. This software is absolutely free and easy to use for professionals and normal users. The process of deleting temp files is very simple since all steps are easy to understand. You can use it at your home without the help of technical experts.

Steps to remove temp files from Android phone:

How To Clean Phone Memory

Step 1: Select “Optimize” option from the welcome page of the software as shown in


How To Clean Phone Storage Vivo Plus

Step 2: Next select 'Privacy Cleaner' and then choose 'Clean Cache' option as shown in

Step 3: The app shows you the amount of size occupied by Cache file as illustrated in

How To Clean Vivo Phone

How To Clean Phone Storage Vivo

How To Clean Phone Storage Vivo Phone

Step 4: To remove the temp files select 'Clean Cache' option and confirm the request by clicking 'OK' as shown in