How To Clean Laptop Ram Windows 10

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In case your Windows 10 computer is painfully slow and indicating high RAM and CPU Usage, you will find below various methods to Fix High RAM and CPU Usage in Windows 10.

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High RAM and CPU Usage in Windows 10

There are many reasons for high RAM and CPU Usage in Windows 10, ranging from problem with device drivers to Apps remaining active in the background and using up excessive resources.

High CPU & RAM usage in Windows 10 can also be caused by Rogue Programs, Malware, Viruses and Incorrect Registry settings.

Depending on the reason for High RAM & CPU usage on your computer, you should be able to fix this issue using any of the following methods as applicable on your computer.

1. Scan For Malware and Uninstall Unwanted Programs

The first step would be to rule out the possibility of your PC being affected by Viruses and Malware. For this you can use the Scan option as available in the Antivirus program that you are using on your computer.

Also, consider uninstalling all unnecessary Apps and programs in order to reduce resource usage on your computer.

2. Update Device Drivers

Next, login to your computer as Admin and make sure that the Device drivers on your computer are up-to-date and compatible with the latest version of Windows operating system.

1. Right-click on the Start button and click on Device Manager.

2. On the Device Manager Screen, click on Action > Scan for hardware changes.

Tip: You can also Scan for Hardware changes by clicking on the Computer icon in the top-menu bar (see image below).

Windows will scan your computer for Hardware changes and update device drivers (if required)

3. Disable Runtime Broker

Runtime Broker has been reported as being one of the main reasons for High RAM and CPU Usage in Windows 10.

1. Click on Start > Settings icon.

2. On the Settings screen, click on System.

3. On the next screen, click on Notifications & Actions and disable Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows.

4.Restart your computer

Many users have reported significant reduction in Runtime Broker activity after making this single change on their Windows 10 computer.

4. Disable Updates From More Than One Place

How to clean laptop ram windows 10 without

Disabling the option to deliver Updates from more than one place is known to reduce the activity of Runtime Broker in Windows 10.

1. Go to Settings > Update & Security > Advanced Options.

2. On the Advanced Options screen, click on Delivery Optimization.

3. On the next screen, Turn OFF the option to Allow Downloads from other PCs.

5. Modify Memory Management System

How To Clean Laptop Ram Windows 10

It is recommended that you create a system Restore Point on your computer before following the steps below to make changes to Registry Values on your computer.

1. Click on the Start > Run.

Note: You can also press Windows + R Keys to open the Run Command.

2. Next, type Regedit in the Run command window and click on OK.

3. On the Registry Editor screen, navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession Manager” and click on Memory Management (1) Folder.

In the right-pane, right-click on ClearPageFileAtShutDown (2) and click on Modify (3) (See above image).

4. On the Edit DWORD Value screen that appears, change the value of ClearPageFileAtShutDown from 0 to 1 and click on OK.

5.Restart your computer, in order to register this change.

6. Setup Windows 10 for Best Performance

1. Open Control Panel on your computer.

2. On the Control Panel screen, make sure that you are in “Category View” and click on System & Security.

3. On the System and Security screen, click on System.

4. On the System screen, click on Advanced System Settings option in the side-menu

5. On the next screen, click on Advanced tab and then click on Settings button in Performance section (See image below).

6. On the Performance Options screen, select Adjust for best performance option and click on Apply.

7.Restart your Computer to implement this change.

7. Automatically Manage Memory

Clean Windows 10 Computer

1. Open Control Panel > click on System and Security.

2. On the next screen, click on System

3. Next, click on Advanced system settings

4. On the next screen, click on the Advanced tab and then click on the Settings button in Performance section (See image below).

6. On the performance Options screen, click on the Advanced tab and then click on the Change button in Virtual Memory section.

7. On the Virtual Memory screen, uncheck Automatically manage paging file size for all drives option and then check the option for System Managed Size.

8. Click on OK to save the changes.

Make sure you Restart your computer for above changes to be implemented on your computer.

How To Free Up Ram Windows 10

8. Disable Startup Programs

How To Clean Laptop Ram Windows 10 Full

The reason for High RAM and CPU usage on your computer may also be due to unnecessary programs starting up and remaining active in the background.

Clean My Computer Windows 10

1. Right-click on the Start button and click on Task Manger.

2. On the Task Manager screen, click on the Startup tab to see the list of programs that open at startup on your computer.

3. Simply, right-click on the Program that you do not want to open at startup and click on Disable option in the contextual menu (See image above).

Repeat the above steps to stop other unnecessary Apps from starting with your computer.

9. Defragment Hard Drives

Follow the steps below to defragment the hard drive on your computer. After completing this process, you should see improvement in the performance and speed of your computer.

1. Open Control Panel and go to System and Security > scroll down to “Administrative Tools” section and click on Defragment and optimize drives.

How To Clean Laptop Ram Windows 10 Without

Clean ram memory windows 10

2. On the next screen, select the Drive that you want to defragment and click on Optimize button

Clean Ram Memory Windows 10

3. Patiently wait for Windows 10 to complete the process of optimizing the selected drive.