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It is good practice to periodically Clear RAM on iPhone or iPad, in order to remove unwanted files and accumulated junk that can end up impacting the overall performance of your device.

Clear RAM on iPhone and iPad

To erase your iPad memory completely, you're recommended to choose the mode of 'Erase All Data '. 2nd Click - Erase Now. When you have selected the mode, just type 'delete' to confirm your action on a new window, then hit the 'Erase Now' button to begin the process. When the process is finished, all data on your iPad memory will be erased immediately. In this tutorial you are going to learn how to clean up Memory and Cache on iPhone (iOS9).Don't forget to check out our main channel

RAM which stands for “Random Access Memory” can be described as a storage location on a device designed to store temporary files and data required for proper functioning of the Apps and processes running on the device.

As you continue to use your iPhone or iPad, its RAM tends to gets clogged up with expired data and temporary files, impacting the smooth functioning of the device.


Hence, the need to clear the RAM on iPhone or iPad on a periodic basis and get rid of unwanted files and expired data occupying RAM.

Without such maintenance (especially on older iPhones) you may begin to notice problems during multitasking, viewing HD Videos and you may also notice crashing of Apps.

With this understanding, let us go ahead and take a look at the steps to manually clear RAM on iPhone or iPad.

How To Clear Storage On Ipad

1. Power OFF and Restart

The quickest way to clear RAM on iPhone is to simply powering OFF your device and turning it back ON again.

Go to Settings > General > scroll down and tap on Shut Down.

Allow iPhone to completely Power OFF > Wait for 30 seconds Restart iPhone. This step should make your device run a bit faster.

2. Clear Safari Cache

Safari is the default browser on iPhone and like all internet browsers it stores information about websites that you visit and other data in its cache.

Go to Settings > Safari > scroll down and tap on Clear History and Website Data.

How To Clean Ipad Memory

On the pop-up, tap on Clear History and Data to clear Safari Cache on your iPhone or iPad.

3. Offload Unused Apps

Another way to limit RAM usage on iPhone or iPad is to Offload Unused Apps on your device. This step ensures that unused Apps are not using resources on your device.

Go to Settings > App Store > scroll down and move the toggle next to Offload Unused Apps to ON position.

This setting will automatically Offload Unused Apps and prevent them from using resources on your device.

4. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Delete all the unnecessary Apps on your iPhone that you may have downloaded on impulse or just to try them out.

Locate the App that you want to Uninstall > Long press (Tap and Hold) on the App and select the Remove App option.

How to clean ipad memory before selling

On the confirmation pop-up, select Delete App option to confirm.

Youtube How To Clean Ipad Memory

When you buy an iPad, in that instant you are probably the happiest person in the world. But as time flies you will realize how much data you have accumulated in your dear old tablet, causing it to slow down. At this point, you certainly need to clean up some data. Well, there are also other instances when your iPad memory needs some cleaning.

Why should you clear iPad Memory?

You really do not have a lot of space on your iPad. Unlike other tablets that come with expandable memories, iPads do not. So, if you are nearing the capacity of your iPad, it is time that you need to clear up your iPad space. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done.

Technically, there are about three situations that you are likely to encounter, which will prompt you to clear your iPad memory via:

How To Clean Ipad Memory

- You are selling your iPad
- Your iPad has become slow
- You are unable to download anything

Well, if you are going to use that iPad and you want it to function for as long as it was supposed to, like everything else it needs maintenance ie cleaning its memory. You can go ahead and do that yourself, however it is likely you might end up erasing something that was essential, which could affect the functionality of your iPad. You wouldn't want to delete something mistakenly. Unfortunately, if you delete something on your iPad, there is no way to get it back - unless of course, you take the help of a third part software.

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Easiest Way - How to Clean up Memory on iPad

It is highly recommended that you use a third-party software which will discern the storage and clean only unnecessary data and junk. FREECoolmuster iOS Cleaner or Coolmuster iOS Cleaner for Mac software is designed for this exact purpose. It is a freeware and the only Mac based iOS cleaning software. Junk files, app cookies, caches, temp files, crash logs and user storage files can be effortlessly erased. Coolmuster offers three levels of data cleaning depending on your needs. It performs permanent deletion so that no software can recover the data. And if you do mistakenly delete a file you need from your iPad, do not worry.

It will help you select those files as well. Plus, since you can delete the iPad selectively, it ensures that you do not make much mistakes.

Below are the steps to clean your storage files:

Connect your iPad and run iOS cleaner: When you launch the iOS cleaner with your iPad connected, you will see four options viz: 'Quick Clean', 'Deep Clean', 'Toolbox' and 'Restore'.

Choose the files that need to be deleted: When you click on 'Quick Clean', it will tell you what kind of files will be scanned. You should then click on 'Start Scan', which initiates scanning and once it is complete the different kinds of files will be displayed and you can pick which ones you want to delete.

Erase your files: Select the files which you want to delete and click 'Clean'. The iOS cleaner will now delete all the files that you have checked and the space cleared will be displayed.

More Useful Tips to Clear iPad Memory:

Now that you understand how essential it is to keep your iPad memory clean let us look at some tips for the same.

1. Disable photo stream and don't join other people's photo stream either.
2. Delete unwanted apps.
3. Backup your photos to dropbox or Google+.
4. Clear Safari cookies and cache.
5. Run a cleaning software regularly.
6. Remove unwanted music files, documents and data.
7. Delete old messages.
8. If you have HDR, you should delete photos.

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