Gt350 Transmission

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  • Apr 07, 2016 M6G member SVTDSM (Steve), owner of a 2016 GT350 with tech pack took matters into his own hands and was the first on the forums to install the transmission cooler himself after booking two track days in early April.
  • After continuous sessions at the track, your GT350 transmission can really start to heat up which can cause you to go into limp mode. Shelby's R&D team designed, and track tested, this scoop to prevent that from happening by providing cold air directly to your transmission.
  • Starting with a standard Tremec TR3160, Ford has thoroughly modified the transmission to meet the rigorous demands of the GT350's track capabilities. The transmission is beefed up to handle the 526.
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Gt350 Transmission

The new 2016 Shelby GT350 will feature a 6 speed Tremec 3160 transmission specifically modified for the flat plane crank engine.

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Gt350 Transmission Swap

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2016 Shelby GT350 Transmission - The Tremec TR3160

If you are like me, then you share the same excitement when I hear more information on the 2016 Shelby GT350. It has been announced by Ford Motor Company that the new S550 will be equipped with a 6 speed Tremec TR3160 tranmission. It is rumored that this transmission has been modified significantly to keep up with the demands of the flat plane crank engine. We will keep you updated on the specifics of that once we hear more!

About The Tremec TR3160

Designed for either a single of double overdrive transmission, the TR-3160 incorporates the latest design and manufacturing technologies to put out the highest torque capacities and best in class shift feel. This Tremec transmission features high strength steel on all of it's shafts and gears which maximizes torque capacity and durability while keeping the weight and package size to a minimum. Reduced noise, vibrations and harshness is achieved through th multi-rail shift system.


Gt350 Transmission

  • Rear wheel drive, six-speed manual transmission available with single or double overdrive
  • Double and triple cone synchronizers featuring hybrid and sintered bronze friction material.
  • Multi-rail shift system accommodates direct mount or semi-remote shifter locations
  • High-precision guide plate
  • Advanced interlock system
  • Anti-friction roller ball detents
  • Hollow shafts and webbed gears
  • Three-piece “end load design” aluminum housings
  • Low-friction linear shift rail bearings

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  • Original equipment on 2015-2016 Mustang GT350 equipped with Track Package and GT350R, and on 2017 model year and newer Mustang GT350
  • Transmission includes internal pump for transmission cooler kit
  • Ford service part #: FR3Z-7003-H

D-Line: Manual Trans
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Gt350 Manual Transmission

21.1' x 19.2' x 38.5
150 lb(s)