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  • 1. Description
  • 4. Configuration
  • 5. Usage
  • 6. Key bindings

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1 Description

1.1 Features:

NEGOP Chairman Mark Fahleson blogs about Nebraska politics and anything else he likes. So, given that I have to work with Markdown, time to use some Emacs magic to make it easy and fun. To start, Emacs has a markdown mode along with a bunch of previewing and rendering modes. I settled on grip mode. You can check out the video to see grip-mode along with some of the other modes I. There are lots of Markdown preview tools available (just check for plugins or bundles in. Now that you have it installed, simply run grip in the same. Second type of walnut grip plates with serrations. Story and evolution of the Enfield No 2 revolver (2).

  • markdown files support via markdown-mode
  • mdx file support via markdown-mode
  • Fast GitHub-flavored live preview via vmd-mode
  • TOC generation via markdown-toc
  • Completion of Emojis using company-emoji (still needs a way of showing, eitherusing the emoji layer or having a proper font) :clap:

2 BibTeX

For more extensive support of references with BibTeX files, have a look at theBibTeX layer.

3 Install

To use this configuration layer, add it to your ~/.spacemacs. You will need toadd markdown to the existing dotspacemacs-configuration-layers list in thisfile.

4 Configuration

4.1 Live preview

A live preview can be generated when one of these executables are in path:

  • markdown
  • pandoc
  • markdown_py

A well-knowned markdown command is from follow pandoc installation instructions to install pandoc into path:

Another choice is installing Python-Markdown:

If your markdown executable is not in the list, please refer the document ofmarkdown-mode for customizing the markdown-command.

Another alternative is to install the `github layer` and use `grip-mode` for livepreviewing, though this only supports Github flavored markdown.

By default the built-in Emacs web browser is used to live preview a markdownbuffer.

To use vmd (GitHub-flavored live preview) instead set the value of thevariable markdown-live-preview-engine to vmd:

And install the executable with:

Additionally there is flymd package in chrome layer that allows to previewmarkdown buffer in Chrome. Please refer to chrome layer documentation for moreinformation.

4.2 Automatic MMM-Mode Generation


To generate MMM-Modes for languages set the value of the variablemarkdown-mmm-auto-modes to a list of the languages. For languages where themode name directly relates to the language name, use a string. Otherwise, use alist of `('language' 'mode')`:

Note: Spacemacs already defines the variable markdown-mmm-auto-modes to abunch of languages. Consider opening a PR on the Spacemacs repository to addnew languages instead of overriding the variable in your dotfile.

5 Usage

5.1 Generate a TOC

To generate a table of contents type on top of the buffer:SPC SPC markdown-toc-generate-toc RET

5.2 Editing tables

While markdown-mode provides functionality to edit tables, users of orglayer benefit from more sophisticated orgtbl-mode.

In order to use orgtabl-mode, add org layer to your ~/.spacemacs.

6 Key bindings

6.1 Element insertion

Key bindingDescription
SPC m -insert horizontal line
SPC m h iinsert header dwim
SPC m h Iinsert header setext dwim
SPC m h 1insert header atx 1
SPC m h 2insert header atx 2
SPC m h 3insert header atx 3
SPC m h 4insert header atx 4
SPC m h 5insert header atx 5
SPC m h 6insert header atx 6
SPC m h !insert header setext 1
SPC m h @insert header setext 2
SPC m i linsert link
SPC m i uinsert uri
SPC m i finsert footnote
SPC m i winsert wiki link
SPC m i iinsert image
SPC m i tinsert Table of Contents (toc)
SPC m x bmake region bold or insert bold
SPC m x Binsert gfm checkbox
SPC m x imake region italic or insert italic
SPC m x cmake region code or insert code
SPC m x Cmake region code or insert code (GitHub Flavored Markdown format)
SPC m x kmake region <kbd> element or insert <kbd> element
SPC m x qmake region blockquote or insert blockquote
SPC m x Qblockquote region
SPC m x pmake region or insert pre
SPC m x Ppre region
SPC m x smake region striked through or insert strikethrough

6.2 Element removal

6.3 Table manipulation

Key bindingDescription
SPC m t pmove row up
SPC m t nmove row down
SPC m t fmove column right
SPC m t bmove column left
SPC m t rinsert row
SPC m t Rdelete row
SPC m t cinsert column
SPC m t Cdelete column
SPC m t ssort lines
SPC m t ttranspose table
SPC m t dconvert region to table

6.4 Completion

6.5 Following and Jumping

Key bindingDescription
SPC m ofollow thing at point
RETjump (markdown-do)

6.6 Indentation

Key bindingDescription
SPC m >indent region
SPC m <outdent region

6.7 Header navigation

Key bindingDescription
gjoutline forward same level
gkoutline backward same level
ghoutline up one level
gloutline next visible heading

6.8 Buffer-wide commands

Key bindingDescription
SPC m c ]complete buffer
SPC m c mother window
SPC m c ppreview
SPC m c Plive preview using engine defined with layer variable markdown-live-preview-engine
SPC m c eexport
SPC m c vexport and preview
SPC m c oopen
SPC m c wkill ring save
SPC m c ccheck refs
SPC m c ncleanup list numbers
SPC m c rrender buffer

6.9 List editing

6.10 Movement

Key bindingDescription
SPC m {backward paragraph
SPC m }forward paragraph
SPC m Nnext link
SPC m Pprevious link

6.11 Promotion, Demotion

Key bindingCommand
M-k or M-upmarkdown-move-up
M-j or M-downmarkdown-move-down
M-h or M-leftmarkdown-promote
M-l or M-rightmarkdown-demote

6.12 Toggles

Grip Markdown
Key bindingDescription
SPC m T itoggle inline images
SPC m T ltoggle hidden urls
SPC m T mtoggle markup hiding
SPC m T ttoggle checkbox
SPC m T wtoggle wiki links

Org-mode is my markup of choice. I spend the vast majority of my time workingon text files working in org-mode. Since GitHUb started renderingorg-mode files in their site I've also used org-mode for things likeReadme files in my projects. I even force it on my students attimes. When I make an assignment, I seed it with an org-mode file thatthey have to modify - that is - fill in things like their names, groupmembers etc..

That said, sometimes I have to work in plain old markdown. This isalmost always when I'm working on something collaboratively and moreoften than not it's documentation on a project living on GitHub.

So, given that I have to work with Markdown, time to use some Emacsmagic to make it easy and fun.

Convert Markdown Html

To start, Emacs has a markdown mode along with a bunch of previewingand rendering modes. I settled on grip mode.

Grip Markdown Latex

You can check out the video to see grip-mode along with some of theother modes I tried here:


Grip Markdown To Pdf


Grip Markdown Tool

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