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  • The new Citrix Workspace app (formerly known as Citrix Receiver) provides a great user experience - a secure, contextual, and unified workspace - on any device. It gives you instant access to all. Download the Citrix Workspace 2006 tarball from here. Extract the file and go into the folder linuxx64- Open a terminal inside this folder not sure if you need to, but I use sudo su and run everything as root and run script./setupwfc. 1 to install Citrix Workspace app for Linux 20.06.0 Enter the directory /opt/Citrix/ICAClient.

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    Receiver for Chrome Configuration

    Created Date: December 19, 2014


    Updated Date: December 19, 2014

    Google chrome citrix workspace app


    This is a tool which can be opened in any browser preferably Google Chrome. This tool can create and edit google policy and .cr configuration files easily which can be used to configure Receiver for Chrome.



    Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox browser.

    How to Use Receiver for Chrome Configuration

    Today, Citrix Receiver from chrome web store can be configured using .cr files. The .cr file exported from Storefront doesn't have rfweb entry and admin needs to add the entry and distribute the file to various users. Receiver for Chrome can be configured using .cr file using Deploy Receiver for Chrome to your users.

    Instead of deploying .cr file to many users, Google policies can be used to configure Receiver for Chrome. This works by using a new feature called App Management which was added in Google Chrome management console for admins to push Chrome app specific policies. To configure Receiver, admin needs to upload a policy text file which contains the settings.

    This tool can be used to create/edit the policy file by following the steps mentioned below:

      1) Upload an already created .txt google policy file or Enter the appropriate values.

      2) Select Google policy as the format to save the information.

      3) Click on save button to save the file on the local file system.

    The saved policy file created can be directly uploaded in Google Chrome management console to push the policies to Receiver for Chrome.

    Note: Google policy required for configuring Receiver for Chrome is currently a tech preview capability from Google. Please contact your Google Sales Representative to get access.

    This tool can also be used to create/edit the .cr file that can be distributed to the users to configure Receiver for Chrome in case you cannot use Google Policy.

    Additional Resources

    1) Sample google policy text file with example URLs generated by this tool:


    'settings': {

    'Value': {

    'settings_version': '1.0',

    'store_settings': {

    'beacons': {

    'external': [


    'url': ''



    'internal': [


    'url': ''


    Google Web Store Citrix Workspace



    'gateways': [


    'is_default': true,

    'url': ''



    'name': 'mystore',

    Citrix Workspace For Windows

    'rf_web': {

    Citrix Workspace Extension

    'url': ''






    2) Sample .cr file with the same example URLs generated by this tool:

    <Services version='1.0'>



















    Google Web Store Citrix Workspace Login



    Google Web Store Citrix Workspace

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