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Gleb Alexandrov is an award-winning artist with 100K+ following on Youtube. To live his life as an independent creator and to help others to get better at computer graphics, he founded the Creative Shrimp blog. Now Gleb is one of the most popular Blender tutors. He supports the open-source movement and digital freedom. Spreads the coffee. An artist well-versed in Blender, the founder of Creative Shrimp blog for aspiring 3D artists. Gleb's renders got multiple awards including Best Concept Art of the Year (2013), VFX Award (2017) and were published in numerous magazines and books. Gleb is a fan of free and open-source software and is known for his caffeine addiction.

Have you ever struggled to create awesome lighting in your scenes? But no matter what you do, the results still suck?

The Lighting Project is a manifesto of a think-different approach to digital lighting.

This book will help aspiring artists to revolutionize CG lighting by embracing artistic weirdness and aesthetic perception.

It’s the weirdest book about lighting in the world (according to my wife).

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17. Tone Mapping Your HDRI the Wrong Way (You’ll Love It)

16. Use 3 Lomography Tricks to Make Sexy & Hipster Lighting (Mmmm… the Light Leaks)

15. The Most Important Thing About Lighting And Visual Overstimulation

14. Are You Overlooking This Way to Make Amazingly Complex Lighting?

13. 3 Simple Steps to Creating Super Dramatic Lighting (By Colliding Different Emotions)

12. Why Personality Matters So Much (Even If You Are a Table Lamp)

11. 4 Reasons Why All-Devouring Fog is Actually an Amazing Thing (And a Massive Creative Force)

10. Why Adding Atmospheric Effects (Like Dust) is Crucial for Creating Jaw-Dropping Grungy Interiors?

9. Night Lighting Tutorial for Those Who Love Traveling at Night

8. How You Expose the Light by Capturing it?

7. Five Reasons You Should Look Beyond the Mirror

6. Why No Lighting is the Best Lighting Sometimes?

Space Vfx Free

5. Ambient Lighting: Embrace the Dull

4. Introduction to Low Key Lighting. When Less is More

3. High Key Lighting: Isn’t Overexposure Beautiful?

2. Create Realistic Ice and Seriously Awesome Refraction

1. Light Texture or How to Breathe Life into Dull Scene


Here is my plan: I’m going to post a series of lighting tutorials here on CreativeShrimp, each devoted to some aspect of CG lighting. Then I publish the book. As simple as that.

And well, this project is OPEN. It means that I’m super interested in hearing your thoughts. I’m interested in chatting with you and seeing your renders and photos.

And of course, I will appreciate your help with promoting this project, so the other CG nerds can see it.

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Gleb Alexandrov

— Gleb Alexandrov (@gleb_alexandrov) June 27, 2015


The goal is to publish (surprise!) the book. And also to post a new lighting tutorial every week.

Along with making of’s, work in progress and other exciting stuff, that will go straight to social media.

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I love how the quotes from Dear Esther resonate with this dock

Gleb Alexandrov

Blender Conference 2015 Talk: The Lighting Project

Projects are more fun when done together.

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