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Create simple, beautiful personal websites and landing pages using only R Markdown.

Explore GitHub → Learn and contribute. Topics → Collections → Trending → Learning Lab → Open source guides → Connect with others. The ReadME Project → Events → Community forum → GitHub Education → GitHub Stars program →. GitHub Profile ReadmeIf you are a web developer, app developer, or any kind of developer, it's important to have a great github portfolio. This is a new gith.


  • 2010: The 'Github Flavored Markdown' doesn't support this kind of feature for any page:An old support thread 'Embed YouTube videos in markdown files' stated: With, yes, everywhere else, no.
  • Even though GitHub Readme files (typically./ are Markdown, and although Markdown supports HTML, you can’t put.

You can install Postcards with the following command:


Or you can install the latest development version:

Getting Started

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Postcards includes four templates: Jolla, Jolla Blue, Trestles, and Onofre. Each site is optimized for being displayed on desktop and mobile. The goal of the package is to make it easy for anyone to create a single page personal website with one R Markdown document. I hope this package can quickly demonstrate the power and possibilities of the R and R Markdown ecosystem to newcomers.

To get started customizing one of these templates you should create a new project in RStudio. Once you open RStudio: select File, New Project…, then select New Directory, and Postcards Website. Then you will need to enter a directory name for your RStudio project and you can choose one of the templates from a drop down menu. Select Create Project after you choose a name for the folder that will contain your site. This folder will contain two important files: an R Markdown document with your site’s content, and a sample photo that you should replace.

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If you are not using RStudio or if you do not wish to create a new RStudio project you can create the corresponding template files using the following commands:

To compile the self contained HTML file for your site, you can use the Knit button in RStudio or you can use rmarkdown::render('index.Rmd'). The HTML file can then be easily deployed to GitHub Pages or Netlify Drop.

The Templates


Jolla Blue




Most issues that people have using this package are related their installation Pandoc, software that R Markdown relies on. Currently Postcards works best with Pandoc version 2.8 or greater, although we are working on better functionality for earlier versions of Pandoc. You can check which version of Pandoc you have installed with the following command:

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If you have an earlier version of Pandoc installed we recommend you install the latest version of Pandoc and then run the command:

If you do not see that the new Pandoc version has been installed, you may need to use RStudio and install the latest preview release of RStudio. If you are still encountering error messages after trying the above please open an issue.

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Code of Conduct

Please note that the postcards project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By contributing to this project, you agree to abide by its terms.

Basic instructions on how to use ffmpeg to embed a user friendly video from a series ofplots into a in GitHub.

  • Mac user (can use apt-get on Linux for installs)

Get convert with homebrew as

  • -delay 10 means 10*10msso a delay of a -delay 100 is 1s
  • -loop 0 states there is no pause before looping

If you find your .gif is too large then the size can be significantly reduced with

In my example this reduced the size from a whopping 147MB to 3MB!

This won’t work for Github README files but it is worth stating anyway for Jekyll based sites that use markdown.

Best Github Readme


Get ffmpeg with

if you obtain an error of Unknown encoder 'libvpx'
or Unknown encoder 'libtheora' then you need to do

Movie from Plots

I assume that images are outputted by a plotting software such as gnuplot of mathplotlibat regular intervals. They should be numbered sequentially.

  • -r 60 this sets the framerate to 60fps
  • -pattern_type glob -i 'input*' matches all files with input and reads in order
  • output.mp4 output file name
  • -s 1920x1080 set the output resolution

Dynamically resize

Embed Youtube Github Readme

Some browsers don’t recognise .mp4 files forcing the use of a Flash plugin. This format allows HTML5 to use its default plugin

The following format is also necessary for multi-browser support

Adding the CSS

Add the css code to _sass/call_me_what_you_like.scss

Adding the HTML

The following HTML will then generate the correct video in your Jekyll site.

In this actual case I also wrapped the <div> tag within a <figure> tag that is provided in thissite’s template