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Hello, I am struggling to figure out why the only thing I see on github pages is the readme file.

The GitHub profile-level README feature allows more content than the profile bio, supports markdown which means you can play around with the content more visually (Did someone say GIFs!?) and the README is significantally more visible as it is placed above pinned repositories and takes up as much space above the fold of the webpage as you like. Github gives you multiple choices where it takes it sources from. By default its the root of the master branch, which will use the in case there is no index.html. But you can also switch to the docs/ folder in your repository settings. How to add color to Github's file. GitHub center image. How to add images to on GitHub? How to link to specific line. Some GitHub Apps provide information in GitHub for URLs that link to their registered domains. GitHub renders the information provided by the app under the URL in the body or comment of an issue or pull request. To see content attachments, you must have a GitHub App that uses the Content Attachments API installed on the repository.

I have been giving myself a crash course on all this for the last week so excuse my ignorance

ReadmeGithub Readme File

I believe that I have the repo set up properly here:

Github Readme File Template

What I am trying to do is add google ad sense tags to the website that the above repo builds. In order to see if any changes I make are working and to give me a sandbox I followed the instructions to publish to a github page here:

Github Readme File Template

However all I see is the readme file. Is this right?

Since this is a working website I was expecting to see a copy of Am I completely missing something here?

Github Readme File Editor

FileGithub readme file template

Thank you in advance for your help!

Github Readme File Formatting