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The F23 is a five-speed manual transmission manufactured by Getrag in Italy.[citation needed] It is designed for transverse engine applications, primarily by General Motors. It can handle torque inputs of over 230 newton metres (170 lbf⋅ft).

Getrag 5 Speed

The F23 has one roll pin, two gearsets on each of three parallel shafts – the input shaft, the output shaft, and the intermediate shaft. This three-shaft (also called three-axis) design results in a very short axial length for better packaging. There are three separate shift fork shafts, which hold three shift forks to activate the synchronizer rings for the two gearsets on each of the three gear shafts. The shift forks are activated by a cable system. The clutch release bearing is operated by a concentric slave cylinder that surrounds the input shaft in the clutch housing. A concentric slave cylinder allows more linear clutch feel than an external lever-actuated clutch and release bearing. The input shaft carries the 3rd and 4th gear synchronizer, the intermediate shaft carries the 1st and 2nd gear synchronizer, and the output shaft carries the 5th and reverse gear synchronizer. The aluminium case contains a conventional final drive gearset.

There are sintered bronze double-cone blocker rings on the synchronizers for 1st and 2nd gears, while 3rd and 4th gears use carbon fiber blocker rings, and 5th and Reverse gears use molybdenum on their synchronizers. Carbon and molybdenum are extremely durable friction surfaces that remain stable even under extreme heat.[1]

In the U.S. market, General Motors uses the F23 in two versions (with several application variations): the M86/M94 and MG3.

There is now an aftermarket source for limited slip differentials, of the helical-gear, torque-sensing / torque-biasing design.

It also has a following in the ecotec racing community for being able to handle 700 hp with an LSD insert and only costing about $200. It does not have the problems that plague the F-35 found in the SS, so it makes for a good transmission swap candidate.

Gear ratios[edit]


Regular Production Option (RPO) code M86 and M94 is rated for lighter vehicles with a maximum gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 1,857 kilograms (4,094 lb).[2]

Final Drive12345R
  • 2000–2005 Chevrolet Cavalier
  • 2000–2005 Pontiac Sunfire
  • 2000–2005 Pontiac Grand Am
  • 2000–2004 Saturn Vue
Final Drive12345R


  • 2005–2008 Chevrolet Cobalt
  • 2009–2010 Chevrolet Cobalt (economy package 3.63:1 FDR is RPO FY1)
  • 2005–2007 Pontiac G5
  • 2003–2007 Saturn Ion
  • 2000–2002 Opel Vectra B
Final Drive12345R


  • 2005–2008 Chevrolet HHR
  • 2009–2010 Chevrolet HHR is 3.95:1 FDRr.


RPO code MG3 is rated for heavier vehicles with a maximum GVWR of 2,030 kilograms (4,475 lb).

Final Drive12345R
  • 2002–2007 Saturn Vue

Mechanical Faults[edit]

Rattling / Grinding[edit]

On 28 January 2002, General Motors released a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB #02-07-29-001) addressing a 'Grinding/Rattle Type Noise Coming From Transmission'. The TSB was intended for the following GM vehicles equipped with the GM Quad 4 (RPO LD9) Engine and Getrag M86/M94 5-Speed Transmissions:

  • 2000–2002 Chevrolet Cavalier
  • 2000–2001 Oldsmobile Alero
  • 2000–2002 Pontiac Sunfire
  • 2000–2001 Pontiac Grand Am

The bulletin continued to explain that there are actually two distinguishable noises which have two very different remedies.

There are two separate noises. Follow the diagnostic procedures listed below to determine which noise the vehicle has and perform the outlined repair.

  • Noise 1: This is a very distinct noise that is usually much louder than the second noise that can be associated with this transmission. If the vehicle is not making any noise when trying to verify the condition, it can be induced by making several tight left hand circles with the vehicle at normal operating temperature.

Making a sharp right hand turn will usually stop the noise. While the noise is occurring, in order to distinguish between the two noises, you can press lightly on the clutch pedal without releasing the clutch and the noise will NOT go away or change. As a second diagnostic aid, while the vehicle is making the noise, shift to third gear and the noise will stop.

  • Noise 2: This noise, commonly referred to as gear rattle, can be induced by lugging the engine in any gear, but is usually most noticeable in first or second gear. While the noise is occurring, if you press lightly on the clutch pedal without releasing the clutch, the noise will be reduced or eliminated.

General Motors provided a fix for 'Noise #1' but stated that 'Noise #2' was a characteristic of any car equipped with a manual transmission and that a similar noise could be repeated by lugging the engine. The remedy for 'Noise #1' was to overfill the transmission with Saturn Manual Transmission Lubricant from the stock 1.8 quarts to 2.6 quarts. Although this seemed to work for many customers, many other complaints still surfaced and in 2003 General Motors released another TSB urging customers that still have the rattling noise in their transmissions should bring their vehicles in to their nearest General Motors affiliated dealer for a more complex fix.[citation needed] This time, GM Technicians had concluded that gears one and two required additional thrust loads and proceeded to install a wave washer between the blocking ring and speed gears for gears three and four. This indeed fixed the rattle issue once and for all, but has more recently been lamented in many online communities as causing a bigger problem than it solves, as many customers that received this fix reported third and fourth gears grinding from time to time while shifting. Afterwards, many owners of these vehicles have concluded that leaving the transmission alone was for the best, as the rattling noise has been proven to be harmless.


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General Motors is an innovator of automatic transmissions, introducing the Hydra-Matic in 1940.[1] This list includes some GM transmissions.

Automatic transmissions[edit]

Early models[edit]

The GM Hydra-Matic was a success and installed in the majority of GM models by 1950. Through the 1950s, all makers were working on their own automatic transmission, with four more developed inside GM alone. All of GM's early automatic transmissions were replaced by variants of the Turbo-Hydramatic by the 1970s.

  • 1940–1967 Hydra-Matic — Oldsmobile (now the trade name for all GM automatic transmissions)
  • 1948–1963 Dynaflow — Buick
  • 1950–1973 Powerglide — Chevrolet (also used by Pontiac, Holden, Vauxhall and Opel)
  • 1968-1971 Torquedrive- Chevrolet ( Camaro and Chevy II, Nova. Manually shifted on Column. )
  • 1957–1961 Turboglide — Chevrolet (V8 models only, except Corvette)
  • 1958–1959 Flightpitch — Buick
  • 1961–1963 Dual Path Turbine Drive — Buick
  • 1961–1964 Roto Hydramatic — Oldsmobile/Pontiac (also used by Holden)
  • 1964–1969 Super Turbine 300 — Buick/Oldsmobile/Pontiac (Oldsmobile Jetaway)
  • 1968–1969 Torquedrive — Chevrolet (manually column shifted 2 speed automatic, 6 cyl only)
  • 1956-1964 4 speed Controlled coupling HydraMatic, also known as Cadillac 315 or P 315 HydraMatic, Oldsmobile Jetaway, Pontiac Super HydraMatic.
  • TempestTorque, ( Pontiac) a two speed based on Powerglide, but having the added feature of ' Split Torque ' dividing the engine power between mechanical connection and the torque converter in high gear.


The Turbo-Hydramatic was used by all GM divisions, and formed the basis for the company's modern Hydramatic line. The basic rear-wheel drive Turbo-Hydramatic spawned two front-wheel drive variants, the transverseTurbo-Hydramatic 125, and the longitudinalTurbo-Hydramatic 425. A third variant was the light-duty rear wheel drive Turbo-Hydramatic 180 used in many European models.

Heavy-duty rear wheel drive
  • 1971–1994 3L80HD (heavy duty version of TH400)
Medium-duty rear wheel drive
  • 1964–1992 Super Turbine 400/TH400/3L80
  • 1969–1986 TH350/TH350C/TH375B/TH250/TH250C
  • 1972–1976 TH375 — Light duty version of TH400
  • 1976–1987 TH200/TH200C
  • 1981–1990 TH200-4R
  • 1982–1993 TH700R4/4L60
Light-duty rear wheel drive
  • 1969–1998 TH180/TH180C/3L30 — 3-speed European/Asian model. Also manufactured and used by Holden as the Trimatic transmission.
Getrag 5 Speed

Getrag 5 Speed Dodge

Transverse front wheel drive
  • 1980–1999 TH125/TH125C/3T40 — 3-speed light-duty
  • 1984–1994 TH440-T4/4T60 — 4-speed medium-duty
Longitudinal front wheel drive
  • 1966–1978 TH425 — 3-speed
  • 1979–1981 TH325 — 3-speed
  • 1982–1985 TH325-4L — 4-speed

Electronic Hydra-Matics[edit]

The next-generation transmissions, introduced in the early 1990s, were the electronic Hydra-Matics based on the Turbo-Hydramatic design. Most early electronic transmissions use the '-E' designator to differentiate them from their non-electronic cousins, but this has been dropped on transmissions with no mechanical version like the new GM 6L80 transmission.

Getrag 5 Speed

Today, GM uses a simple naming scheme for their transmissions, with the 'Hydra-Matic' name used on most automatics across all divisions.

Number of forward gearsL=Longitudinal
GVWR rating'E' for Electronic
'HD' for Heavy Duty
First-generation longitudinal (Rear Wheel drive)
  • 1991–2001 4L30-E — 4-speed light-duty (used in BMW, Cadillac, Isuzu, and Opel cars)
  • 1992– 4L60-E/4L65-E — 4-speed medium-duty (used in GM trucks and rear-wheel-drive cars)
  • 1991– 4L80-E/4L85-E — 4-speed heavy-duty (used in GM trucks)
First-generation transverse (Front Wheel drive)

Getrag 5 Speed Cummins

  • 1995–2010 4T40-E/4T45-E — 4-speed light-duty (used in smaller front wheel drive GM vehicles)
  • 1991–2010 4T60-E/4T65-E/4T65E-HD — 4-speed medium-duty (used in larger front wheel drive GM vehicles)
  • 1993–2010 4T80-E — 4-speed heavy-duty (used in large front wheel drive GM vehicles, only with Cadillac NorthStar V8.

Getrag 5 Speed Oil

Second-generation longitudinal (Rear Wheel drive)
  • 2000–2007 5L40-E/5L50 — 5-speed medium-duty (used in Cadillac's Sigma vehicles)
  • 2007–present 6L45/6L50 — 6-speed medium-duty (used in GM Sigma platform cars)
  • 2006–present: 6L80/6L90 — 6-speed heavy-duty (used in GM trucks and performance cars)
  • 2014–present: 8L90 — 8-speed heavy-duty (used in GM trucks and performance cars)
  • 2016–present: 8L45 — 8-speed light-duty (used in GM luxury cars)
  • 2017–present: 10L80 - Ford-GM 10-speed automatic transmission (used in GM light trucks including pickups and related SUVs)
  • 2017–present: 10L90 - Ford-GM 10-speed automatic transmission (used in GM performance cars)

Getrag 5 Speed Chevy

*This transmission is part of a joint-venture between General Motors and Ford Motor Company to split development of two transmissions, a longitudinal 10-speed and transverse 9-speed. Ford led the design of the 10-speed transmission, as well as filing the design patents for said transmission. According to an official report by the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) the design of the 10-speed gearbox is essentially all Ford, while GM was responsible for designing the 9-speed 9T transverse automatic gearbox. As part of their joint-venture, Ford will let GM use the 10-speed transmission with rights to modify and manufacture it for their own applications. In-exchange for Ford's 10-speed transmission, General Motors will let Ford use its 9-speed transmission for front-wheel drive applications; Ford ultimately declined use of the 9T.[2][3][4]

Second-generation transverse (Front Wheel drive)
  • 2008–present: 6T30/6T40/6T45 — 6-speed light-duty
  • 2006–present: 6T70/6T75 — 6-speed medium-duty
  • 2016–present: 9T50/9T65 Hydra-Matic – 9-speed[5]

Hybrid and PHEV[edit]

  • 2ML70 - 2-Mode Hybrid transmission.
  • 4ET50 (MKA) - Electric Drive Unit Transaxle (First Generation Chevrolet Volt / Cadillac ELR)
  • 5ET50 (MKV) - Electronically controlled, continuously-variable automatic transaxle (Second Generation Chevrolet Volt)[6]
  • 5ET50 (MKE) - Electronically controlled, continuously-variable automatic transaxle Transaxle (Full Hybrid, Ninth Generation Chevrolet Malibu)[7]
  • 4EL70 (MRD) - Electric Drive Unit Transmission (PHEV Cadillac CT6)

Other automatics[edit]

  • Aisin AF33 — 5-speed transverse automatic made by Aisin AW Co., Ltd.
  • Allison 1000 Series — 6-speed longitudinal automatic made by Allison Transmission
  • Saturn MP6/MP7 — 4-speed automatic developed by Saturn for use in the S-series from 1991 to 2002
  • VTi transmission — continuously variable transmission
  • Tremec M1L transmission — 8-speed Dual-Clutch made by Tremec for the Chevrolet Corvette C8
  • GM CVT250 — continuously variable transmission


Manual transmissions[edit]

Longitudinal transmissions[edit]

  • Aisin AR5/MA5 — 5-speed longitudinal manual made by Aisin
  • Aisin AY6 — 6-speed longitudinal manual made by Aisin
  • Getrag 260 — 5-speed longitudinal manual made by Getrag
  • Muncie M20 — 4-speed longitudinal wide ratio manual transmission made by GM at their Muncie, Indiana factory
  • Muncie M21 — 4-speed longitudinal close ratio manual transmission made by GM at their Muncie, Indiana factory
  • Muncie M22 — 4-speed longitudinal heavy duty close ratio manual transmission made by GM at their Muncie, Indiana factory
  • Saginaw M26/27 transmission — 3 and 4-speed longitudinal light duty (less than 300 hp wide ratio manual transmission made by GM at their Saginaw, Michigan factory
  • Muncie M62/M64 — 3-speed longitudinal transmission made by GM
  • Muncie SM420 — 4-speed manual used up to 1967, very similar to sm 465 except small changes to gear ratios and location of reverse.
  • New Process Gear NP435 - 4-speed longitudinal transmission used in a select handful of 67-72 GM pickups
  • New Process Gear A833 RPO MY6 or MM7 — 4-speed longitudinal A833 overdrive transmission made by New Process Gear for early to mid 1980s General Motors Light Trucks
  • Muncie SM465 — 4-speed longitudinal manual used in 68- 91 Chevy 1/2 3/4 and 1 ton trucks
  • New Venture Gear NV1500 — 5-speed longitudinal manual made by New Venture Gear
  • New Venture Gear 3500/4500 — 5-speed longitudinal manual made by New Venture Gear
  • Borg-Warner T-10 transmission — 4-speed longitudinal manual currently made by Richmond Gear; originally made by Borg-Warner
  • Tremec T-5 — 5-speed longitudinal manual currently made by Tremec; originally made by Borg-Warner
  • Borg-Warner T-50 transmission — 5-speed longitudinal manual - used by GM in its H Body cars and a few other limited light duty applications from 1976 to 1978;
  • Tremec T-56 — 6-speed longitudinal manual overdrive made by Tremec; formerly made by Borg-Warner
  • Tremec TR-6060 — 6-speed longitudinal manual overdrive made by Tremec
  • ZF S6-650 — 6-speed longitudinal manual made by ZF Friedrichshafen
  • Tremec TR-6070 — 7-speed longitudinal manual overdrive made by Tremec

Transverse Transmissions[edit]

  • F23 — 5-speed transverse manual manufactured by Getrag
  • F35 — 5-speed transverse manual manufactured by Saab in Gothenburg, Sweden
  • F40 — 6-speed transverse manual manufactured by FGP Germany
  • Getrag 282 — 5-speed transverse manual designed by Getrag and manufactured by Muncie Getrag
  • Getrag 284 — 5-speed transverse manual designed by Getrag and manufactured by Muncie Getrag
  • MP2/MP3 — 5-speed manual developed by Saturn for use in the S-Series from 1991 to 2002

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