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If you are a web writer or a developer, you know for sure about Markdowns, right? It is a popular text-to-html conversion tool. However, if you want to keep your Markdown files unified and properly stacked, or even share them with your colleagues, you can convert them to a PDF. Read more below to discover great options for converting your Markdown to PDF.

Next to MD, Markdown files can also be saved using the MARKDOWN file extension. The PDF combines three technologies: A subset of the PostScript page description programming language, for generating the layout and graphics. I've previously asked about the commands for converting R Markdown to HTML. What is a good way to convert R Markdown files to PDF documents? A good solution would preserve as much as possible of the content (e.g., images, equations, html tables, etc.). 'markdown-pdf.styles': 'markdown-pdf.css', , Relative path (home directory) If path starts with , it will be interpreted as a relative path from the home directory. Node module that converts Markdown files to PDFs. The PDF looks great because it is styled by HTML5 Boilerplate. Your Markdown is first converted to HTML, then pushed into the HTML5 Boilerplate index.html. Phantomjs renders the page and saves it to a PDF. Generating PDF from Markdown with Pandoc Background. For those who are not familiar with Pandoc, Pandoc is a powerful tool for converting document between different formats. It is called the swiss knife of document converter. There are actually two steps involved in converting Markdown files to PDF: Markdown files are converted to LaTeX source.

Guides for Md to PDF

What is Markdown file?

Basically, this method is used to easily read and write plain text and at the same time, it is a conversion tool. Markdown has two things, a plain text formatting syntax and a software tool that allows you to convert your plain text into XHTML or HTML. It is also the unofficial standard on some popular coding sites and other software development platforms. It is one of the essential parts that programmers, web writers, and developers should know and must learn.

Converting Markdown to PDF files is a great way to bring your Markdown files like documents or if you want a different output method other than HTML. In this case, listed below are tools you can use to convert your Markdown files to PDF.

5 Practical Markdown to PDF Solutions


As one of the most reliable and versatile Markdown editors ever created, Typora is great for writing web content, but it doesn’t end there. If you also need an easy way to write some research work, it also supports you in making graphs, tables, and mathematical formats. In addition to that, you can also convert Markdown to PDF by exporting your Markdown file into PDF. In this case, you can continue reading below to learn the steps on how to do it.

  • Download and install the app, then open it.
  • Click the “Open” button under the “file” tab to import your Markdown file.
  • Then click the “Export” button and choose “PDF”. Once done, your file will be automatically be saved on your PC.

System supported: Windows and Mac.



Another solution that you can use in converting files is Anyconv. It comes with a lot of different file conversion tools including MD to PDF. Using this tool, you can convert online, free of charge. It is much easier and faster to convert files to a format on your computer. The best thing with this software is it allows you to use its 300+ combination of output formats without singing up for anything. However, you can only convert files one at a time. Having said that, listed below are the steps on how to convert your Md into PDF format.

  • Go to its official website. Choose the “HTML converter” button under the “Convert” tab.
  • Click the “Choose file” button to import your file and choose “PDF”.
  • Hit the “Convert” button to start to convert markdown to PDF.
  • Download your file by simply clicking the “Download” button.

System supported: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.


Unlike the other solutions included on the list, MARKDOWNTOPDF converts only MD files to PDF. It is an online tool that provides a fast conversion process. You can also convert files one at a time. Since it only has one purpose, you will never be confused using this tool and at the same time, you can get your output very quickly. The good thing with this tool is it doesn’t provide a size limit on your input file. So, no matter how big your file size, you can convert MD to PDF with no worries. Here are the steps on how to use this tool.

  • Hit the “SELECT A FILE” button to upload your file.
  • Once done selecting, it will automatically convert and save it on your PC.

System supported: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.


From Markdown To Pdf

Lightweight and accessible tool designed to help you edit your Markdown files. CutemarkEd is a free Markdown editor for Windows. It comes with live HTML preview support, Math expression, export, and coding syntax highlighting. It is helpful especially for those who are non-professionals that want to create web pages and convert their markdown to PDF online. In addition to that, the best thing with this app is you can work with minimal flaws because of its features like view table of contents, line numbering, markdown syntax help provided, and many more. Having said that, listed below are steps on how to convert your Markdown documents into PDF.

  • Launch the app then click the “File” tab and choose the “Open” button to import your file.
  • Then, under the “File” tab hit the “Export to PDF” button to start converting markdown to PDF. Once done, it will automatically be saved on your PC.

System supported: Windows


Dillinger is an online software that provides all the essential needs to create a Markdown file. It has a feature that allows you to preview the input and output documents side by side. You can also enable the auto save feature and check the word count. Moreover, the great thing with this tool is you can import Markdown file from PC, Google Drive, GitHub, Dropbox, and many more. No doubt on this tool, this is one of the great options to edit, create, as well as converting MD to PDF. Here are the detailed steps on how to convert your Markdown documents into PDF files.

From Markdown To Pdf File

  • Go to its official site and choose the “Markdown File” under the “IMPORT FROM” tab to upload your file.
  • Click the “EXPORT AS” tab and choose “PDF”.
  • Once done, it will automatically be saved in your computer.

System supported: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.


This list will be very helpful to you and all solutions are all great for converting Markdown into PDF file. However, if you really need to convert Markdown file into PDF, it is highly recommended to use MARKDOWNTOPDF because of its super-fast conversion process and its only two simple steps.

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