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Known manufacturer of cars, Ford is going to introduce a new crossover model. Car brand Ford is developing a new version of the popular crossover Ford Mondeo, which will be presented in January 2021. According to initial information, the new machine will be a full hybrid. The Ford Mondeo is pretty much an all-new car, designed to do pretty much exactly what the very familiar old one did. It’s joined at the top of Ford’s range by a big crossover-SUV called. 2021 Ford Mondeo reborn as crossover The document appears to reveal that the Mondeo name will live on, while the release date of the tool itself indicates the new model will be launched in the second half of next year. The Mondeo name itself featured on a leaked parts tooling catalogue for the 2022 model year, revealing that the car will switch from a conventional coil-spring rear suspension set-up to a.

Updated March 2021

Ford originally hinted at the car above being a Mondeo Crossover, and it’s come to light that this is now in fact the latest Puma.

Ford of Europe will discontinue its much-beloved Mondeo family car, but the good news is that you’ll still be able to get your hands on one, the manufacturer has confirmed.

If you want an executive car priced at the more affordable end of this class, you can still lease a brand-new Mondeo for fixed monthly payments. Alternatively, you can get a lease offer for the sporty, compact Puma SUV.

The S-Max and Galaxy will follow suit and be discontinued, but why are these changes being made? And what can you expect to see in the new guise of this multi award-winning motor? Read on for full details and specs of the new Mondeo range.

What to expect from the Ford Mondeo Crossover

You may be wondering why Ford are reinventing the Mondeo, because we certainly are.

Jim Farley, Ford’s president of new business said last year that for car buyers, the new Mondeo will offer “utility benefits without the penalty of poorer fuel economy.”

The car has no name – yet. For the time being, it’s being dubbed the ‘Ford Mondeo Crossover’. That’s until the big reveal gives the car its identity.

Some key details you should know about the new car include:

  • It’s due for release in 2021
  • Ford’s innovative C2 manufacturing platform mean the car won’t be ‘samey’ when compared with class rivals
  • Ford’s 1.5-litre three-cylinder turbo petrol engine is expected to be the base unit, with a belt-driven electric motor and small battery in mild-hybrid form

But less about sentimental codenames. Let’s look at what really matters – the spec and what bang you’ll get for your buck.


Imagine a standard Mondeo chassis, but throw in a good bit of ground clearance, a leaf spring rear axle (the first-ever on a European Ford), raised suspension and an elongated rear after the B-pillar. On top of this, the bulkier body will be supported by chunkier alloy wheels that go beyond the standard 17” ones on the existing Zetec model.

What does this mean? Well, first it demonstrates how Ford are making every effort to accommodate space in the boot area for the battery – the size of which we aren’t yet sure of.

Ford Mondeo 2021 CrossoverFord Mondeo 2021 Crossover

Suspension changes, the raised ground clearance and longer body will inevitably create a more formidable, SUV-like stance. The result? Although we haven’t had the privilege of getting behind the wheel of one just yet, no doubt there will be greater off-road abilities, while keeping the refined comfort of a standard car. Inspiration is meant to have come from the esteemed Subaru Outback.


Ford Mondeo Review

No hint has been made at what type of technology will be onboard the Mondeo Crossover, but what we can go off is the existing Active Crossover range.

The existing Ford Focus Active comes with a full infotainment system with touchscreen, satnav and smartphone mirroring, and excellent safety features, including hill start assist and an electronic handbrake. The brand’s MyKey is also present, letting you set a maximum speed limit, seatbelt reminder and dictate the audio volume for your car when someone else uses it.

Ford Mondeo 2021 Crossover Vehicles

As a bigger, more expensive vehicle, the Mondeo is likely going to come packed with the same standard equipment, plus more!

What we are sure about is the engines which will be available to power this larger take on a 90s classic. There are three available, which include:

  • A 48V mild-hybrid petrol unit
  • A form of EcoBlue diesel engine
  • A version of the brand’s EcoBoost petrol engine


Much will be re-born about the Mondeo in its new crossover platform, but how will the price look compared to predecessors?

Ford hasn’t revealed what the Mondeo crossover will look like in terms of buying outright, nor have they mentioned any figures for finance options. However, the chances are that it will be more than the latest range of hybrid, diesel and petrol Mondeos, which start from £22,000 and go up to £24,000 for the largest Estate model.

Final Mondeo facelift?

The rugged Mondeo won’t be available until the second half of 2021. But until then, Ford has given eager drivers the chance to compromise and settle on of its other latest models, which are now available to order.

Unveiled at the January 2019 Brussels Motor Show, the latest Mondeo range exudes elegance, both inside and out.

A brand-new Hybrid Wagon forms a part of the line-up for the first time ever, too.


The entry-level Vignale Coupe and other trims have updated engine options which give you the following choice:

  • A 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel with 150bhp and a 190bhp automatic (choose between front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive)
  • A 1.5-litre EcoBoost petrol with 165bhp
  • Automatic diesels have Ford’s new intelligent eight-speed gearbox which adapts shift patterns to your driving style

The Titanium Edition is the coupe hybrid Mondeo which offers a nice alternative if you don’t need the extra load capacity and legroom offered in the huge Estate.

So, if you’re after a new Mondeo and don’t want to be left waiting another year before you get one, this is good news.

It may be the final representative in the Mondeo family, but it’s specced up to the max with Ford technology and generally looks fantastic.

All versions come with a plush 8” infotainment screen which is ready with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone mirroring. This will allow you to connect your phone to the large dash display and use music apps such as Spotify, or your device’s satnav.


Safety is also made paramount for all 2020 Mondeo models, with a stop-and-go ignition, road sign recognition and cruise control.

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Leaked images purporting to show the all-new 2021 Ford Mondeo suggest that it will bear minimal resemblance to the current car.

What Is A Ford Mondeo

Posted to Instagram by Cochespias, the spy shots look to have been taken inside one of Ford’s testing facilities and give us our first glimpse of the reborn Mondeo’s production styling.

As reported by Autocar in 2018, the Mondeo looks set to adopt crossover-style design cues, including raised suspension and a more upright cabin than the current saloon and estate models.

Ford Mondeo Price

The new-look front end is dominated by what appears to be a thin light strip that runs between the bonnet and a wide honeycomb grille. At the rear, the prototype appears to draw influence from Ford’s new Mustang Mach-E electric flagship, with a sloping roofline and prominent lip across the bootlid.

A shot of the seemingly production-ready interior reveals the Mondeo will largely shun buttons and switches in favour of a digital infotainment screen that spans the width of the dashboard. The device’s size – considerably larger than the Mach-E’s vertically oriented tablet-style device – means the front passenger is likely to be offered control of certain functions.

Previous spy shots showed a test mule based on the rugged Focus Active estate, fuelling suggestions that the fifth-generation Mondeo could adopt the Active moniker across the line-up in line with its SUV-derived styling cues.

The Mondeo name itself featured on a leaked parts tooling catalogue for the 2022 model year, revealing that the car will switch from a conventional coil-spring rear suspension set-up to a transverse leaf spring rear axle, potentially to make room for a hybrid system battery pack.

Ford Mondeo 2021 Crossovers

It’s unknown yet whether the Mondeo will be sold exclusively with electrified powertrains, but the new Kuga PHEV’s system will likely feature, pairing a 2.5-litre petrol engine with a 10.3kWh battery pack for an electric-only range of around 34 miles.

The current Mondeo was sold in the US as the Fusion, in line with Ford’s now-defunct One Ford plan to build and sell singular models for all worldwide markets. It’s unknown whether the same strategy will be applied to the next-generation car, but the Fusion was taken out of production in summer 2020 in line with Ford’s decision to move away from low-slung cars and towards ‘utility’-oriented SUVs and crossovers, so there would seem to be a gap in the market for its higher-riding replacement.

Ford Mondeo 2021 Crossover Models