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Ford of Europe is adding upscale and crossover versions of its new Fiesta, along with advanced safety technologies, to boost the car’s competitiveness in the tough subcompact segment. Ford Active Range If you want a vehicle that looks and feels like a tough SUV but is a bit more compact, then have a look at our new range of Active crossovers. The Focus Active, Fiesta Active and KA+ Active combine the nimble driving dynamics you expect from a smaller car. Ford may be preparing a Fiesta-based mini-crossover, judging by the looks of this prototype we just spotted undergoing warm weather testing. The vehicle could become a junior sibling to the.

Ford Fiesta Crossover Used

The all-new 2022 Ford Evos is happening after all. The original concept has been shown in Shanghai, a few days ago. New Evos looks closer to the Mustang Mach-E crossover, but Evos will be sold in China, for now. It is a mid-size car that combines the elements of sedan, wagon, and crossover. In China, Evos will rival Subaru Outback.

The Evos is not a new name, as Ford used it a decade ago on a concept car. The latest reports are saying the Evos will replace the Fusion sedan, but some other rumors are saying that this won’t happen in the near future. The sales will begin at some point next year, and Evos won’t feature an all-electric powertrain option, as some speculation suggested.

2022 Evos Comes With the Wagon-Like Design

The Blue Oval manufacturer didn’t reveal so many details about the new 2022 Ford Evos. The concept has been shown a few days ago and Ford said it is a model for markets in China. Thanks to that, Evos was developed specifically for China and the styling is saying exactly that. The front fascia comes with an open-mesh grille and thinner LED headlights.

The Evos model takes an athletic stance with sporty styling cues and a recognizable fastback profile. You can call it a sedan or a crossover for now, as we don’t know how Evos will categorize. Anyway, Evos looks attractive and modern, which is the most important thing. The styling reminds us of Acura ZDX and Subaru Outback models, which means Ford did a great job in terms of design.

Interior Features

The forthcoming 2022 Ford Evos will look modern on the inside as well. Ford will offer its new “Blue Cruise” level 2 self-driving system. According to Blue Oval, this feature will work on the same principle as GM’s Super Cruise hands-free system. The same feature will be available in the United States on the models such as the F-150 pickup and Mach-E crossover. Moreover, Evos comes with the Virtual Personal Assistant. This system uses an interface to customize cabin conditions.

The concept shows very larger displays, like the Mustang Mach-E crossover that comes with the 15.5-inch vertical touchscreen. Ford offers a lot of safety aids, navigation, ambient lighting, and much more. The dashboard looks very modern and it hosts two displays, a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, and the 27.0-inch 4K infotainment display. We’ll see if these screens will be available in the production model. Lastly, Evos will use a Ford Sync+ 2.0 system with Baidu integration, specifically modified for China.

Under the Hood

Ford Fiesta Crossover

Another mystery about the 2022 Ford Evos is its powertrain options. However, the most reliable reports are predicting a 2.0-liter inline-four turbocharged engine, which is a good thing if it happens. This engine will produce around 245 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque. The same engine powers the brand-new Bronco Sport SUV.

On the other hand, there are no details on optional engines. The rear exhaust clearly suggests that the all-electric variant won’t arrive in the near future. On top of that, we are not sure if the Evos model will feature any sort of electrification, including the plug-in hybrid system.

2022 Ford Evos Price, Release Date

The price of the 2022 Ford Evos is not available yet. Moreover, it is impossible to predict the price, but some experts are saying the Evos will cost between $25,000 and $30,000. Unfortunately, this model is not coming to Europe and United States, for now. The sales will begin in China in the first quarter of 2022.


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It uses the same powertrain as the hot hatch.

Many Ford fans criticized their favorite brand for using the “Puma” moniker for a small crossover and now the Blue Oval is (kind of) addressing that issue. Meet the Puma ST, the company’s first ST-badged crossover for the European market, and Ford’s second vehicle of this kind after the Edge ST sold in North America. It’s an indirect successor to the rare Racing Puma, but in a more practical CUV package to keep up with the times and market demand.

The Puma ST is everything you like about the Fiesta ST while adding a bit of ground clearance. It borrows the turbocharged 1.0-liter engine with three cylinders that can work on just two thanks to cylinder deactivation tech to boost fuel economy when the full power isn’t needed. Speaking of power, the tiny-but-mighty EcoBoost unit produces 197 hp and 320 Nm (236 lb-ft) to mirror the spicy supermini. It’s worth pointing out you get that kind of torque in the Fiesta ST with the overboost. Otherwise, the three-pot develops 290 Nm (214 lb-ft) in the subcompact hatch.

It borrows the same six-speed manual gearbox helping the Puma ST hit 62 mph (100 km/h) from a standstill in 6.7 seconds, thus making it 0.2s slower than the Fiesta due to the added weight. Top speed is also down, from 144 mph (232 km/h) to 137 mph (220 km/h).

Beyond the upgraded engine, there are several other improvements over a regular Puma. For example, the ST is available with an optional mechanical limited-slip differential, force-vectoring springs, and selectable drive models with an Eco mode available for the first time on a Ford Performance model. In addition, the rear suspension is 40 percent stiffer than that of the Fiesta ST and at the same time, 50 percent stiffer compared to the regular Puma. Front and rear anti-roll bars contribute to the crossover’s improved stability.

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Ford’s engineers have also tweaked the steering system making it nearly 25 percent quicker than the standard Puma and have enlarged the front brakes by 17 percent for extra stopping power. Special attention was given to the exhaust, a free-flowing setup with active valves to make the soundtrack more appealing. Interestingly, the exhaust is one-decibel quieter compared to the Fiesta ST's in order to provide “a more composed cruising experience.”

Then there are the visual upgrades, in line with those of the Fiesta ST. Ford installs 19-inch wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires as standard equipment and offers customers the opportunity to pick from six different body colors, including this ST-exclusive Mean Green shade. Regardless of the main color, the roof, grille surround, side moldings, mirror caps and the rear spoiler come with a glossy black finish.

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Stepping inside the cabin, the 2021 Ford Puma ST has body-hugging Recaro front seats as part of a sporty package also including a flat-bottomed steering wheel and an ST-specific gear knob. Even before getting in, the mirror-mounted projectors show the ST logo on the ground whenever you unlock the vehicle.

Ford fiesta crossover pipeFord Fiesta Crossover

A forbidden fruit in the United States, the Puma ST will be available in Europe and is going to be assembled alongside the standard vehicle at Ford's plant in Craiova, Romania.

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