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Need to find an old message in iMessage? You’ll need to learn how to search inside your text messages to find it – here’s how it is done Finding a specific message inside Apple’s iMessage – on either you iPhone or iPad – is actually really simple. It is super-useful too. All you need to know or have is a specific “keyword” or “phrase” in mind. If you know that, you can. Find an Old Message With the Search Bar in iOS You can search for a message if you remember any words someone used in it. This is the fastest way to find an old message on your iPhone and can save you a lot of scrolling or tapping. Go to the Messages app. If your old messages have been misplaced and you cannot find them, try the steps below. Old iPhone messages can be found in four different ways. The most popular is to scan your phone with an iPhone data recovery desktop software. Get old iPhone messages back from iPhone 4/5/6/7/8/X: Find old iPhone messages (Option 2) Grab your laptop or computer.

“I've just deleted an iMessage thread accidentally, and can it be recovered? But I don't want to retrieve from my last back up from iTunes, because all my photos I've taken on my holiday will disappear. Am I able to just restore only the thread specially? How to get back the old ones with the iMessages conversation on it?

“Is there a way possible to recover deleted iMessages of certain contacts? Regarding the direct recovery from the iOS devise, how can I concentrate only on the iMessage retrieval of a specific phone number and ignore things such as photos?”

It’s a huge shock if you find your iMessages deleted or lost accidentally one day. Heartbroken!

Fortunately, here you can view and retrieve your old iMessages with 3 steps safely and easily.

This method enables you to do the iMessages recovery selectively from iPhone, iTunes, and iCloud on PC and Mac computer.

FoneCope iPhone Data Recovery enables you to view the old and deleted iMessages in detail and selectively recover to computer instead of restoring the big whole iTunes or iCloud backup file. Besides, FoneCope software also can get back deleted Kik messages as well as blocked messages on iPhone.

Find old imessage conversations

1. How to Retrieve Deleted and Old iMessages from iPhone

Step 1. plug your iPhone into computer to retrieve deleted iMessages

Recovering iMessages from iPhone without backup, you should choose firstly “Recover from iOS device” and “Start” so that you can move on to next page and select the “Message” in the recoverable file list. Here “Message” includes iMessage and its attachment. Now check it twice and hit 'Next' button. After that, connect your iPhone to PC or Mac with USB.

Step 2. scan and analyze your deleted iMessages

As soon as you succeed connecting your iPhone to computer, this iOS recovery software will automatically detect it’s device name and model. Just click “Scan” to analyze your lost iMessages and attachments.

Step 3. view your iMessages on the computer, deleted and existing on iPhone

All your old and deleted iMessages are showed and organize by contacts thread. Moreover, on the right, you can your read messages in details, with date and time accompanied by each one. It is of great convenience for you to preview and select before clicking “Recover” to begin retrieving your deleted iMessages to computer.

Pick up a folder or location when you receive a notice asking to you decide where to recover and store your deleted iMessages. And then you can relax for a while and this iMessage recovery tool will get back your deleted iMessages to computer, quick and safe.

2. How to Recover Deleted iMessages from iTunes Backup

Step 1. select what to recover from iTunes backup

From the beginning, choose 'Recover from iTunes Backup' on the left. Click Start and move to choose your indispensable file type and continue. Before hitting ”Next”, please ensure “Message” in selected since you want to recover lost iMessages from iTunes.

Step 2. choose a previous iTunes backup file on computer

A list of iTunes backups shows up with information such as iPhone name, model, backup date, and device serial number. And now you can select one and extract the content like iMessage by clicking “Scan”. iMessage recovery software can detect and deeply analyze what’s in your iTunes backup.

Step 3. view and retrieve iMessages from iTunes

You can view your iMessages and attachment in detail with texts content and emoticons. Just read and tic them to restore the deleted items from iTunes. You’re allowed to export your iMessages to a specific destination on computer because this recovery tool will ask you to decide a folder to store the recovered iMessage and other files.

3. How to Get Back Deleted iMessages from iCloud Backup

Step 1. choose what to recover from iCloud

Restore Old Imessages

Select 'Recover from iCloud Backup' mode and select what kind of file you what this program to retrieve. Given that you want to undelete iMessages, you must choose “Messages” before continue by clicking “Next”.

Step 2. sign in iCloud and download backup list

In this step, you’re required to log in iCloud account with your Apple ID and password. No need to worry information leakage because this tool will not collect any personal information definitely. Now select a backup and hit Next, which will initiate FoneCope software to download your previous backup file containing iMessages from iCloud. This usually takes minutes to finish, so please wait for a while and keep your iPhone connected.

Step 3. view and restore iMessages from iCloud backup

The deleted iMessages will all displayed in the main window, waiting for you to read and select some to export to computer. Click 'Recover' if you have selected the essential iMessages already. Besides, you can customize a location to save your retrieved iMessages.

Here is a video tutorial for old and deleted iMessage recovery.

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You can send messages on Mac via iMessage. And since your Mac is usually synced with your iPhone, when messages are deleted from Mac, the messages also disappear from iPhone.
The recovery of deleted files is always a tricky thing, especially when it comes to messages. If you have important iMessages deleted from Mac and you haven't made a backup, this post will show you how to recover the deleted iMessages on Mac with some smart tricks. Before getting into these tricks, let's look at where iMessages are stored on macOS.

Where Are iMessages Stored on Mac

On macOS Sierra and earlier, all iMessages are stored on Mac hard drive by default. Before macOS Sierra in 2016, all iMessages are stored on Mac hard drive by default. However, due to space consumption issues, this feature was altered to suit your preferences.

On macOS High Sierra/Mojave/Catalina, you can decide whether to keep iMessages to your Mac hard disk or just storing them to iCloud. Therefore, if you are using macOS later than Sierra and want to recover iMessages, give a cross-check to ensure that the messages have been saved on your Mac hard drive.

Step 1You can choose where to save your chat history from the Messages app. Open the Messages app and go to Preferences > General.

Step 2Make sure that the option 'Save history when conversations are closed' is checked.

If you have chosen to save iMessage history, the iMessages are stored in ~/Library/Messages by default. Follow the steps below to find deleted or old iMessages on your Mac.

Note: If you have set a storage limit for your stored messages, Mac will replace your old messages with the new ones once the limit is reached.

How to Recover Deleted iMessages on Mac?

If you want to retrieve your lost conversation threads, the best way is to go to the Messages folder and restore your data. Follow this quick tutorial to get access to your messages folder.

Step 1Open your Finder box and insert the path ~/Library/Messages and press the Go button. This path would take you directly to the messages folder.

Step 2Messages folder contains two subfolders named Attachment, Archive, CloudKitMetaData, and your chat database in the form of chat.db, which contains your iMessages history.

  • The attachment folder contains different sub-folders. These sub-folders have images, videos, and audio files that you received in iMessage conversation.
  • The archive folder is the mirror image of your data. That works together with other components of the messages folder to store your data.

Step 3Chat.db is the database that keeps a record of your previous and current chat histories. To find the deleted iMessage, you should open the Chat.DB file with programs like TextEdit.

If you can't find the chat.DB files that you need, you can use a reliable third-party program to restore your messages.

Recoverit Data Recovery

Recoverit Data Recovery can recover all kinds of files from macOS, including chat.DB files, images, videos, audio, etc. It doesn't add or modifies your data, but recovers the deleted data in its original form.

Here is what Recoverit Data Recovery can offer.

  • One-stop recovery solution for all kinds of data, i.e., pictures, videos, audio files, documents, emails, and many more.
  • The smooth and straightforward user interface for quick processing. Just select iMessage storage location and let Recoverit scan out the chat.DB files you need.
  • Use of the latest codecs that makes Recoverit compatible with the changing macOS and hardware requirements.
  • The high success rate of data retrieval.
  • Clean installation that ensures that user security is not compromised.
  • Restoration of corrupted data files by deep scanning of your device.

How To Access Old Imessages

How to Restore Old iMessages from Time Machine?

Time Machine is one of your best options to reverse your data loss. If you have turned on Time Machine backup, it also backs up your messages at regular time intervals.

Let's see how to restore deleted iMessages with the Time Machine tool.

How To Recover Old Imessages

Step 1Close your iMessage app on your device and make sure that it's not running in the background.
(This step is critical for the smooth restoration of deleted messages. Opening your iMessages account during the recovery may interfere with the restoration process.

Step 2Open Time Machine tool in your Mac device and choose the 'Go' option in the Finder Toolbox.

Step 3In the library section of your Mac device, find a file with an extension chat.DB created on the date before the iMessages are deleted. This file contains a copy of the deleted iMessages.

Step 4Select the 'Restore' option to initiate the recovery of your messages.

Step 5Time Machine retrieves the saved but older version of your iMessages. You might lose some recent messages that were not backed up by Time Machine.

Note: Time Machine restores every single message available in its backup. After the restoration of Time Machine messages backup, you might have to spend a few minutes to clean up unwanted conversation threads.

How to View Old iMessages on Mac from iCloud?

If you have back up your iMessages to iCloud, use these straightforward steps to get them back.

Step 1 You must sign out of your iMessages app on the device you are trying to get your messages restored. Furthermore, don't forget to close the Messages app. These steps would help iCloud overwrite the existing data of your Messages app with the older backup version.

Find Old Deleted Imessages

Step 2Open your Finder app and select the 'Go' button to access the library of your iCloud.

Step 3Now from your most recent backup, pick up the file named messages.

Step 4Open your messages file and restore backed up iMessage.

Note: You can also reset your iPhone and let iCloud restore data in all of your apps, including iMessages.

Final Words

Loss of important message threads can be a bitter experience for any of us. However, you can use different backup tools to have your data available at the time of need.

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