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The complete guide to disabling and reregistering iMessage (and FaceTime) What’s the difference between iMessage and a text message? They’re both ways to send text or photos to your contacts, and you can send either of them with the Messages app on your iPhone. But iMessages and text messages aren’t the same. This is the Facetime and iMessage Your Carrier May Charge warning and how you can fix your iMessages to start receiving your Texts or messages again. End-to-end encryption protects your iMessage and FaceTime conversations across all your devices. With watchOS, iOS, and iPadOS, your messages are encrypted on your device so they can’t be accessed without your passcode. IMessage and FaceTime are designed so that there’s no way for Apple to read your messages when they’re in transit.

Some networks use firewalls for security. Firewalls block certain Internet traffic from entering or leaving a network. Internet traffic moves through a firewall using ports. To use FaceTime and iMessage behind certain firewalls, you might need to ask your network administrator to enable these ports:

FacetimeImessage and facetime activation
  • 80 (TCP)
  • 443 (TCP)
  • 3478 through 3497 (UDP)
  • 5223 (TCP)
  • 16384 through 16387 (UDP)
  • 16393 through 16402 (UDP)
  • 80 (TCP)
  • 443 (TCP)
  • 5223 (TCP)

Depending on the NAT configuration of your router and network, additional ports might be used to send and receive video. Some router features, such as port mapping, SIP dropping, or dynamic opening of media ports might interfere with FaceTime and iMessage. Contact your network administrator if you need help with port forwarding.

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If you're using a Wi-Fi network, learn about recommended settings for Wi-Fi routers and access points.

Facetime E Imessage Non Funziona

FaceTime is not available in all countries or regions.