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In the world of the F1 semi-automatic gearbox, of course, there is no need for the driver to even think about this – everything is electronically controlled! All the driver is required to do is to pull paddle when he wants to change up or down a gear, and the electronics controlling the gearbox and clutch do the rest. Behind the engine, we have the gearbox bolted directly to the engine. All of these parts are stressed members. They’re part of the chassis, meaning that the rear suspension is in fact bolted directly on to the gearbox. This is the front of the gearbox casing.

The P1044 gearbox is one of Xtrac’s legacy products, which whilst not currently in production, spares and technical support are still available upon request.

The P1044 gearbox was designed as a complete unit to be used by three teams all using Cosworth engines and derivatives have continued to be run since then.

In the context of F1, where every component is normally designed and manufactured as a bespoke item, Xtrac’s “batch-produced” gearbox with common parts offers significant cost savings, while technically remaining highly competitive. It also benefits from an extensive rig and engine dynamometer test programme.


With a contemporary longitudinal layout, commonly utilised in F1 gearboxes, the transmission can be easily adapted to other F1 engines. It positions the gear cluster forward of the differential to ensure excellent vehicle weight distribution, while meeting critical aerodynamic requirements at the rear of the vehicle.

  • 340Nm (250lbf ft) maximum continuous input torque capacity, with peak torque capacity of 560Nm (413lbf ft)*
  • 7 speeds with sequential seamless gearchange selection
  • Aluminium A357 castings, with ‘O’-Ring face sealing
  • Lubrication is via single stage eccentric lobe pump, configured for use with an external cooler
  • Differential is a negative preload high pressure hydraulic active type
  • Twin barrel gearchange system with high pressure hydraulic control
  • Output flanges integral with the differential, to suit F1 specification tripode joints
  • Integrated clutch canister / clutch release slave cylinder with position sensors
  • Gearbox weight is less than 40kg (88lb)*

F1 Gearbox

F1 Gearbox

F1 Gearbox Ratio

  • Sequential gearchange configured for seamless gear shifting
  • Easily removable cluster for ratio changes
  • Cost effective, reliable, lightweight solution