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The Roadranger System is an unbeatable combination of the best truck systems and components from Eaton Corporation and other trusted partners backed by Roadranger support - the most experienced, expert accessible drivetrain consultants in the business. The Roadranger mission is to provide the most comprehensive customer offerings available for manufacturers, fleets, dealers, owners, drivers, and parts and service providers. Also serving hybrid fleets, our hybrid electric power systems are commercially available.
For an example of the Roadranger advantage, recent fuel economy tests reveal fuel savings of more than one percent with use of the newest generation of Roadranger Synthetic Lubricants for transmissions and axles. The tests included those that were performed with two major U.S. fleets.
Fleets and owner-operators may purchase extended warranties on Eaton drivetrain components. The Roadranger Extended Protection Plans are available for one or two years of additional protection and cover all Fuller® medium- and heavy-duty manual , Eaton AutoShift and UltraShift transmissions, and Eaton medium- and heavy-duty clutches. Extended mileage plans are also available.
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New Splitter and Range Kits for Heavy-Duty Fuller Transmissions Eaton Roadranger Parts Marketing has released several splitter and range valve replacement kits for heavy-duty Fuller transmissions. These new kits incorporate an advanced engineering design that is much less susceptible to vehicle air system contamination. Eaton offers one of the largest portfolios of transmissions to meet the specific needs of many applications. Only Eaton provides consumers with the power to select application detailed options that increase safety and efficiency. Roadranger valve assy: 1: s-2661: case assy: 4303650,4303720: 1: prior to serial number 51267046 & prior to serial numbers starting with an alpha character use for units built prior to the forced lubrication system design: s-2742: range section assy: 1. Eaton Corporation reserves the right to discontinue or modify its models and/or procedures and to change specifications at any time without notice. Any reference to brand name in this publication is made as an example of the types of tools and materials recommended for use. How to professionally shift Eaton's heavy-duty 13- and 18-speed manual transmissions for commercial vehicles. Professional Shifting - Vocational 8LL, 9LL & 15-Speed. Overview of professionally shifting Eaton's heavy-duty manual transmissions for vocational trucks.

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When it comes to making sure that large trucks get maximum performance on the road, the Eaton Fuller Roadranger gearbox is the one to trust. Many of the powertrain technologies used for commercial truck equipment come from Eaton Fuller thanks to the Roadranger gearbox or crash box that is manufactured around the world.

There are three different types of transmission systems depending on the number of gears that is found in the vehicle.

  • 5 through 13 Speeds: Synchronized Manual Transmissions
  • 5 through 18 Speeds: Constant Mesh Manual Transmissions
  • 6 through 18 Speeds: Automated Constant Mesh Manual Transmissions

What Eaton offers is a both fully synchronized and non-synchronized manual transmission which drives the big rigs. In addition, you can find Eaton produced automated manual transmissions that can be found across a wide range of applications. Equipment manufacturers from around the world rely on the experience of Eaton Fuller when it comes to transmissions that offer greater reliability, safety, drivability and efficiency.

How the Roadranger Works for Trucks

As any truck driver will tell you, driving a big rig is a different experience than your average car or pickup. The size, weight, and bulk of the big truck makes driving it a real challenge, especially on roads that are more designed for smaller vehicles and may require quick downshifting or shifting up to compensate for changing road conditions .

The Roadranger Gearbox offers a number of features that make it different than the old fashioned crash box that you find in older trucks.

Eaton Roadranger Road Speed Calculator

Smoother Gear Change: While the Roadranger still has the familiar “crash” sound, it is not nearly as prevalent as with the older designs. This creates greater longevity and higher durability of the gears.

Greater Efficiency: One of the secrets to getting more fuel efficiency is having a sleek, clean transmission gearbox that shifts when commanded. This means that the driver can concentrate more on the road and shifting when necessary instead of being distracted by the crashes of the gears.

Modern Thinking: Eaton Fuller needs to be given credit for a unique design that has substantially upgraded the old crash box into a modern transmission system. For decades, basic truck transmission designs have been relatively the same with some upgrades over the years. Fuller’s Roadranger is a considerable upgrade that offers drivers a better system than what they had before.

Road Ranger Gear Pattern

Driving a Truck Equipped with a Roadranger Gearbox

Ian Watson’s Truck Driving School can teach you how to operate and drive a Roadranger Gearbox. You will learn from experienced professionals just how the gearbox operates and what you need to do in order to drive properly with this type of transmission system. While this type of gearbox is certainly efficient, it does require the proper training that Ian Watson’s Truck Driving School can provide.

Eaton Fuller Transmission Parts Catalog

The celebrated Eaton Fuller Roadranger Gearbox offers large trucks a far better, more efficient system than standard models, providing the driver with greater control and trucking companies with the ability to save money on fuel costs thanks to the highly efficient design.

Double The Clutch - Luke Watson explains how to change gears in a truck that has an Eaton Fuller Road Ranger transmission. The technique to double-the-clutch (up shifting) is: press clutch in - shift gear stick to Neutral - release clutch pedal - press clutch in - move gear stick to gear - ease your foot off the clutch.
Luke Watson explains how to engage a gear, when your truck is stationary, without any grinding noises. The Eaton Fuller Road Ranger is the most common truck gearbox and finding a gear without grinding can be a challenge - but in this video Luke explain the clutchbrake and how to use it - so you can find a gear easily and swiftly.

Eaton Roadranger

How to do a hillstart in a truck that has an Eaton Fuller Road Ranger gearbox - explained by Luke Watson from . Also Luke explains how to select the right gear in a truck with a 10-speed, 13-speed, 18-speed and synchromesh transmission when taking off.

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For more information about trucks and getting your truck licence - contact BRISBANE TRUCK DRIVING SCHOOL.

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