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Dsg Service
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DSG Transmission Oil Service Interval. Every vehicle from Volkswagen or Audi will include a recommended service interval in the owner's manual. On the vast majority of models, a DSG transmission oil service is required every 40,000 miles. DSG Technical Support. DSG provides one of the finest technical support teams available in the industry. With over 400 clinical trials completed, our trained professionals have years of experience to stand ready to answer any and all of your clinical trial study questions or concerns.

DSG Transmission Service A DSG service needs to be carried out every 40,000 miles. Your DSG gearbox has two computer controlled clutches that work with very fine tolerances. When the gearbox oil is dirty it will affect the performance and damage other components. The DSG maintenance service is a must every 40K miles on any VWs or Audis with the DSG transmission. This video will show you how to perform this service wi.

40,000 miles marks a significant time in your Volkswagen's life where you'll want to perform more in-depth maintenance tasks along with routine VW maintenance to ensure your vehicle the best performance and longevity. You will also need to perform this same maintenance checklist at 80,000 miles. For information on other service intervals, please see our Maintenance, Service, and Repair Information page.

VW Maintenance at 40,000 and 80,000 Miles

Body and Car Interior:

  1. Visually inspect body for rust or corrosion,
  2. Lubricate door checks and mounting pins,
  3. Check headlight adjustment,
  4. Check Interior lighting (as applicable), including glove box lights, cigarette lighter/power outlets, horn, and all warning lamps,
  5. Check exterior lighting, including front and rear lights, luggage compartment lighting, turn signals, hazard warning lights, daytime running lights, curve lighting, and automatic headlights,
  6. Check cleaning nozzle functionality of rear window (if applicable),
  7. Enter the date of the next service on the service sticker and apply to the driver's side door pillar,
  8. Check tread depth, condition, wear pattern and pressure of all tires (including spare) and rotate front to rear,
  9. Inspect underbody sealant for damage, and
  10. Check for damage and functionality of the windshield washers, headlight cleaning system, and wiper blades; add fluid if necessary.

Engine and Undercarriage:

  1. Check battery,
  2. Inspect brakes and shock absorber for damage or leaks,
  3. Check thickness of brake pads, brake disc condition, and brake fluid level,
  4. Check coolant level and frost protection,
  5. Check CV joints for leaks and damage,
  6. Replace dust and pollen filter (if applicable),
  7. Change oil and replace filter,
  8. Check engine and engine compartment components for leaks and damage from above and below; check transmission, final drive, and drive shaft boots from below,
  9. Check exhaust system for leaks, damage and secure fittings,
  10. Change oil in the Haldex clutch (if applicable),
  11. Check power steering oil level (if applicable),
  12. Check condition of ribbed V-belt,
  13. Check second battery (if applicable),
  14. Reset service interval display (if applicable),
  15. Check tie rod ends for excessive play and check boots, and
  16. Change Automatic and DSG transmission fluid and filter.

Regular VW Maintenance to perform (regardless of mileage):

During your 40,000 and 80,000 mile VW Maintenance, your technician should visually inspect the airbag system, check your tire mobility kit, and replace the tire filler bottle (to be replaced every 4 years).

Model Specific Maintenance:

  1. For the 3.0L TDI: Check AdBlue®. Fluid level and add if necessary; replace fuel filter
  2. New Beetle: Change brake fluid
  3. Convertible roof, CSC roof, and retractable hard top: Check for function and damage, clean and lubricate seals, and check latch (if applicable)
  4. 2.0L TDI: Replace fuel filter
  5. 2.5L, 3.2L, 3.6L, and 4.2L: Replace spark plugs
  6. Sunroof and panoramic sunroof: Check, clean, and lubricate

Dsg Service Intervals

After the regular 40,000/80,000 mile VW Maintenance tasks are performed, your technician will take your vehicle for a test drive to check over functionality and performance of your Volkswagen.

At 120,000 Miles:

Dsg Service Interval

At 120,000 Miles, you'll perform all of the VW maintenance items included above, as well as:

  1. Replace and clean housing for air filter element and snow filter (if applicable),
  2. Check ash loading of the diesel particle filter and replace if necessary.* (2.0L TDI and 3.0L TDI only),
  3. Replace timing belt (2.0L TDI only),
  4. Replace tire pressure sensors (every 6 years, regardless of mileage), and
  5. Replace spark plugs (every six years, every model, regardless of mileage).

Dsg Service Volkswagen

*If not necessary, check every subsequent 10,000 until necessary.

Dsg Service Tool

I may consider buying an used B8.5 S4 in the future and just wondering how expensive it is to do the DSG transmission service. Would the DSG service has the same procedures as on a ZF transmission? Procedure would be replace the transmission filter and fluid? How much does a shop charge to do the service? If it involves a very complicated procedures, what shop can really do this except for the dealer?
I know DSG is faster than a 6 speed manual. But it would probably make sense to get a 6 speed manual S4 if the DSG is problematic and expensive to maintain.