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  • Asocialfolder helps you create a website using Markdown and Dropbox. Asocialfolder is a brand-new publishing platform for the web. Write in Markdown.
  • While we're at it, note that Paper does support markdown. Just paste your code in a Paper doc after having input a code block (three backticks ``` will do the trick. If your code block doesn't render normally, try selecting the text within your code block and then from the toolbar that appears select the last option which reads 'Auto'.

At a glance

Please check out the following test: exporting the paper as markdown via the web page doesn't raise any problem since all images are correctly rendered with their link. The problem seems to be limited to the API output and the html format. Dropbox stores a vast amount of data for over half a billion people globally. Should you trust it with your data and how can you make it more secure?


Our Verdict

Write ($2) is a text-editing app for the iPhone that offers Dropbox users a unique set of tools for creating standard text files and Markdown formatted text. While at first Write may seem just like the dozens of other text editing apps available on the App Store, a few minutes of working with the app makes it clear that it’s a cut above just about anything else you may have used.

When you first open Write, a brief tutorial walks you through the app’s features and then, because the app is designed to work with Dropbox, you will have to link Write to your Dropbox account. (If you don’t have a Dropbox account you cannot use the app.)

As set through the app’s default settings, Write opens ready for work with a new, blank text document named using the date and time when the document was created. You can easily change this by tapping the title bar and typing something new. If you’ve already named your document, or if you’re working on something that you created in another text editor, renaming the doc in Write also renames it in your Dropbox. Hold and drag from the top down in any new document, and Write saves your file. Doing the same in any existing document gives you the option to delete the file, while holding two fingers on an open document gives you the option to resize or change your display font.

One of the first things you’ll notice about Write’s editing environment is that, in addition to the standard iOS keyboard, the app offers a shortcut bar, which puts a number of useful tools for oft-used keys—such as the “@” sign, quotation marks, and exclamation point—at your fingertips. In the middle of the shortcut bar is a small bull’s-eye that offers an amazingly useful tool: the cursor button. To use it, tap and hold the cursor button, and then drag your finger around the screen: In doing so, Write allows you to quickly place the cursor anywhere you want within your text. Tap it a second time and drag your finger around the screen to easily select text. I found the cursor tool to be better and easier to use than Apple’s built-in text selection tools.

Sliding the shortcut bar to the left reveals Write’s Markdown shortcuts; a set of buttons you can use to quickly add John Gruber’s Markdown syntax for simplifying URL links, image links, and other HTML formatting to your documents. This toolbar also offers a Markdown preview mode so you can see what your formatted text will look like when you print it or export it to HTML.

Write offers more than 22 ways for you to share files, including everything from copying the Dropbox link for the file to posting the text to Facebook, publishing the HTML file as a Website, or printing on your local printer. If the built-in options aren’t enough to satisfy you, you can also create your own sharing options.

Markdown Editor Online

Among the app’s other useful features is a Quicklook-like preview of documents you’ve already created. Tap and hold a document within your list of existing documents and a small window appears where you can preview the entire document, copy the Dropbox link, delete, or rename your file.

Write’s only real downside is the fact that you can’t use it if you don’t have a Dropbox account, which may limit Write’s usefulness for some users. Other options for saving files, like iCloud, are necessary to make this an app something everyone can use. Also, because the text editing area on my iPhone 4S is so tiny, I hope an iPad version arrives in the App Store sooner rather than later.

Bottom line

Write is a fantastic text editing app. So good, in fact, that it has replaced the other apps I’ve been using on my phone. The cursor tool, easy access to Markdown, and a broad variety of output options make Write one of the best text editing apps I’ve had the pleasure of using on any of my iOS devices.


From Text

Type or paste markdown into the form above, and hit 'create deck'. Valid markdown will be parsed into a deck for you to enjoy. Deckdown currently doesn't save the markdown text that you submit to it so this is a one time, unique thing.

From A File

Tell deckdown the url of your raw .md file by passing it as the src parameter, like this:

For example, here's a slideshow version of the deckdown readme.

  • Hosting on github

    Commit your .md file to your repo, then navigate to that file on github and click 'raw' in the upper right corner. Use the url of the raw file for deckdown.

  • Hosting on Dropbox

    Place the markdown file in your Public folder, then right/option click to get it's public link. Use this public link with deckdown. More info on public links from dropbox help.

  • Hosting elsewhere

    Deckdown can take any publicly available url as an input for generating a slide deck. Links from your local filesystem that begin with file:/// will not work. For that, just paste the contents of the file into deckdown a-la the From Text instructions above.

Dropbox Markdown

Why use it?

Dropbox markdown freeMarkdown

Deckdown is for breaking out of slideware jail. Traditional slideware is hard to proofread, and tweaking text size and alignment on large decks feels like a waste of time. I love reveal.js (it's used in this project), but the process of writing markup around my content in order to present it feels like a new flavor of the old slideware bloat.

Deckdown changes all that by taking the contents of a single text file and turning it into a completely acceptable and usable slide deck.

Presentations that include code examples may never be the same. I hope you enjoy using deckdown.

How it works

Deckdown breaks your markdown file into slides based on headers and horizontal rules. It does this with regex, and it splits up your file after converting it to html. This means html header tags <h1> - <h6> and <hr> become the slide delimiters.

When writing your markdown:

Markdown conversion is done with kramed, and uses GFM by default.

Known issues

Dropbox markdown editor

Deckdown is still in an early experimental state. Feel free to use it for your presentations if you wish, just know that sailing is not yet a smooth as it could be. Here are some of the bigger issues keeping deckdown from taking the world by storm:

Dropbox Markdown Download

  • Images

    Currently, images are included at their natural size, which can look like an error - especially for .svg or hi-res images.

  • Overflowing Content

    Right now, it’s up to the markdown author to anticipate overflowing content, and to chunk accordingly.

Markdown Online Edit


Dropbox Markdown Support

Deckdown is on github.

Created 2014 by Alan Languirand. MIT license.