Download Citrix Receiver For Chrome

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  1. Can I Download Citrix Receiver On Chromebook
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  3. Download Citrix Receiver For Chromebook

An efficient virtual workspace app. The app is the most extensive technology the Citrix family of services has to offer. Citrix Workspace App is a universal software client that allows you to instantly access anytime, anywhere all your workspace services without the trouble of individually sign-on, confusing passwords, and complicated interfaces. Search for Citrix Workspace, and select Apps 3. Click “Add to Chrome” by the Citrix Workspace app that says it is “Offered by: Citrix” You will be prompted to confirm you want to add the app, click “Add app” 4.

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Customize file upload to view uploaded files inside application file open/save dialog

  1. Upload file using the “Upload” toolbar button or drag and drop file from the local client machine to the specific folder (see below configuration steps) in the session

  2. Files can then be viewed inside applications using File Open dialog. For web apps, uploaded files can be selected via attach button.

Download Citrix Receiver For Chrome

Can I Download Citrix Receiver On Chromebook

Configuration steps

  1. Set “UploadFolderLocation” registry inside session to a folder. To set it, go to registry [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARECitrixFileTransfer] and set “UploadFolderLocation” to folder path.

  2. Add this folder (set in registry) to “Favorites” in explorer so that it is visible easily in open file dialog.

  3. Now user would upload files to session via toolbar button or drag n drop. File will get uploaded to folder set by registry.

  4. Inside web app when user clicks on “attach a file” button, user can pick files in “Open File” dialog by going to Favorites -> Uploaded Files.

As shown below, user can open uploaded files using open file dialog in MS Word app.

Customize file download to allow downloading a file from the browser running on the remote session to local client/machine

Configure the default download folder location of web browsers to “Save To My Device” folder.
For example, IE11 default download folder location is set to “Save To My Device” as shown below.

Citrix Receiver For Windows 10

Once it is set, then downloading any file from web browser running on the remote session will download it to local client/machine. On client machine file will be saved to default folder location which is set on the web browser settings. For example on Chrome browser, chrome://settings > downloads.
Disable Upload/Download option in RfHTML5.
We can disable this option for the users from Studio Policies.
1. Upload File to Desktop.
2. Download File from Desktop.


Download Citrix Receiver For Chromebook

Note: Environment variables work in the registry value. Registry settings related to file transfer are configured on the VDA. While uploading file from client/local machine to VDA session, if value for registry entry “UploadFolderLocation” is not set then it will ask user to select folder on VDA to upload it.