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For some reason, Dodge got almost exclusive access to some of the best performance V8s. The Hellcat engines transformed the brand into the house of muscle, and it's not uncommon for people to imagine older Dodge models as muscle cars too.

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This rendering by wb.artist20 shows the Dodge Journey crossover as a Hellcat, and we think it's pretty entertaining. The artist made several cosmetic changes that take this vehicle from relatively mild to 100% wild.
For example, the hood gets a gigantic scoop, while the headlights have LEDs for a more modern look. The Journey is over ten years old, and there's no mistaking that, but it's not like the Charger and Challenger are new, and they've managed to disguise that just fine.
Bigger wheels let you know this family hauler means business. Another interesting upgrade is the scalloped indentation added to the doors, an element taken from the Charger. If Dodge made a real Journey Mopar, it probably wouldn't have this feature. But it wouldn't, right?
Well, Dodge actually has a long history of short-lived performance cars. One example of this is the Dart SRT4, which got confirmed and later canceled as the compact sedan itself got discontinued. The Journey was arguably more reliably and successful than the Dart, and it was supposed to get an SRT model too.
According to the Dodge Brand Product Plan of the last decade (announced in Fiat-Chrysler's 5-year plan back in 2013), the Journey SRT6 was supposed to arrive in early 2017, but it never ended up being produced. The plan called for the Journey to be 'aligned with Dodge DNA,' which could only mean adding power since the hardcore models were also coming out at that time.
But how? There's not a lot of firm information on this. The Journey's platform doesn't allow for a V8 to be used. Rumors of the SRT6 model date back to 2013 and suggest a V6 engine would be used, just like in the 2005-2006 Chrysler Crossfire SRT6, which had a similar 3.2-liter to the Mercedes SLK roadster.
The most powerful Journey of the era had a 3.6-liter V6 with 283 hp, and it's presumed a supercharger would be added into the mix. That would make it three-quarters of a Hellcat in our book.