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Delayed text messages is a real issue especially if the message is time sensitive. It can cause you a lot of trouble especially when these text messages are work-related and came from your superior. The problem of delayed text messages doesn’t actually seem to be caused by a specific messaging application. We switched two phones from Verizon and my work phone from Straight Talk all over to Cricket. All three are different versions of the iPhone, the newest being an iPhone 11 and the oldest being an iPhone 6. We immediately noticed texts messages can be extremely delayed, some never sending or being received at all. This happens on a daily basis.

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During the delay period, you can edit the message or cancel itby selecting Outbox from the Options menu.You can alsosend the message immediately instead of waiting for the delay period toexpire.

To inspect your delayed messages, select Outbox fromthe Options menu. The screen shows the messages that are currently in your Outbox. If youleave them alone, SCO Shell Mail delivers each of them when itsdelivery delay period is over.

Editing a delayed message

Select Retrieve from the Outbox menuto edit one of the messages in the Outboxbefore it is delivered.SCO Shell Mail now highlights the firstmessage on the Outbox list.Select the one you want.

Delayed Imessage

SCO Shell Mail now puts you in Edit mode,and you can make changes to the message.You have access to all editing keyboard commands andthe Create menu. When you finish, selectDeliver from the Create menu.The edited message returns to the Outbox forthe remainder of its waitingperiod. The Mail menu and message list reappear on the screen.

Sending all delayed messages now

You may sometimes want to send a piece of mail out right away instead ofletting it wait in the Outbox.To have SCO Shell Mail deliver all messages currentlywaiting in the Outbox, select Flush.


When you leave SCO Shell Mail,it automatically delivers any messages stillwaiting in the Outbox.

Canceling a delayed message

Select Cancel from the Outbox menuto cancel a message that is waitingin the Outbox.SCO Shell Mail deletes the messageinstead of delivering it.

When you select Cancel,SCO Shell Mail highlights the firstmessage on the Outbox list.Use the arrow keys to move the highlight tothe message you want, and then press <Enter>.The message you chose is canceled,and it disappears from the Outbox list.You then return to the Mail menu.

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Some macOS High Sierra users are reporting delays in receiving iMessages on their Macs, while also finding that they are no longer receiving iMessage notifications on their iOS devices and Apple Watches …

That latter fact suggests that the bug may be related to Apple’s plans to offer iCloud sync of messages later this year.

Delayed Imessage Shortcut

Delayed Imessage

With iCloud synchronisation of iMessages, deleting a message on one device would delete it from all, rather than the current halfway house of messages being sent to multiple devices but each thread remaining otherwise isolated.

AppleInsider first spotted a 4-page thread on Apple’s support forum. A Radar bug report classifies it as a serious bug, but one that is only sometime reproducible. The bug report does not reference delayed delivery to other devices.

Why Iphone Message Delayed

My messages experience has been horrible since upgrading. iMessages give zero alert. I have my phone sitting next to my Macbook and neither notifies me when I get an iMessage. I have to manually click the home button to see if I have received any messages. Only when i shut down the Macbook does the phone start responding with sounds + vibrations.

Those who are experiencing the delay are reporting anything from minutes to hours. Users report mixed success with a range of measures, such as signing out of iCloud on the Mac, but downgrading to Sierra is the only thing that seems to work for all.


The latest beta of macOS 10.13.1 was released to developers yesterday, with a focus on bug fixes and performance improvements.

Delayed Imessage

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