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Most of the cars right now that are sold in the Indian market do get the option of an automatic gearbox. But the choice is not only between an automatic and a manual gearbox. Even in an auto gearbox there are different types of gear systems such as an AMT, torque converter, CVT, AT and DCT that are available right now in different cars and in different price points. We help you choose the right type of gearbox according to your priority.

The getrag 7dct300 gearbox has a rating of 300nm or 210 ft lb, although getrag themselves say it can come in 300-500nm versions. Does this mean DCT cars are. Hyundai says the eight-speed DCT is a brand new unit developed in-house by the N performance team, but I have a feeing it likely shares components with the transmission in the updated Santa Fe.

AMT gearbox

This is an automated manual transmission. It is a kind of manual gearbox mechanically although it has a system that changes the gears for you. The gear shifts are jerky and not at all instantaneous. But you do get the comfort of now having to continuously shift gears in traffic. The biggest advantage is that these gearboxes are not that much more expensive than the manual ones and they also give better mileage than the torque converters. This is basically somewhere in between manuals and automatics and can be called as a budget automatic.


This system is a continuously variable transmission.It has a sort of a rubber band effect and basically feels like one gear itself when you drive the car. The gearbox is linear and you do get the advantage of fuel efficiency in this kind of gearbox but the shifts are a bit laggy. This could be a problem for enthusiasts as it is not very quick in terms of gear shifting. For city traffic, this would be a very good gearbox as it is very smooth. The mileage of this kind of gearbox is a very big strong point.


This is the said normal kind of gearbox known as a torque converter which is seen on most automatic cars. The gear shifts are relatively smoother but it does miss out on a bit of performance from the petrol if compared to a manual or a DCT. The disadvantage of this gearbox is that it does take a toll on fuel efficiency and there is a significant difference which can be seen in terms of mileage. It is not as laggy as a CVT and therefore can be driven in a dynamic way as well.


This is currently the best kind of gearbox that is available. The gear shifts are very smooth and very quick as well. The most important thing is that the car can quickly change gears and give in to your demand of instant power which is often not met with automatic gearboxes. Basically, this kind of a gearbox uses two clutches; one for the even gears and one for the odd, and therefore the clutch is continuously engaged so that there will not be any kind of delay when it comes to the shifting of the gears.

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Now, it is important to not that although you can differentiate gearboxes in these terms, but all manufacturers calibrate their gearboxes differently and two different cars having the same power and same kind of gearbox can feel different in terms of driving. Also the weight of all the gearboxes will be significantly heavier than the manual except the AMT. Usually in cars around the 10 lakh range the AMT costs about 50,000-70,000 more expensive than the manual variant. The torque converter cost about 1-1.5 lakh more than the manual and the DCT and CVT cost about 1.5 lakh rupees more. For reference, you can also check the new Volkswagen Vento that had a DSG gearbox which is essentially a DCT gearbox and in the new model it will get a torque converter.


- MERCEDES-BENZ / GLB - GLB 250 (224 HP) DCT (Petrol (Gasoline)) 2019/...

- Fuel type (Petrol (Gasoline))
- Fuel consumption (in the city) 8.7-8.8lt / 100km,
- Fuel consumption (outside the city) 5.6-5.9lt / 100km,
- Fuel consumption (average) 6.7-7.0lt / 100km...
- GLB 250 (224 Hp) DCT, 1991cm3, 4cylinders, 224hp horsepower (350nm torque).
- Maximum speed 240km (149mph), 0km to 100km7.1 seconds.
- Car length 4634mm, car width 1834mm, car weight 1535kg (kerb weight), luggage volume 565lt(maximum 1800lt)

- Headlines

# General informations
# Engine specifications
# Car performance
# Car measurements / capacities
# Technical informations
# Fuel consumptions
# Mercedes-Benz / GLB - GLB 250 (224 Hp) DCT car pictures
# Mercedes-Benz / GLB - GLB 250 (224 Hp) DCT car reviews


GLB 250 (224 Hp) DCT
(224) - 224 hp (horsepower) - cycle/minute
5500 rpm
112.5 hp / L
Petrol (Gasoline)
5 doors
5-7 seats
Front wheel drive
December, 2019/...
(Mercedes-Benz GLB December, 2019)
Internal Combustion engine


GLB 250 (224 Hp) DCT
(224) - 224 hp (horsepower) - cycle/minute
Front axle, Transversely
1991 cm3 (cubic centimeter)
121.5 in3 (cubic inches)
350 nm (newton meter) - cycle/minute
1800 - 4000 rpm
4 cylinders
4 valve

Cars with dual clutch


240 km - kilometer per hour
149 mph - mile per hour
7.1 seconds / acceleration - (0km to 100km)


4634 mm - millimeter
182.44 in - inch
1834 mm - millimeter
72.2 in - inch
2020 mm - millimeter
79.53 in - inch
1658 mm - millimeter
65.28 in - inch
135 mm - millimeter
5.31 in - inch
1605 mm - millimeter
63.19 in - inch
1606 mm - millimeter
63.23 in - inch
905 mm - millimeter
35.63 in - inch
900 mm - millimeter
35.43 in - inch
2829 mm - millimeter
111.38 in - inch
18 ° - degree
18.3 ° - degree
13.9 ° - degree
Internal Combustion engine drives the front wheels of the vehicle
215/65 R17
6.5J x 17
1535 kg - kilograms
3384.1 lbs - pounds
2145 kg - kilograms
4728.92 lbs - pounds
565 lt - liters
1800 lt - liters
2000 kg - kilograms
4409.25 lbs - pounds
750 kg - kilograms
1653.47 lbs - pounds


Ventilated discs
Ventilated discs
Yes (Anti-lock braking system)
Independent type mcpherson
Multi-link independent
Steering rack
Electric Steering

- Euro NCAP (EU) safety / crash test results:
- IIHS-HLDI (USA) safety / crash test results:
- NHTSA (USA) safety / crash test results:


Petrol (Gasoline)
Direct injection
52 lt liters
13.74 gal Us gallons
11.44 gal Uk gallons
Euro 6d ISC-FCM
6.9 kg / hp
175-193 (WLTP 175-193) co2 grams/kilometer
8.7-8.8 lt liters Petrol (Gasoline) / 100 kilometers
29.4-26.73 mpg gallons Us American
35.32-32.11 mpg gallons Uk Imperial
5.6-5.9 lt liters Petrol (Gasoline) / 100 kilometers
47.05-39.87 mpg gallons Us American
56.51-47.89 mpg gallons Uk Imperial

Dct Carrier

6.7-7.0 lt liters Petrol (Gasoline) / 100 kilometers
39.21-33.61 mpg gallons Us American
47.09-40.36 mpg gallons Uk Imperial

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  • How heavy?

  • What size engine?

  • How many cylinders?

  • How much power?

  • How much torque?

  • How quick?

  • How fast? / What is max speed?

  • What is the rim sizes of a tire?

  • What is the tire sizes?

  • How economical?
    urban: 8.7-8.8lt Petrol (Gasoline) / 100 km/h
    extra-urban: 5.6-5.9lt Petrol (Gasoline) / 100 km/h
    combined: 6.7-7.0lt Petrol (Gasoline) / 100 km/h

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