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Netflix is closing in on a mammoth $400M+ deal for Knives Out 2 and 3, with Daniel Craig and Rian Johnson set to return. Knives Out—In theaters November 27, 2019. Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collette, Don Johnson, Michael Shannon, LaKeith Sta.


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Looks like Daniel Craig has a new movie franchise after ending his role as James Bond.

Craig is to star in two sequels to the 2019 “Knives Out” crime caper that will stream on Netflix in a multi-million dollar deal.

Netflix on Thursday said it had bought the rights to two follow up films that will reunite Craig with director Rian Johnson.

Variety and Deadline Hollywood said Netflix had paid between $400 million and $450 million for the rights to the two sequels, which would make it one of the biggest movie streaming deals ever.

Netflix declined to comment on financial details of the deal but said some reports were inaccurate.

“Knives Out,” an Agatha Christie-style murder mystery, starred Craig as debonair private detective Benoit Blanc along with a star cast including Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Evans, Don Johnson, Ana de Armas and Christopher Plummer.

The Lionsgate film had a modest $40 million budget and went on to make $311 million at the global box office.

Craig, 53, will make the last of five outings as British secret agent Bond in “No Time To Die”, which is scheduled to arrive in movie theaters in October.

(Reporting by Jill Serjeant; Editing by Alex Richardson)

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British actor Tom Hardy has been making movies (and lots of them) over the past decade, but it was only with the success of last year's Inception that he really blasted into public consciousness bigtime. And for skin fans like us, it was none too soon!
The 34-year-old Hardy was mostly raised in London and began his career by winning the role of Private Janovic in the phenomenally successful mini-series Band of Brothers (2001). That same year, he was also cast in Ridley Scott's thriller Black Hawk Down.
Starting with his earliest roles, Mr. Hardy has demonstrated a truly fearless willingness to drop trou at the slightest provocation, worthy indeed of that other great (and by now legendary) U.K. actor, Ewan McGregor. Nude scenes abound, including some superb moments in flicks like Stuart: A Life Backwards, Colditz and Scenes of a Sexual Nature.
But it was 2008's Bronson, a bio-pic about the infamous prison inmate, that Tom really gave skin-fans a full-on full-frontal skin extravaganza, in which he seemed to be naked more often than clothed! More recently he's continued this fine tradition in a short flick made last year called 'Sgt. Slaughter, My Big Brother' where he once again provides lots of long, languorous shots of his fine uncut penis and equally shapely ass. Check out this clip from the Starmale video archive:
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One way or another over the years, we've somehow managed to miss blogging about one of Hollywood's sturdiest and studliest stars, Matt Damon. While we've loads of pictures and videos of him in the Starmale archive, it's high time we offer a bit of Mr. Damon's full skin and skinny here.
Born in 1970 and bred in and around Boston, Matt started acting when he was still a Harvard undergrad, skipping classes to pursue acting projects, including Rising Sun (1993), and the hot prep-school drama, School Ties (1992). Despite a run of interesting and moderately successful flicks, it really wasn't until 1997's' Good Will Hunting (for which he co-wrote the screenplay and starred) that Matt actually garnered significant mainstream attention.
A string of hits followed, including Saving Private Ryan, Dogma, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Ocean's Eleven and, of course, the 2006 Best Picture, Martin Scorsese's brilliant The Departed. Matt quickly gained both critical raves and wide popularity, annually scoring among Hollywood's top money makers and audience faves.
On the skin front, we have to admit there hasn't been nearly as much nudity as we'd like (and he deserves). However in the aforementioned School Ties and especially in The Talented Mr. Ripley, we nevertheless had plenty of opportunity to sample the fine physical assets Mr. Damon can bring to bear. Take this scene from Ripley as one perfect example of one perfect booty shot:

We've more than 50 skin shots and four video clips of Matt Damon in the Starmale archive so there's lots of eye candy for your delight and delectation. Check them all out here!
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Choosing British boy beauty Nick Hoult as the object of our admiration for this episode of the Starmale blog was really a no-brainer. Ever since he first took off his clothes in the appropriately named UK TV series Skins, we've been keeping our eyes peeled for any and all opportunities to see more of this spunky 21-year-old.
Nick has been acting since the tender age of 12 and his role in the 2002 film About a Boy based on the Nick Hornby novel brought him both fame and the acclaim of critics. Shortly thereafter, he was signed to play Tony Stonem in the aforementioned Skins where he quickly became a full-fledged teen idol.
Once coming of age, Nicholas demonstrated that he had no problem with showing his skin both on television and on the bigger screen. In last year's A Single Man directed by designer cum filmmaker Tom Ford, he played opposite Colin Firth and gave his fans plenty of chances to appreciate just how sexy and attractive he can be...especially when naked and nude!
Take this scene where Nick gives Mr. Firth an eyefull and more prior to a hot bit of homo-lovemaking:
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He's no longer young and not nearly as fit as in time's past, but Aussie megastar (and perpetual bad boy) Russell Crowe somehow or another still manages to be one very sexy man; vide the newly released Robin Hood if you have any doubts.
We've been following Mr. Crowe's career for a long time, both because of the aforementioned sexiness and because, let's face it, he makes really good movies. Whether it's L.A. Confidential, Gladiator or A Beautiful Mind, his performances are always riveting and he's one of those rare actors whose performances and presence on the screen seldom fail to deliver the goods.
And speaking of goods, Russell has never been one to shy away from showing his bare assets to the world. Starting with Proof and Hammers Over the Anvil, both in 1991 and continuing with films like Romper Stomper, Virtuosity and Mystery Alaska, we've had plenty of opportunity to appreciate his stripped to the skin backside. And what an extremely nice backside it is as demonstrated in this clip from the lab scene in Virtuosity:

The Starmale archive contains clips from all the films mentioned above plus nearly 70 captures of Russell Crowe naked (and more being added all the time). If Russell isn't your cuppa tea, don't despair, there are more than 4000 other celebrities on the site -- all real, all nude, all the time!
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