Cyberlink Powerdirector 18 And Photodirector 11 Ultra

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It’s that time of the year when CyberLink updates software: new versions of PowerDirector PhotoDirector, AudioDirector, and ColorDirector and the Director Suite are now available.

Since the introduction of the subscription model that CyberLink puts the Director Suite 365 as the highlight of its portfolio, and the same happens with this update. The 2019 release of its creative multimedia editing products is spearheaded by major updates to Director Suite 365, CyberLink’s flagship professional collection of creative software. The products available under a perpetual license also get updates, but there is a sense, now, that the jewel of the crown is the Director Suite 365, followed by options to a subscription plans to individual apps, with the PowerDirector 365 and PhotoDirector 365 versions.

“CyberLink continuously strives to provide creators with powerful, yet easy-to-use multimedia editing tools. We believe that creating professional video and photo content shouldn’t require users to spend weeks learning how to use software features,” said Dr. Jau Huang, CEO of CyberLink. “Since the launch of Director Suite 365 in September 2018, over 60% of our users have chosen to convert to subscription plans and enjoy the significant extra value. CyberLink is committed to delivering continued value to users and 365 subscribers with new bonus plug-ins, templates, effects, AI style packs, sound effects and music tracks, and more powerful tools each month, empowering them to fully unleash their creativity.”

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Director Suite 365

Director Suite 365 includes the latest versions of CyberLink’s high-end multimedia creative tools including PowerDirector 18, PhotoDirector 11, AudioDirector 10 and ColorDirector 8. On top of the powerful yet intuitive features that each of these products offers, Director Suite 365 subscribers also have unlimited access to a continually growing library of exclusive plug-ins, effect packs, frame and clip art packs, AI styles, plus background music tracks and sound effect clips. Access to this vast array of professional premium plug-ins and effects, that CyberLink says is “worth over US$3,000,” is free to all Director Suite 365 users for the life of their plan.

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  • Photo workflow and editing program CyberLink PhotoDirector offers a smooth interface and powerful tools. New in this version are a sky replacement tool, GIF animations, stock photos, glitch.

Director Suite 365 plans bring users the following great benefits:

  • Flexible plans: cost-effective and flexible plans. You can use your 365 account on different PCs and work on your projects whenever you need.
  • Always up-to-date: be the first to get all new video & photo editing features exclusive to Director Suite 365. New features added every quarter!
  • New Design Packs updated monthly: unlimited use of all creative design packs created by CyberLink. There are new packs every month!
  • New music & sound FX tracks every month: as a Director Suite 365 user, you get 100+ background music, and 300+ sound effect clips with more added every month!

The new PowerDirector 18

For those who prefer to use software with a perpetual license, CyberLink continues to offer its classic titles. At the top of the list comes PowerDirector 18, which strives to deliver powerful video editing tools & effects. With the new motion graphic titles and shape designer, creators can add professional-looking animated titles with motion graphic elements and insert vector-based shapes with auto-fit text in their videos. Social media fans are now able to create, edit, and produce videos in 1:1 square aspect ratio for platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Professional videographers, YouTubers, and vloggers looking to produce ultra high-quality content can now enjoy support for 10bit/10bit HDR video, and 4K video preview, coupled with CPU performance boosts for i9 and R9 chipsets.

With its classic interface that has not changed for this new version, except for the addition of the new features on the menus, PowerDirector 18 continues to be my tool of choice when it comes to video, as it offers me the essential tools I need, and I don’t need to know where everything is. Having reviewed previous versions of the software, it was easy to pick this version and use it without having to look at the manual.

Features and improvements in PowerDirector 18:

  • Shape Designer: apply and edit fully customizable vector shapes to your videos, with auto-fit text and keyframe controls.
  • Motion Graphics & Animated Titles: impressive animated motion title templates that will make an elegant addition to any video project.
  • 1:1 Square Video for Instagram & Facebook: create, edit & produce 1:1 square video. No more having to crop videos on Instagram.
  • Creative Transition Effects: 18 new, cool transition effects that will instantly turn your videos into pro-looking productions.
  • Nested Projects: repurpose previous project files in your new ones. Users can insert a previous project as a PiP element onto the timeline.

The new PhotoDirector 11

With many features similar to what you’ll find in Lightroom and Photoshop, still used as a reference in the world of photography, PhotoDirector 11 has grown to be more than just another photo editing software. I had the chance to review the previous version, PhotoDirector 10, and was impressed with the number of features, which include things as tethered shooting, one-click Keystone correction, multiple-exposure shots from video, panoramas from 360 degrees images, AI Style plugins, 360 photo editing and more.

Although I do not use CyberLink’s PhotoDirector, I know the software since it was first introduced, and have had the opportunity to try some of the versions, so I can confirm it has evolved throughout all this time. The new PhotoDirector 11 is presented as “the ultimate photo editing software, meeting all the needs of professional users as well as everyday photographers looking to turn their photos into art.”

Cyberlink Powerdirector 18 And Photodirector 11 Ultra Full

With comprehensive tools that combine the best features of “Lightroom-like” color grading and adjustments with “Photoshop-like” powerful layer editing capabilities, PhotoDirector is fast evolving into a powerhouse in the photo editing space. Enhancements to the layer editing module speed up users’ workflow by bringing the whole array of PhotoDirector’s powerful yet intuitive guided editing tools, all within that module. AI-powered editing tools, including painting style transfer, bring image enhancements and creativity to another level at the click of a button. With AI-powered Deblur, shakey images are turned into flawless shots with just one click. That’s something I will have to try when I fully test this new version.

Features and improvements in PhotoDirector 11:

  • Powerful Layer Editing: Compose unique images by combining photos, text, and graphics using a combination of blending modes and masks. Access all key adjustment and editing features within the layer editing tool to quickly create artistic masterpieces.
  • New Text Effects in Layer Editing: Add spectacular Bevel & Emboss Text and Customizable Warped Text.
  • AI Deblur: Blurry images are a thing of the past with intelligent deblur. Perfect for fixing up photos of active children, pets, or those taken from moving vehicles.
  • AI Styles: Our AI Engine intelligently applies brushstrokes that make your shots look like they were designed and painted by a master artist.

AudioDirector 10 and ColorDirector 8

Although PowerDirector includes tools for color grading and audio editing, CyberLink has, for a long time, offered specific tools for those who need an expanded set of tools, with its AudioDirector and ColorDirector. The Director Suite 365 includes the latest versions of CyberLink’s high-end multimedia creative tools including PowerDirector 18, PhotoDirector 11, AudioDirector 10 and ColorDirector 8, but if you’re on a perpetual license of PowerDirector, you can buy any of these programs, and PhotoDirector, separately.

Audio Director 10, now released, is the latest tool from CyberLink for proper audio, which is critical for setting the right mood for any video or movie. AudioDirector contains high-end tools to edit and fix audio tracks for professional results. Seamless integration with PowerDirector’s video editing workflow makes AudioDirector a must-have application for professional video makers.

Here are the key new features of Audio Director 10

  • AI Dewind: Intelligently remove wind gusts from audio clips recorded outdoors so that dialogue and ambient sounds can be heard clearly.
  • Punch & Roll Recording: Easily record lengthy voiceovers or podcasts, and accurately correct your dialogue tracks.
Cyberlink photodirector 10 free

ColorDirector 8 is the color grading tool from CyberLink. ColorDirector makes it possible for you to apply Lightroom-like color grading and color correction to video projects, producing amazing transitions in a few, quick steps. Seamless integration with PowerDirector’s video editing workflow makes ColorDirector a must-have application for professional video makers wanting to add the right finishing touches to their productions.

Here are the key new features of ColorDirector 8

Cyberlink Powerdirector 18 Ultra E Photodirector 11 Ultra

  • Color Replacement with Keyframe Control: Make multiple color replacements throughout your clips with granular keyframe control.
  • Color Match: Standardize color between different scenes, or change the look of a scene to match a particular mood from a reference video.

These new releases of the company’s flagship multimedia editing solutions offer creators updated modern design tools, AI-powered features, and enhanced layer editing for professional videos and photos. For reference, we publish the prices of the different apps, as well as their cost under subscription and perpetual licenses. Two things should be considered when buying: the perpetual license costs initially more if you need all the apps, but if you don’t update each time a new version is released, you may pay less. On the other hand, if you value all the “offers” CyberLink has for subscribers, maybe the Director Suite 365 or any of the subscription options is a the adequate solution.

If CyberLink’s claim that it offers “flexible plans”, “new features added every quarter”, “new design packs updated monthly” and “100+ background music, and 300+ sound effect clips with more added every month”, a small studio or an independent editor that needs lots of choices may find the monthly payment a good option.

Cyberlink Powerdirector 18 And Photodirector 11 Ultra

For your reference, here are the prices for CyberLink’s software:

Director Suite 365 Subscription

  • 1 month: $29.99, 12 months: $129.99
  • Includes PowerDirector 18, PhotoDirector 11, ColorDirector 8, AudioDirector 10, unlimited access to CyberLink premium plug-ins, effects and content packs such as exclusive AI Style Packs and 100GB CyberLink Cloud storage.

PowerDirector 365 Subscription

  • 1 month: $19.99, 12 months: $69.99
  • Includes PowerDirector 18 and unlimited access to CyberLink premium plug-ins, effects and content packs including AI Style Packs and 50GB CyberLink Cloud storage.

PhotoDirector 365 Subscription

  • 1 month: $14.99, 12 months: $54.99
  • Includes PhotoDirector 11 and unlimited access to CyberLink premium photo effects, including AI Style Packs and 50GB CyberLink Cloud storage.

Perpetual License

  • PowerDirector 18 Ultimate ($129.99)
  • PowerDirector 18 Ultra ($99.99)
  • PhotoDirector 11 Ultra ($99.99)
  • ColorDirector 8 ($129.99)
  • AudioDirector 10 ($129.99)
  • PowerDirector 18 Ultra & PhotoDirector 11 Ultra ($139.99)

The above products are available at the CyberLink online store and in selected retail outlets worldwide in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese and Korean.

Cyberlink Powerdirector 18 Ultra And Photodirector 11 Ultra Duo (64-bit)

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