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  1. Cryogenic Helium Hose
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  • While liquid nitrogen typically exists within the range of approximately 77.2 K (–320F), liquid helium exists within the range of approximately 5.2K (-450 F). By utilizing liquid helium as a cryogen, we are able to reach much lower temperatures than most other cryogenic laboratories or processors. Unique Characteristics of Liquid Helium.
  • In the field of cryogenics, helium He is utilized for a variety of reasons. The combination of helium’s extremely low molecular weight and weak interatomic reactions yield interesting properties when helium is cooled below its critical temperature of 5.2 K to form a liquid.
  • Parts, service and consultation to helium cryogenic operations. Custom control systems and programming, mechanical upgrades and repairs. CryoVac low temperature technologies Custom. Fully customizable wet or dry systems in the temperature range 300 mK to 800 K, with the ability to include superconducting magnets. Cryogenic accessories, transfer.
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  • Industrial producers requiring high-pressure hydrogen for chemical, refinery, and bioenergy manufacturing can now reduce costs and improve onstream time by using Air Products’ Cryogenic Hydrogen or Helium Compressor (CHC) system. The proprietary technology is a liquid hydrogen supply system that provides complete operating flexibility for hydrogen flow rates up to 120,000 scfh under. Cryogenic Purification - Helium & Hydrogen. Natural Gas Liquefaction. Helium Recycling. Nitrogen Liquefaction & Reliquefaction. Warm Gas Purification. Vacuum Insulated Piping & Distribution. Cold Gas Compression. Monomer Recovery. The skills set of Cryo Technologies' staff is second to none in the industry. Our people possess.

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