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Candidate Login. Crossover does require work from home. For many, this is a good thing and, for me, helped productivity. The salary is good, but depending upon your country's tax. Fans have long wondered why exactly a Freddy vs. Ash movie never happened, so it's no surprise that during a recent Reddit AMA session, Bruce Campbell was asked about that very subject. Here's what the current Ash vs Evil Dead star had to say: 'I’ll be honest with you. I’m not real interested in crossovers.

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Crossover For Work Reddit

Crossover—also referred to as Crossover for Work—is a human resources company that connects global talent with businesses all over the world. Crossover offers end-to-end business solutions focused on remote team management—a business model employed and advocated for by the company itself. Its mission is to reformulate the way people work, which should not be determined by geography, but by talent and aptitude. In doing so, Crossover aims to alter society in positive and profound ways.

Businesses consult Crossover for solutions related to software development, mobile applications, product improvement, information technology, remote work, and staffing. Job seekers rely on Crossover to unite them with employers offering full-time, long-term, flexible work, which is the only type of position filled by the company, believing that the world's greatest talent isn't seeking short-term or part-time contracts but meaningful and rewarding careers. Job applicants are tested extensively to distinguish elite talent.

Founded by seasoned entrepreneur and CEO Andy Tryba, Crossover is headquartered in Austin, Texas, but remains a fully remote team of employees that work from more than 100 countries spanning the globe. As an employer, Crossover considers remote work 'the core of the company,' holding firm to the belief that 'the best talent has no zip code.' Remote workers benefit from fewer distractions, greater productivity, and can more easily 'hit their stride if they're comfortable and happy.' In the past, Crossover jobs have featured 100% telecommuting flexibility for candidates based anywhere in the United States and in various countries, such as Turkey, Russia, Romania, and Poland. Check out Crossover's profile to learn more!

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Ive got a SOHO network with everything running into a linksys router, and it works great. But I transfer a lot of big files back and forth between two specific computers, and I want to speed up transfers a bit. One computer has dual gigabit nics on a pci-e interface. the other one has a 10/100 built in and a pci-x gigabit card plugged into a regular pci slot. I made a crossover plugged it up and ran some speed tests. the 100 link through the router got about 8 mb a sec and the 1000 link did about 16 mb a sec. but every time I try to transfer a file the computer sends it over the the 100 connection. I tried bridgeing the connections but the transfer speed went down to about 13 mb a sec. Is there a better way to set this up? also what is limiting my transfer speed? My guess is the pci-x card being forced down to pci speeds but im not sure.