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Cosmos Laundromat DVD Box $ 39.00 $ 14.50 Get everything from the 12 minutes Pilot of Cosmos Laundromat, the exciting open movie project from Blender Foundation! The annual Animayo festival in Tenerife awarded Cosmos Laundromat with two awards. We won the “Gran Premio del Jurado” and the “Mejor cortometraje 3D”. It is also the first time we win a festival with a real prize, 3000 euro!

Ton just posted an update on the plans for the planned second episode of Cosmos Laundromat. This 'reboot' was supposed to be the next part in an even longer series, but this requires strong stories and ties between them. Developing such a script proved to be too big and complex task for this moment, and the episode was canceled. Cosmos Laundromat by Esther Wouda. Publication date 2015-08-10 Topics Cosmos Laundromat, blender institute, cgi, animation Language English. On a desolate island.

Directed by Mathieu Auvray. With Pierre Bokma, Reinout Scholten van Aschat. On a desolate island, suicidal sheep Franck meets his fate in a quirky salesman, who offers him the gift of a lifetime. Little does he know that he can only handle this much 'lifetime'.

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Cosmos Laundromat Full Movie

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“On a desolate island, a suicidal sheep named Franck meets his fate… in the form of a quirky salesman named Victor, who offers him the gift of a lifetime. The gift is many lifetimes, actually, in many different worlds – each lasting just a few minutes. In the sequel to the pilot, Franck will find a new reason to live.”

Grace, what is it? How do you find it? What does it mean? The origins of the word come from latin, “gratis” meaning pleasing or thankful. But this word has come to mean so much more to religious believers that use it to describe a state of sanctification through divine assistance, or simply a virtue that can be bestowed upon one who believes in God. But I must ask, what do those people do who don’t believe in divine assistance? Or a high authority in human spirituality? They just don’t have the chance to find grace? In many case’s, it seems that they get lost or off track in their life journey. They fill the emptyness by continually searching for meaning in work, marriage, relationships, and sometimes… searching through the use of alcohol, drugs, or other means of self harm and destruction. This is something I have experienced and come to understand in my own life journey.

This film is powerful. It touches on a subject in our society that is difficult to understand. It gives perspective on what its like to live with depression and how it can manifest to suicidal thoughts and acts.

Cosmos LaundromatCosmos Laundromat

My version of the score is meant to be powerful and spiritual. Being a former Catholic, I couldn’t help myself but use the plagal cadence throughout. It is a simple concept in music theory that the music moves from the (sub dominant) IV to the (tonic) I. But it has a different name as well, sometimes referred to as the “Amen Cadence”. Think of the last time you sang a hymn and the congregation all together sang “Amen” at the end, and that is what a plagal cadence sounds like.

Cosmos Laundromat Short Film

Using this cadence, I evokes a sense of spirituality in the score. Although hide it well in the textures and note durations. I hope you enjoy my version of the film score and be sure to find the full version of this film with the original music on

To watch my version click here: Cosmos Laundromat