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I have a project kicking around in my head and it involves using a longitudinal mid-engine setup like you'd see in a GT40 replica or the Factory 5 GTM.

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I plan on using a GM LS based V8 (L33 5.3 is at the top of my wishlist currently). With a few bolt ons, that engine is capable of 400 reliable horsepower.

Type I Pro Touring is the traditional front-mounted engine with a normal transmission, driveshaft, and rear axle orientation. Type II is still Pro Touring but employs the C5/C6 Corvette torque tube. Mid Mounted Engine – Modified Corvette Automatic Transaxle (A Modified Corvette or Camaro 6-Speed Trans May Also be an Option) To be classified as a Center-Grav or C-G Touring vehicle: It may be a car, truck or van manufactured in any year.

My question to the vast knowledge of the GRM collective is: Which transaxle should I use? Horsepower/torque capability, overall length, and shifter type/layout are the main criteria. The weight of the vehicle in my head will be about 2200lbs.

Since I want to keep this as grassroots as possible, I don't want to hear about ZFs from Panteras, Hewland FT/LD200s, or any other hyper exotic transaxles (unless you have one taking up space that you would give away ).

Here's a short list of what I have dug up so far:

VW/Audi 016, 01E, 01M.Pros: Kennedy already makes adapters and there is a company that makes cable shifters for most of them. Relatively inexpensive and plentiful.Cons: Questionable durability depending on who you ask. Some of the GT40 guys break them at track days (I don't know at what horsepower level though).

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Porsche 915, 930, G50.915 is not known for its durability, but the side shift 915 out of a 914 might be interesting. 930 is only a 4 speed, but it is the shortest from bell housing to tail. The early ones also have the shortest distance from the face of the bell housing to the center line of the drive axle output flanges. I know very little about the G50. Factory 5 does recommend it for the GTM. Although it can be done, these transaxles are kind of expensive to convert to side shift. These transaxles aren't exactly cheap period.

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What say you wise ones?