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I'm having a problem with Codemirror where the live preview mode is not working for Markdown. I'm basically just trying to achieve the same effect as on SO. As it stands the live preview works for HTML but not Markdown. I've followed several of the demos and tried a few things with no luck and I'm here as a last resort. Here is the relevant code.

  • Optionally depends on the XML mode for properly highlighted inline XML. MIME types defined: text/x-markdown. Parsing/Highlighting Tests: normal, verbose.
  • I have a CodeMirror instance where i do not load all the possible modes upfront, i would like to load them dynamically for the languages that are used in the fenced code blocks in markdown.


Can CodeMirror in Markdown mode be told to show line breaks? Example: Here follows a Markdown line with 2 trailing spaces, which means 'I want a newline here'. And then another line with no trailing. By Tzahi Vidas Here’s how I created a markdown app with Electron and ReactThis article is a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a basic markdown application using Electron and React.

This extension has been deprecated due to lack of support from the original developer.

CodeMirror is a versatile text editor implemented in JavaScript for the browser. It isspecialized for editing code, and comes with a number of language modes and addons that implement more advanced editingfunctionality.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

To understand how to use extensions, you should read this article on Using Extensions.To shortcut the process, you can use the Redux Build site. Please be aware that a workingknowledge of PHP and CSS is required to properly use this extension. Should you not be familiar with one or the other(or both), please refer to the following guides to get you started:Getting Started with PHP,CSS Introduction.

# Features

  • Support for over 60 languages out of the box
  • A powerful, composable language mode system
  • Autocompletion (XML)
  • Code folding
  • Configurable keybindings
  • Vim and Emacs bindings
  • Search and replace interface
  • Bracket and tag matching
  • Support for split views
  • Linter integration
  • Mixing font sizes and styles
  • Various themes
  • Able to resize to fit content
  • Inline and block widgets
  • Programmable gutters
  • Making ranges of text styled, read-only, or atomic
  • Bi-directional text support

Many other methods and addons...

# Browser support

The desktop versions of the following browsers, in standards mode (HTML5 recommended) are supported:

  • Firefox version 3 and up
  • Chrome any version
  • Safari version 5.2 and up
  • Internet Explorer version 8 and up
  • Opera version 9 and up

Modern mobile browsers tend to partly work as the official Codemirror documentation says.

# Basic Usage

The basic Codemirror Editor for Redux Framework is added like the other fields with these parameters:

# Arguments

typestringcodemirrorValue identifying the field type.
idstringUnique ID identifying the field. Must be different from all other field IDs.
titlestringDisplay title of the option.
subtitlestringSubtitle display of the option, situated beneath the title.
descstringDescription of the option, appearing beneath the field control.
placeholderstringField descriptor, displayed inside of the field when no data is set.
compilerbooleanFlag to set the compiler hook, or array of CSS selectors which passes dynamic CSS to the compiler hook.
editor_optionsarraySets codemirror options like field mode, theme, addons, lint, autocomplete, complete on demand (Ctrl+Space).

Also See

# Codemirror Editor Options

modearrayMode(s) of the editor like CSS, Javascript, CoffeeScript, Markdown etc. For avaliable modes, see Language Modes section.
addonarrayDefines the editor’s addon(s) like search box implementation, selection marking, rulers etc. For available addons, refer to Add-ons section.
themestringdefaultSets the theme of the editor. See Themes below.
lintbooleanfalseEnables on-the-fly code lint checks like jshint, csslint etc. Not available for mixed modes like htmlmixed.
hintbooleanfalseEnables autocomplete feature. If autohint is set to false, this feature triggers on Ctrl + Space key combination. If not, it shows the autocomplete box as you type.
autohintbooleanfalseEnables showing the autocomplete box as you type.
lineNumbersbooleantrueEnables the line number gutter display.
Javascript codemirror markdownMarkdown

Codemirror 6 Markdown

# Language Modes

This is a list of every mode in the distribution. Each mode lives in a subdirectory of the mode/ directory, andtypically defines a single JavaScript file that implements the mode. Loading such file will make the language availableto CodeMirror, through the mode option. This extension has the autoloading feature of those files, which searches fordefined mode directory and autoloads neccessary files.

Codemirror markdown manager
APL (mode:apl)Asterisk dialplan (mode:asterisk)C, C++, C# (mode:clike)Clojure (mode:clojure)
COBOL (mode:cobol)CoffeeScript (mode:coffeescript)Common Lisp (mode:commonlisp)CSS (mode:css)
Cython (mode:phyton)D (mode:d)diff (mode:diff)DTD (mode:dtd)
ECL (mode:ecl)Eiffel (mode:eiffel)Erlang (mode:erlang)Fortran (mode:fortran)
F# (mode:mllike)Gas (AT&T-style assembly) (mode:gas)Gherkin (mode:gherkin)Go (mode:go)
Groovy (mode:groovy)HAML (mode:haml)Haskell (mode:haskell)Haxe (mode:haxe)
HTTP (mode:http)Java (mode:clike)Jade (mode:jade)JavaScript (mode:javascript)
Jinja2 (mode:jinja2)Julia (mode:julia)LESS (mode:less)LiveScript (mode:livescript)
Markdown (GitHub-flavour) (mode:markdown)mIRC (mode:mirc)Nginx (mode:nginx)NTriples (mode:ntriples)
OCaml (mode:mllike)Octave (MATLAB) (mode:octave)Pascal (mode:pascal)PEG.js (mode:pegjs)
Perl (mode:perl)PHP (mode:php)Pig Latin (mode:pig)Properties files (mode:properties)
Puppet (mode:puppet)Python (mode:phyton)Q (mode:q)R (mode:r)
RPM spec and changelog (mode:rpm)reStructuredText (mode:rst)Ruby (mode:ruby)Rust (mode:rust)
Sass (mode:sass)Scala (mode:clike)Scheme (mode:scheme)SCSS (mode:css)
Shell (mode:shell)Sieve (mode:sieve)Smalltalk (mode:smalltalk)Smarty (mode:smarty)
Smarty/HTML mixed (mode:smartymixed)Solr (mode:solr)SQL (several dialects) (mode:sql)SPARQL (mode:sparql)
sTeX, LaTeX (mode:stex)Tcl (mode:tcl)Tiddlywiki (mode:tiddlywiki)Tiki wiki (mode:tiki)
TOML (mode:toml)Turtle (mode:turtle)VB.NET (mode:vb)VBScript (mode:vbscript)
Velocity (mode:velocity)Verilog (mode:verilog)XML/HTML (mode:xml)XQuery (mode:xquery)
YAML (mode:yaml)Z80 (mode:z80)

Codemirror Markdown Preview

# Themes

Codemirror markdown editor

Javascript Codemirror Markdown




















# Add-ons

activelineDisplays active line in different style. Demo page for this addon in Codemirror Official Site.
closebracketsAuto closes [],{},',' brackets inside the editor when typed. Demo page for this addon in Codemirror Official Site.
closetagAuto closes xml tags if the editor has an xml compatible mode like HTML. Demo page for this addon in Codemirror Official Site.
continuelistIf this add-on is active in the markdown mode, when user presses the Enter key while typing a markdown list, the editor automatically indents the new line to the markdown definition list’s left margin. Demo page for this addon in Codemirror Official Site.
foldcode-commentAdds folding feature to gutter for multiline comments.
foldcode-cssAdds folding feature to gutter for CSS brackets.
foldcode-htmlAdds folding feature to gutter for matched XML like tags.Demo page for this addon in Codemirror Official Site.
foldcode-indentAdds folding feature to gutter for the lines that have the same indent level.
foldcode-jsAdds folding feature to gutter curly brace matches in Javascript (and likes). Demo page for this addon in Codemirror Official Site.
foldcode-markdownAdds folding feature to gutter for markdown mode. Demo page for this addon in Codemirror Official Site.
fullscreenAdds a fullscreen feature which will switch to fullscreen when F11 key is pressed inside the editor. Demo page for this addon in Codemirror Official Site.
markselectionAdds a different styling to the selected text in the editor. Demo page for this addon in Codemirror Official Site.
matchbracketsHighlights the matching bracket couples mentioned in closebrackets addon when clicked on one of them inside the editor.
matchhighlightsHighlights the same words as which the user selects in the editor. Demo page for this addon in Codemirror Official Site.
matchtagsHighlights the same tags as the tag that user selected. Demo page for this addon in Codemirror Official Site.
placeholderif a placeholder property is defined in the field’s property list (outside editor_options array), this text will be shown in the editor as a placeholder text for the user. Demo page for this addon in Codemirror Official Site.
rulersDisplays an user-defined ruler on the editor. If you wonder how to define a ruler set, have a look at addons/display/default-ruler.js file, and feel free to modify that script to suit your needs. Also the styling resides in addons/display/default-rulers.css file. Demo page for this addon in Codemirror Official Site.
searchAdds a function to the key Ctrl+F to show a dialog for searching the editor content. Demo page for this addon in Codemirror Official Site.
trailingspaceStyles the trailing spaces with the style defined in addons/edit/trailingspace.css. Demo page for this addon in Codemirror Official Site.