Clutchless Manual Transmission

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If you want the purest driving experience possible, there isnothing better than having a car with a manualtransmission so that you can run through the gears at whatever rpm youdesire. Yes, it can be challenging driving a stick sometimes, especially whendriving through heavy traffic, but it’s hard to beat to the feeling of pushingthe clutch and rowing gear lever during a spirited drive. But what if you don’tknow how to drive stick and still want to row your own gears? Don’t worry, Hyundai has you covered.

The new Hyundai Intelligent Manual Transmission


The hardest part of learning how to drive a manualtransmission is having to start in first gear. We’ve all done it. You tryand try again, feathering the clutch ever so slightly each time to get theright grab point in the pedal travel while simultaneously inching up on the gaspedal trying to get the car going without over-revving or stalling. It’s atedious process, but when you finally get it down, it feels like you discoveredhow to make fire.

And just when you think you’ve mastered learning how to go forward in first gear and backward in reverse, then comes the (easier) process of having to shift into each gear smoothly, without watching your passenger’s heads jolt back and forth like they’re at a metal concert. However, with Hyundai’s new Intelligent Manual Transmission (IMT), the driver will no longer have to worry about the clutch-kicking shenanigans. There will only be two pedals to deal with, along with a proper shifting gear lever. But how does it work?

Whether you’re looking for a manual transmission as an OEM replacement part or looking to add a performance shifter to your speed machine, Summit Racing has all of the 2-, 4-, 5- and 6-speed manual trannys you need to keep charging to the front of the pack. Jerico 4 Speed Split Case Drag Racing Transmission. Clutch Style or Clutchless Shifting Depending on Model. 4 Support Bearings on Mainshaft an Cluster. Split Case Design. Weighs 80 Pounds. Large Mainshaft with Caged Needle Bearings. Caged Needle Thrust Bearings between Mainshaft Gears. Caged Roller Bearings Standard in Tailhousing. Jerico 2 speed taken out of Late Model oval track car. Transmission has been gone through by Gforce. 26 spline input shaft 1st- 1.45 2nd- 1.1. The Hyundai Venue was a technological advancement for the Indian automobile industry when it was first launched. It ushered in the era of connected car techn.

Clutchless shifting is the practice of changing or shifting your gear without touching the left bar lever. Upshifting is very commonly done this way, but you can also do it while downshifting. Skilled drivers can perform a clutchless shift without hurting their transmission, but it does take a little bit of a learning curve to get there.

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It uses sensors and computers to do the shifting

Since there’s noclutch pedal to disengage the transmission when shifting, the car’s TransmissionControl Unit (TCU) does a lot of the work. In order to tell when you’reshifting, the Lever Intention Sensor (TGS) sends a signal to the TCU. Then theTCU then sends a signal to the hydraulic actuator that in turn sends pressure tothe Concentric Slave Cylinder in order to control the clutch and pressure plate.In the most technical of terms, that’s how the driver can change gears withoutthe use of the clutch pedal. The only part we wonder about is how quickly the driverwill be able to shift repeatedly without messing anything up over time.

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There’s one catch to all of this clutch-less shifting

We actually kind of like the idea of clutch-less shifting, since it actually makes up for half the fun, half of the stick-shifting sensation. However, Hyundai’s IMT will only be debuting in the latest Venue that being released in the Indian market. Sad news, we know. But the bright side is that there could be a possibility of the IMT eventually making its way stateside, considering one compelling reason is that this new transmission helps with gas mileage, much like a manual transmission. So let’s keep our fingers crossed that Hyundai releases the IMT here so that anyone that ever wanted to learn how to drive a manual transmission, without really learning how to drive it, can do so safely.

Do you know “clutchless manual transmission” ?

In fact , nowadays , there are many this model for Japanese big truck.

It has another name “Semi-automatic transmission”,”automated manual transmission”,”flappy-paddle gearbox” etc.

According to the Wikipedia ,


A semi-automatic transmission (SAT) (also known as a clutchless manual transmission, automated manual transmission, flappy-paddle gearbox, or paddle-shift gearbox) is an automobile transmission that does not change gears automatically, but rather facilitates manual gear changes by dispensing with the need to press a clutch pedal at the same time as changing gears. It uses electronic sensors, pneumatics, processors and actuators to execute gear shifts on input from the driver or by a computer. This removes the need for a clutch pedal which the driver otherwise needs to depress before making a gear change, since the clutch itself is actuated by electronic equipment which can synchronise the timing and torque required to make quick, smooth gear shifts. The system was designed by automobile manufacturers to provide a better driving experience through fast overtaking maneuvers on highways. Some motorcycles also use a system with a conventional gearchange but without the need for manual clutch operation.


Sample photo :

So , it’s good system for recently Japanese trucks.

And now , Japanese used truck which has this type are very very low price.

5 Speed Clutchless Manual Transmission

So you have a chance that you can get Japanese used trucks more lower prices !

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Clutchless Manual Transmission Cars

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