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This is referred to as internal storage. The rest is called 'Phone storage' in Android. You can have a look at what's eating your internal storage using the tool DiskUsage from the play store. Usually it's all the apps. The properly developed ones will give the the option to move data files from the internal storage to the phone storage.

Clear Other Storage Android

For most iPhone users, “Other” storage is not familiar. However, it is one of the major causes why your iPhone is in shortage of storage. Don't worry, this article will introduce methods to clear them.

Make full use of SD card to save space. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ have a SD card slot to let users. Here Are 8 Ways To Free Up Storage Space on Android and Make it Fast Again. I was able to clear more than 1 GB of data in a matter of minutes. To me, that’s a lot. Or any other file type.

Q1: What is “Other” storage on my iPhone?

Lots of people even don’t understand what “Other” is. Simply put, “Other” storage simply includes everything that doesn’t fit into pre-existing categories. This includes browser cache, cached email messages & attachments, iTunes backups, notes, voice memos, call history, etc.

To make it clear, see picture below, the app size is 30.8MB, however, the documents & Data is 135MB. This 135 MB is what goes into your “Other” data.

Q2: How can I check the “Other” storage on my iPhone?

You can connect your iPhone to one PC or Mac, then open the iTunes app. Next, click the “Summary” option, you will see the Storage section. Move the mouse pointer on the yellow part and then you will find out how much space is consumed by “Other” storage on your iPhone.

Q3: How do I get rid of “Other” storage on my iPhone?

There are a few options on how to clear “Other” on iPhone 7. You can clear “Other” data on iPhone 7 manually, or use tools to help you do it quickly and efficiently.

  • Part 1. 2 Fast Ways to Clear “Other” Data on iPhone
  • Part 2. Most Effective Way to Clear “Other” on Your iPhone
  • Part 3. 2 Extra Tricks to Reduce “Other” Storage on iPhone

2 Fast Ways to Clear “Other” Data on iPhone

There are a few options on how to clear “Other” on iPhone. You can clear “Other” data on iPhone manually, or use tools to help you do it quickly and efficiently.

To do it maunually, you can reset your iPhone or uninstall and reinstall all the apps one by one to erase 'other' data.

1. Backup and reset your iPhone

The way to erase all caches and temporary files is to backup your iPhone 7 to your PC, Mac or iCloud account and wipe your iPhone. This will guarantee all temporary files and caches are deleted. After wiping your iPhone 7 you can restore the backup through iTunes to recover your contacts, songs, pictures and apps.

Plug your iPhone to your computer, open it through iTunes and hit Back Up Now and wait until your iPhone 7 syncs. Then, on your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content. Once the iPhone is wiped, plug it back into your computer, open it via iTunes and hit “Restore Backup”. Make sure you choose the right backup data and click restore.

2. Reinstalling your apps to clean App Cache

If you go to Settings > General > Usage, and click on each app, you will see the size of the app itself and the size of Documents & Data. If your Documents & Data section is much bigger than your app, you can delete the app and reinstall it. This should remove the temporary files created by the app and clear some memory space.

Most Effective Way to Clear “Other” on Your iPhone

Designed to specifically take care of these junk files and temporary files, iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac is one of the most efficient tools to clear 'other' space on iPhone.

Key Features of iMyFone iPhone Eraser

Key Features:

  • Clean 30+ types of junk files with a click
  • Clear temporary files to release huge space
  • Photo manager - Exporting & Compressing losslessly & mass deleting photos
  • Export and delete large video & audio files
  • List all apps by size to select & delete them
  • Erase previously deleted files to completely clean them

The biggest benefit of using iMyFone Umate is that it removes unnecessary files safely and efficiently. Manually clearing “Other” can be risky if you are not sure what you are doing. But iMyFone Umate offers a safe, fast and reliable way to remove temporary files. It will guarantee the “Other” section is not taking up so huge amount of space on your iOS device, including iOS 14 devices.

3 Steps to Clear Other Data from iPhone

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iMyFone Umate Pro.

Step 2. Hit “Quick Scan” button and when it finishes, it will show you how much storage can be cleaned on your iPhone.

Step 3. Tab “Clean” beside “Junk Files” to start the cleaning process. When it finishes, you can turn to 'Temporary Files' and click on 'Clean'.

Note: To completely clear up 'other' data from iPhone, it's also suggested to permanently erase all your previously deleted data using iMyFone Umate Pro via 'Erase Deleted Data' tab.

2 Extra Tricks to Reduce “Other” Storage on iPhone

Samsung Other Files

If you do not want reset your iPhone, you can always clear “Other” data on iPhone manually by erasing voicemails, browser caches and browser history (Safari and Chrome)etc.

1. Erasing Voicemail

Deleting voicemails on iPhone is a bit tricky. Voicemails are stored on your iPhone’s memory, and while swiping a voicemail and hitting “delete voicemail” seems to do the trick it actually doesn’t. That simply puts the voicemail in the “deleted voicemail” list. If you go to the “deleted voicemail” list you can hit the “clear all” button to erase all of them at once.

If the button is grayed out, it may be because the list is too big, or because your iPhone is having a processing glitch. If that’s the case you need to swipe them one by one and hit delete voicemail.

2. Clearing caches and browser history

Clear Other Storage Android

Chrome and Safari are the two most popular browsers used on iPhone. You can erase the caches and history in Safari by going to Settings > Safari > Clear Cookies and Data/Clear History and Website Data depending on your iOS 14.

You will need to scroll to the bottom to find Clear Cookies and Data/Clear History and Website Data and confirm it by clicking the pop-up box. In Chrome you will have to open the app, hit the Google Menu Button on the right hand side (looks like a stack of three dashes, then go to Settings > Privacy > Clear Cache.

By reading the above solutions, we can see that manual operation could be a hassle. So sometime, we need a tool, meaning a third-party iPhone cleaning software, to clear “Other” space on iPhone.

Well, I guess you have a basic understanding about how to delete other storage on your iPhone now. And any comment about the article will be greatly appreciated.

No matter how large your internal storage is, you cannot install unlimited applications and store large amounts of files all the time. In another word, your Android phone storage will be full sooner or later. When there is no enough storage space, and you need to update your Android or install one important application, what will you do? And what if you want to sell or donate your personal smart phone to someone else? Can you protect your private information effectively?

Therefore, you had better clear phone storage regularly no matter the phone storage is full or not. Though you can move certain files and apps to microSD card or other external hard drives, it is still important to clear memory Android to maintain the normal operating space. Fortunately, this article collects some useful and easy-to-operate solutions. As a result, you are able to free up storage and memory space with ease.

Part 1: How to Clear Phone Storage

You can try the traditional way to clear phone storage space on Android by deleting useless files. And it is also supported to install an Android cleaner app to save your overstuffed mobile. Moreover, this article also shows how to get more space on your phone without deleting anything. You can read and choose the certain solution to free up space on Android.

Delete Your Downloads

To download more apps and media files, or clear system memory, you can delete some less important files manually. If you are not sure whether you will use those files in the further or not, you can backup Android files to cloud storage space in advance.

Step 1. Locate your download folder

Every Android phone has its own download folder. All your downloaded photos, videos, documents and other files will be stored in the local downloads folder. In some Android models, this folder may be called as 'My Files' as well.

Step 2. Clear internal phone storage on Android

Turn to your download history and find files you want to delete. Just long press one file to select it. Later, click 'Remove' or other trashcan icon to delete downloads when internal storage Android full.

Clear the Cache

Furthermore, you need to clear cached data on your Android phone regularly. And you will not lose any sensitive or important Android data. In most cases, cleaning app cache is the first decision you can make.

Method 1: Clear cached data from an Android app.
Open 'Settings' app. Choose 'Applications' and scroll down to click 'Application Manager'. Later, you can find the target application. When you are in the Application info page, click 'Storage' and then choose 'Clear Cache' to clear the cache on Android.

Method 2: Clear all cached data on Android
Go to 'Settings' and click 'Storage' under its list. Find and click 'Cached data'. When you are prompted with 'This will clear cached data for all apps.', choose 'OK' to confirm. After that, you can clear phone memory Android successfully.

Take Advantage of Google Photos

Actually, Google Photos app is a good cloud storage tool that allows users to backup unlimited photos over the air. Thus, you can move all pictures from Android to Google Photos to free up more space on Android.

Step 1. Turn on Google Photos backup feature

Run Google Photos app on your Android phone. Make sure you have turned on 'Back up & sync' feature under 'Settings' already.

Step 2. Backup Android photos to Google Photos

You can set whether to backup Android photos at high quality resolution or original size. Well, Google Photos only offers unlimited storage space for high quality photos at present.

Step 3. Clear phone storage space on Android

Then go back to Settings app and choose 'Free up device storage'. Click 'Remove' to delete Android pictures that have been backed up.

Move APPs to the Trash

Android device storage other

If you have not used the certain application for a long time, and you are sure that you have no interest to use this app any more, then why don't you move it to the trash?

Step 1. Access all Android apps

Navigate 'Settings' app. Head to 'Storage' and click 'Apps'. Later, you can see all installed apps sorted by size.

Step 2. Clear phone storage on Android by deleting apps

Hold and press the app you do not use. then click the 'i' icon besides your app's name. Choose 'Uninstall' and confirm your change.

APP to Clear Phone Storage

By free installing Files Go from Google Play Store, you can visualize the left storage space exactly. And it is easy to clear phone storage on Android by deleting temporary files, downloads and other files easily.

Step 1. See all your Android files organized by Files Go

Launch Files Go and grant storage permissions and app access. Then you can monitor the storage usage including unused apps, duplicate files, temporary files, etc.

Step 2. Clear phone storage Android

Clear Other Storage Android Iphone

Choose the certain category and select items you want to delete. Later, click 'Delete' to clean up your Android, or choose 'Clear' to uninstall apps and free up Android phone storage space.

Part 2: How to Get More Space on Your Phone without Deleting Anything

Android Data Backup & Restore is your best friend, which can backup and restore any Android data to Windows or Mac PC in one click. Thus, you can backup data to your computer to clear phone storage space on Android. It is quite easy to achieve, and no Android data will be overwritten.

  • One click to backup and restore data from Android to Windows or Mac PC.
  • Preview and select any data to restore to your Android without data loss.
  • Set up password to encrypt your Android backup files.
  • Work with over 5,000 Android portable devices including Samsung, Sony, LG, etc.
Download for WinDownload for Mac

Step 1. Connect Android to PC

Launch Android Data Backup & Restore. Then use a lighting USB cable to connect your Android phone or tablet to your computer. Click 'One-click Backup' to backup all Android files to PC. Otherwise, you can click 'Device Data Backup' to backup certain Android file types without overwriting.

Step 2. Select data type to backup (optional)

If you want to backup Android data to your computer selectively, then you can select the data type in the popping up window.

Step 3. Backup data from Android to PC

Then choose 'Start' to backup Android data to PC immediately. And you can have a check when the backup is over.

Clean Other Storage Android

After that, you can clear phone storage by deleting all Android files. If you accidentally deleted important files, just use this software as the backup extractor or to get deleted data back.

Clear Other Storage Android App

Well, it is also a good way that can increase internal storage Android in some degree. In addition, even though your Android device is broken or crashed, you can still access all important documents and medias files directly.