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Kemudian pada bagian Device Care kalian pilih Memory. Setelah itu kalian bersihkan cache memori RAM, dan juga data cache dengan memilih tombol Clean now. Note: Bagi kalian pengguna HP Samsung Android yang versi OSnya masih Android 9.0 Pie, kalian bisa memilih Storage lalu pilih Clean Now. Clear Cache pada Tiap Aplikasi. Clear Cache, Cookies and History on Samsung Galaxy Tab Edited by Melsan, Lynn, Rebecca M., jonesd5 and 11 others 6 Parts: Instructions Delete cookies and cache on Google Chrome browser Delete cache and cookies on a latest Samsung Tab Why clear the cache and cookies in the browser Questions and Answers Comments. This will display the memory occupied by the app. Step 5: Clear the cache data Now, tap on the “Clear cache” option in the screen. Doing so will delete all the Cached data corresponding to the selected app. To clear app data, just tap on “Clear data” option. There you go, the cache has been cleared to clear app data on your device. Swipe and tap on the app you want to clear. Tap Storage, and then touch Clear cache. Clear app data on your Galaxy M21. Important: Data clearing will reset the app to the default options in the factory. It will delete any private data stored on the application. Yeah, you’ve read the valuable text. Clearing the cache is not especially dangerous. Clearing the app cache is kind of like a cleanse for your apps. It will get rid of residual files that could be slowing down the app. From Settings, swipe to and tap Apps. Select the app you want to clear. Tap Storage, and then tap Clear cache.

Apps and web browser create cache files to speed up experience while using them. However over the time, it may become huge and it may contain files you don’t really need. The corrupted or overloaded cache files may cause performance issues. If you clear cache on Galaxy A51 periodically, you can eliminate performance issues raising due to cache files. In this post, let us explore how to clear cache on Samsung Galaxy A51.

Removing the temporary cache files in Galaxy A51 may free up some storage space as well. There is no need to format cache constantly. However, periodically wiping cache partition may improve your smartphone performance.

How to Wipe cache partition on Samsung Galaxy A51


Formatting cache partition will remove all the cache files of Galaxy A51. To wipe cache partition in Galaxy A51, follow the steps given below.

  • First power off your device. You can read more on this in my previous post how to power off Galaxy A51.
  • Now press and hold Volume Up and power keys simultaneously till you find Samsung logo.
  • Now release the keys.
  • You will be redirected to recovery mode.
  • Choose wipe cache partition using the volume keys. Use power key to select.
  • Give your consent once again to clear the cache partition.
  • Now select Reboot system now with power key.

Samsung Galaxy A51 will restart and the cache partition is formatted.

How to clear cache on Samsung Galaxy A51 for individual apps


If you want to clear temporary cache of individual apps, then

  • Go to Settings->Apps.
  • Select the app you want to clear cache by tapping on it.
  • Then go to Storage.
  • On this page, tap Clear cache.

This concludes guide on how to clear cache on Samsung Galaxy A51.


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Video Guide on how to wipe Cache Partition in Galaxy A51

Knowing how to clear the cache partition on Galaxy Tab A can be helpful in particular situations. This procedure is one of the basic troubleshooting steps in Samsung Galaxy devices. This is often used to fix slow performance problems, issues following an update, or even just to minimize the chance of bugs from developing. Android keeps a set of files, photos, videos, documents, ads, etc. called system in order to load apps quickly. If this cache gets outdated or corrupted, problems may occur. What you want to do in this case is to clear the cache partition where the system cache is stored. This brief tutorial should help you with the steps to clear the cache partition on your tablet.


How to clear cache partition on Galaxy Tab A steps to refresh system cache

If you encounter an issue on your Galaxy Tab A after installing an update or if the device appears to lag, unresponsive, or sluggish, bad system cache may be to blame. To fix the issue, you can wipe the cache partition to force the system to rebuild the cache. This procedure won’t delete any of your personal data such as photos, videos, documents, texts, etc. so it can be done safely.

To clear the cache partition:

Clear Cache Memory Samsung S5

  1. Turn off the device. This is important. If you can’t turn it off, you’ll never be able to boot to Recovery Mode. If you are not able to shut the device off regularly via the Power button, wait until the phone’s battery is drained. Then, charge the phone for 30 minutes before booting to Recovery Mode.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up button and the Power button at the same time for 5 seconds.
  3. Release the Power and Volume Up buttons.
  4. The Recovery screen menu will now appear.
  5. Use the Volume Down button until you are highlighting ‘Wipe cache partition.’
  6. Press the Power button to select ‘Wipe cache partition.’
  7. Use Volume Down to highlight Yes.
  8. Press the Power button to go ahead with clearing of cache partition.
  9. After clearing the cache partition, press the Power button again for Reboot system now.
  10. That’s it!

Clear Cache Memory On Samsung Duos


How To Clear Cache Memory In Samsung S7 Edge

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