Clear All Memory

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Rm (list = ls (all.names = TRUE)) #will clear all objects includes hidden objects. Gc #free up memrory and report the memory usage. Kindly refer to What is the difference between gc and rm. 1 Like giuseppa.cefalu November 24, 2020, 9:50pm #10. When I create the notebook,it will be made mess by me sometimes.If I use Remove to remove those variables,the memory cannot release still.So I have to close this mess notebook and restart the MMA to create another new notebook.I want to find way by programal method to avoid restarting the MMA,which can remove all of the variable and can release the memory. The options like 'Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, History, Form Data, and Passwords' have a Delete option in front of each option. Each option has its specific task. Although, if one wants to clear the whole computer memory one has to click on the 'Delete All' button at the bottom of the window.

name1 ... nameNNames of variables, scripts, functions, or MEX functions to clear
character vectorsstring scalars

Names of variables, scripts, functions, or MEX functions to clear, specified as one or more character vectors or string scalars.

If name is a:

The package also has a ClearInOut function which will clear the previous input and outputs stored in the In and Out symbols (useful in case you are running out of memory and forgot to set $HistoryLength = 0 at the beginning). That said, I recommend Quit (or Exit ) for the safest (and complete) kernel reset.

  • Function, then clear reinitializes any persistent variables in the function. Specifying a local or nested function is not supported.

  • Script or function that is currently executing or a function locked by mlock, then clear does not remove it.

  • Global variable, then clear removes it from the current workspace, but it remains in the global workspace. To remove a global variable from all workspaces, use clear globalvariable.

Use a partial path to distinguish between different overloaded versions of a function. For example, clear polynom/display clears only the display method for polynom objects, leaving any other implementations in memory.

expr1 ... exprNRegular expressions matching names of variables to clear
character vectorsstring scalars

Regular expressions matching names of variables to clear, specified as one or more character vectors or string scalars.

Clear All Memory Python

ItemTypeType of items to clear

Type of items to clear, specified as one of the following.

Clear All Memory On Pc

Value of ItemTypeItemsClearedNotes
Variables in scopeScripts and functionsClass definitionsPersistent variablesMEX functionsGlobal variablesImportlistJava classes on the dynamic path


From command prompt only

Calling clear all decreases code performance,and is usually unnecessary. For more information, see the Tips section.


Calling clear classes decreases codeperformance, and is usually unnecessary. For more information, seethe Tips section.

Toinstantiate an object with an updated class definition, it is notnecessary to call clear classes. When youmodify a class definition, MATLAB® updates it automatically. Formore information, see Automatic Updates for Modified Classes.

clearclasses issues a warning and does not clear a class of objectsif any of those objects still exists after the workspace is cleared.For example, objects can still exist in persistent variables of functionsor figure windows.

clear classes doesnot clear a class if its file is locked using the mlock command.No warning is issued in this case.


Calling clear functions decreasescode performance, and is usually unnecessary. For more information,see the Tips section.


clear global removes all global variables in the current and global workspaces. For example, when called from a function, clear global removes all global variables in the function and global workspaces, but not in the base workspace.


Call clear import only from the commandprompt. Calling clear import in a function or ascript returns an error.


clear java issues a warning and doesnot remove the Java class definition if any of its Java objects existoutside the workspace (for example, in user data or persistent variablesin a locked code file).

Issue a clear java commandafter modifying any files on the dynamic Java path.


clear mex does not clear locked MEXfunctions or functions that are currently in use.



Clear All Memory

Clear all memory

How To Clear Memory Cache

If the name of a variable is a value of ItemType,then calling clear followed by that name deletesthe variable with that name. clear does not interpretthe name as a keyword in this context. For example, if the workspacecontains variables a, all, b,and ball, clear all removesthe variable all only.