Cleaning Ipad Storage

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Options to Clean up iPad Storage Temp/Junk Files Clear: Accumulated caches, crash logs and temp files not merely take up huge storage, but also slow down your iPad. IMyFone Umate Pro is able to clear them in just one-click, And this function is Totally Free! Complete these simple steps to clear iPad storage with this iPad cleaner: Launch the iOS cleaner on your iPad. Go to the “Biggest” section. Swipe the files and preview them. So, I’m trying desperately to clear out a few GB of space on my 16GB iPad, and about 75% of my storage space is being used up by “other”. I searched around the internet and the consensus seemed to be that the best way to clear the iPad of unwanted junk after clearing the Safari cache, etc. Was to erase all content and settings and reset it completely after backing it up to iCloud, so. If your iPad is running out of storage, there are a few methods you could use to clear space. Here are four ways to free up storage space on an iPad.

A few easy tips to clean your iOS device from unused apps and better manage the storage space.

One of the reasons your iPad or iPhone gets slower and slower over time is that there is less and less space left on it.

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Remember? When you buy the new iPad or iPhone, you spend the first few months playing with the apps. You were testing how your favorite apps perform on the new device or trying new apps.

It’s been a year or more since you were intensively exploring your new iPad, and some of these apps were not opened since then.

It’s a good habit to clean the iPad or iPhone from unused apps or poor photos. In this simple guide, you will quickly learn how to refresh your device without too much effort.

How to manage storage on the iPad and iPhone

The first thing you can do is check out how much space is left on your iPad – how much is taken by apps, and how much by photos and videos.

You can quickly check out how much space is left by going to Settings app, and then selecting “iPad Storage” (“iPhone Storage”).

Too much space is taken by the apps you don’t use? Too many videos shot, and your iPhone can barely open an app? It’s time to make some space.

1. Delete some apps

You most probably know how to do it, so here is just a quick recap.

To delete the iOS app, go the Home screen on your iPad or iPhone:

  1. Tap and hold the app’s icon gently until it starts to jiggle.
  2. Tap the small “Close” icon in the top left corner of the app.
  3. Press Home button to close app management mode.

Cleaning Up An Ipad Storage

2. Offload some apps

Offloading the app is a great way to free up space, and you should use it (rather than deleting the app completely) if you think you will use the app some time soon.

The best thing is that after you offload the app, it remains on the Home screen. There is a small cloud icon next to the app’s name.

When you want the app back, simply tap its icon and the download will start immediately. There is no need to go to the App Store, find the app and download it as new.

The app will open with the exactly the same settings as before. There is no need to customize it or sign in again.

How to offload an iOS app on your iPad or iPhone?

  1. Open Settings app, then tap “General,” then “iPhone Storage.”
  2. Scroll down – you will see a list of apps, together with space they take. Tap the app you want to offload, and then tap “Offload App.”

3. Remove downloaded content from the apps

Removing or offloading some apps may not be the solution if you are using these apps daily.

What can we do, then? Let’s remove unused content directly from these apps.

Many apps, such as Apple Music, Netflix, Kindle, or Audible, let users download content for offline use.

The thing is that you don’t need your entire music on the iPhone if you are going to jog for 30 minutes – you just need music for 30 minutes. You don’t need all your Audible audiobooks on your iPad for a 6-hour flight with Air Mode on – you just need one or two audiobooks.

All you have to do is to manage in-app content more often and leave only the songs, movies, or books you are truly going to use in the next few days.

Each app has a different way to remove the downloaded content. For instance, in the Netflix app, you can remove all downloaded movies and tv shows in the Settings, or one by one in the Download tab.

In the Kindle app, you can do it right in the Library view by tapping and holding the book and selecting “Remove from Device” in the dialog box.

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4. Empty Camera Roll trash

Deleting a photo from Camera Roll doesn’t automatically free up disc space. The photos are still there – they are stored for the next 30 days in the Camera Roll trash.

There are two ways to empty Recently Deleted photos and videos.

First option

Ipad storage full
  1. Go to Settings app, tap “General,” then “iPhone Storage” (or “iPad Storage”).
  2. Tap “Empty” that’s next to “Recently Deleted Album.”

Second option

  1. Open Photos app, tap “Albums” on the bottom navigation bar, and scroll down to see “Recently Deleted.”
  2. Open the album, and tap “Select” in the top right corner. Then tap “Delete All” in the bottom left.

5. Enable cloud storage

Cloud storage is a great way to both back up photos and videos and better manage storage on the iPad or iPhone.

The easiest way to enable cloud storage is to use the Apple’s built in solution – via iCloud.

  1. Open Settings app, tap “General,” then “iPhone Storage.”
  2. Tap “Enable” next to “iCloud Photos.”

• • •

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Cleaning Ipad Storage Options

This post stems from a question by Mike, a reader. You have an old iPad (original, iPad 2, etc.) and over the years, it has become slow, the touch has lost its sensitivity, the apps often load pathetically slowly/get stuck and a bucket-load of other problems crop up. How do you get rid of this?

Cleaning up your iPad can speed it up to a large extent. The most immediate benefits that I have experienced is an enhanced battery performance, a faster, responsive iPad and a better experience overall.

Cleaning Up Ipad Storage

Shaun wrote a post about turning your iPhone into a new device by cleaning up and using a few apps. That’s a good post to start but let’s take a closer look at a few things that you can do to your iPad 1, iPad 2 to get them up to speed.

Is your iPad Running Slow? Here is How to Clean and Speed Up Your Old iPad

Here’s what we’ll be dealing with:

Clearing Out the Data (How to Reformat an iPad)

One of the very first things that you should be doing is clearing out all the stuff. Data gets accumulated over long periods of usage and even if you backup/sync, data just gets accumulated. Most apps store data on the iPhone locally so there’s a lot of usage. Apps like Camera, Photo Booth, Safari, Mail are going to be the top priority.

Of course, you want to keep your data so it’s best to “curate” – erase data that are not required. Sometimes, you think you need a particular data but you don’t touch it for years. So the key is to be very strict in what you want to keep.

Remove stuff that you don’t want from each of the apps that are storing data. You can find out the usage by heading over to Settings → General → Usage.

Once you erase everything else, you can take backups via iTunes/iCloud. iCloud is a better solution if you ask me, but if you’re comfortable with an iTunes backup, use that.

Then, once everything is backed up, head to Settings → General → Reset and reset all things. Remember, you’re going to remove everything – erase all data – and setting up the iPad as new.

The biggest benefit is your iPad is cleared of all the data. You should instantly notice faster processing.

Upgrading to New iOS

Apple tells every device owner to run the latest iOS that they’ve released. This is in general interest, yes, but from my experience, I’ve seen that there’s a peak for every device due to physical limitations. If you’ve not upgraded to the latest, sometimes, it’s okay and better to run a lower version. As such, running a lower version is not going to cause any problem.

So when you decide to Restore via iTunes, decide if you want to upgrade or run the same version the iPad has been running.

In order to install a particular version of the iOS firmware, all you do is:

  • Download the correct firmware from
  • Now, connect your iPad to the PC. Open iTunes
  • Hold Shift and click Restore
  • Select the IPSW you downloaded

Sometimes errors crop up when you try to downgrade and Apple doesn’t allow that. There are ways to bypass them.

Updating Apps vs. Using “Better” Apps

New, updated apps are larger in size than their older ones. That’s the usual norm because mostly, new features are “added.” Unfortunately, this doesn’t fit well for large apps running on older iOS devices like the iPad 2.

To overcome this problem, there’s just one thing you can do: look for a suitable alternative that’s lesser in size. Yes, that’s a slow and tedious process in several cases. Unlike Android – where you can install older versions of apps from an APK file – you cannot re-install an older version of an app using an IPA file on the iPhone unless you’re a geek deep into jailbreaking and cracked app installation.

The iPad 2 is built to run large apps but over time, this doesn’t go down well with subsequent updates increasing the base-size of the app. That’s why:

  • You can either refrain from updating an app if you think it’s already occupying quite a lot of the space
  • You can find alternatives that are minimal in style

Rely on Stock apps

Speaking of apps, as much as possible, rely on stock apps that come bundled with iOS. This way, you’re saving a lot of space and you’re using the resources as envisioned by Apple’s iOS engineers themselves.

Arguably, this isn’t a “fix” but then again, we’re talking about the optimal methods to speed up your iPad. If you’re using a separate reminders app that’s 15MB and stores a lot of data, maybe you should try switching back to the stock Reminders app on your iPad. Ditto with things like Weather, Notes, Calendar, Mail. Mail, especially. And browsers of course.

Jailbreak & More

Jailbreak is funny. Sometimes, an outdated tweak throws things in a mess and the iPad/iOS Device becomes slow, unresponsive or downright non-functional. But of course, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t jailbreak or use tweaks.

If you’ve got an old iPad that’s slow or unresponsive, jailbreak tweaks might be one of the causes. Outdated ones, I mean. Make sure the tweaks you use are up-to-date. Contrasting to the apps from the App Store, outdated tweaks often cause a lot of problems. So it’s better to update them occasionally. Also, find out what tweaks you don’t use and remove them.

The Physical Part: Cleaning, Dry-recharge cycle

Ipad Storage Full

Physical cleaning of the iPad can play a vital role in making sure the buttons – especially the home button – works fine. You can use a semi-wet cloth to wipe the dust off the iPad and we’ve also talked about using WD-40 to clean the Home button. (some experts recommend NOT using it or any other water-displacing spray).

Cleaning Ipad Glass

As for the battery, you should – once in a month – allow the iPad battery to dry up completely. And then let it charge to full capacity (while not using it in the meantime). To do this faster, as the iPad battery dries out, turn ON the Airplane mode. Then, charge it to 100% – it usually takes much lesser time now. Once done, you can switch off the Airplane mode and use the iPad normally.

Cleaning Ipads In Hospitals

There are of course several limitations. Time takes its toll on the iPad and there are certain things you can’t change. For instance, the touch sensitivity may or may not revert back to normal after you’ve restored the iPad. If it’s a physical issue, there’s basically nothing you can do. However, if it’s just a software glitch, a simple reset sets things right.