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Citrix Workspace App Vendor. Citrix Workspace app gives users instant access to online published resources. It provides a portal to view published desktops and applications made available by your organization. License Information Current Version. Citrix Workspace is a Citrix DaaS solution hosted entirely in the Citrix Cloud. It is very easy to operate by utilizing the Citrix Workspace App client which gives the same look and feel as if working from a traditional Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops implementation on-premise or in a private Cloud.

Stable release
Operating systemWindows
TypeDesktop virtualization software

Citrix Workspace (formerly Citrix Workspace Suite) is a digital workspacesoftware platform developed by Citrix Systems that allows multiple users to remotely access and operate Microsoft Windowsdesktops running in a datacenter or a public or private cloud, via devices located elsewhere.[1][2] Users are able to access virtual desktops and applications through Citrix Workspace App.[3] Applications are delivered and managed via Citrix Virtual Apps.[2]

Citrix workspace software for windows 7


Citrix workspace software version 1912
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Citrix Receiver is a client application developed by Citrix Systems to connect individual devices to either XenApp orXenDesktop for desktop or application virtualization.

Location Eligible Users Platform Off Network Access Version(s)
ITS Labs and Classrooms-LocalAll lab and classroom usersWindowsNo remote access to lab or classroom computers20.6
ITS Labs-MacsAll lab usersMacNo remote access to lab or classroom computers2007
MacAppsFaculty and StaffMacWill run off-network19.6
MobileAll usersMobileWill run off-networkContinuous updates