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High-DPI (dots per inch)

Current support for High DPI endpoints is based entirely on the Citrix Receiver or Workspace App capabilities for a given platform. Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.10 (or greater) and Citrix Workspace App for Windows are the only DPI aware clients available currently. These clients can be configured to either scale the session, ignore DPI settings and set the full native resolution, or match ( with VDA versions 1811 or newer) client resolution and DPI settings on the VDA. Refer to CTX230017 - Display DPI scaling configuration with Receiver for Windows for additional information. Citrix
Clients that are not DPI aware rely entirely on the OS to scale the application as appropriate to the endpoint DPI settings. This means that the Receiver or Workspace App can behave differently depending on the OS. Multi-monitors with different DPI scales are not supported with clients that are not DPI aware.

Performance and scalability considerations

In the context of display remoting the size of a user session can vary significantly based on display resolution and the number of monitors alone. As the session grows in size more server and client resources are required, for rendering and encoding/decoding of the graphics, and more data needs to be sent from the server to the client via the network. This has a direct impact to session performance and server scalability. Citrix highly recommends taking user requirements with respect to display configuration into account as it relates to server hardware, network links, and endpoint devices. Some deployment considerations are listed below:

  • Both display resolution and the number of monitors increase the session size. A user connecting from and endpoint with a single 4K monitor would result in the same session size as a user connecting with four 1080p monitors. Single server scalability can be reduced significantly by simply upgrading user endpoints with 4K monitors. If 4K monitor support is required additional server resources should be allocated accordingly to maintain desired user density levels.
  • Bandwidth requirements will also increase with higher resolutions and the number of monitors in use. Bandwidth constraints could limit frame rates and reduce image quality affecting session interactivity and user experience as a result.
  • The endpoint device must have adequate hardware resources available to support the desired display configuration. This could mean having enough CPU resources and in some cases a GPU that can handle the graphics workload. Performance limitations of Thin Clients may become apparent at high resolutions such as 4K, for example.

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Citrix Client

Citrix Client Download for Personal Computers (BYOD)

  • Download Citrix Workspace for Windows PC
  • Download Citrix Workspace for Mac
    • Mac OS 10.13 or higher
    • Mac OS 10.12 or 10.11

You must download and install Citrix Receiver or Workspace before using these Citrix applications. Most applications are accessible by clicking the application link (such as Epic or Network Desktop) from the InsideHealth (also known as atnyulmc) application catalog and click to connect, where a launch.ica file will be generated.

Instructions for Citrix Workspace - Citrix Workspace is the new code name for Citrix Receiver


Once the launch.ica file is generated you will need to open the file from your download location.
Please note, only the most recently downloaded file can be used. All others should be deleted as there will be an error if use is attempted.

File Association on a PC

If the launch.ica file is correctly associated with the Citrix Receiver or Workspace application, there will be a blue and white icon as shown below

If there is any other icon shown for the file, the association needs to be changed.

  • Go to your downloads folder and locate launch.ica file, right click, select Open with…
  • Select Citrix Connection Manager and check the box Always use this app to open .ica files.