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Oct 09, 2019 Yesterday, Apple released their latest OS update (Catalina) for Mac devices. In order for the new update to work with your Caterease Connect program, you need to update your Citrix receiver. Please click the button below to update! For Mac OS X Mojave, Catalina Click HERE. Click HERE to go to the Citrix Workspace download page to download the most up to date version of Workspace. When opening Citrix Workspace app for Mac and Citrix Viewer for the first time on macOS Catalina, the OS prompts users to allow notifications from Citrix Viewer. Click “Allow” to receive notifications related to Citrix Workspace app for Mac. Mar 05, 2021 Citrix Workspace app for Mac supports the following operating systems: macOS Big Sur (11.2.2) macOS Big Sur (11.0.1 and 11.1) macOS Catalina (10.15).

downloadWhy can't I download this file? Need Citrix Files for Mac? Download it here:

Citrix Files makes accessing your files from a Mac much easier. It allows you to access files and folders from ShareFile directly through Finder on your Mac. Content is streamed when it is accessed and not permanently stored on your computer. Changes made to files in the ShareFile folder are automatically saved back to the cloud. Most Finder operations like drag and drop, copy and paste, move and rename, and others will automatically update to the cloud.


System Requirements
Install Citrix Files
to Citrix Files
Basic Operations

Icon Overlays
Right Click Menu
Menu Bar Icon
Overflow Menu
Open and Edit
Conflict Prevention

Citrix Files Drive is Unavailable
Reconnect the Drive
Relaunch Citrix Files
Reinstall Citrix Files

System Requirements

  • macOS 10.12 Sierra
  • macOS 10.13 High Sierra
  • macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • macOS 10.15 Catalina
  • Installation on macOS 10.11 El Capitan is possible, but Citrix no longer supports this version.
  • Apple’s latest macOS 10.15 Catalina was released on October 7, 2019. Upgrade to Citrix Files for Mac version 19.10 or above for full compatibility.


  1. Download the installer DMG.
  2. Open the installer package and follow the prompts to install Citrix Files.
  3. You will be required to provide an administrator password and accept prompts for mounting the Citrix Files kernel extension to complete the installation.
Note: Citrix Files for Mac support for Apple silicon devices (M1 chip) is on a preview basis. Please see macOS Recovery security setting requirements that 'Allow user management of kernel extensions from identified developers.'

After installation, a volume named “Citrix Files” will appear. You may access this volume by clicking on the Citrix Files menu bar item and then clicking the folder icon. It will also appear in the Favorites sidebar in Finder windows. This volume displays all of the files and folders from your Citrix Files account.

Sign in

When starting the Citrix Files Desktop app for the first time, you are prompted to sign in with your Citrix Files Credentials.

Basic Operations

Citrix Files allows you to manage the files in your Citrix Files account the same way that you would manage files normally through Finder.

Open and Edit

Double click on a file in the Citrix Files folder. Make any edits necessary and then save the changes.

Citrix Files uploads the edited file.


Drag and drop file(s) or folder(s) from the Citrix Files folder to another folder on your computer.

You may also copy and paste files and folders.


Drag and drop file(s) or folder(s) from the Citrix Files folder to another folder on your computer.
You may also copy and paste files and folders.

DeleteRight click on a file or folder and select Move to Trash.
You may also drag files and folders to the trash.

Drag and drop file(s) or folder(s) from one location in the Citrix Files folder to another.

New FolderCreate a new folder in Citrix Files folder.

Quick Tip:
The new local storage folder selection feature: Storage Folder
Recently accessed files and files made available offline are stored in a cache folder for fast access. In most cases, there is no need to change this location. Some users with hard drive partitions may wish to store cache data on another partition. You may change the folder where the cache is stored by clicking storage folder.

  • The cache folder is named 'SFDriveMapper'. Please use the preferences menu to free up or remove data instead of deleting content directly.
  • Choose a location that will always be available (an external hard drive is not recommended) -When you switch locations, the app will move data already in the cache to your new location.

Icon Overlays

Files and Folders will have an icon overlay representing the status of that item. The following defines what each icon overlay represents:

Online-only files. These folders and files don’t take up space on your computer.
Note: You may not open online-only files / folders when your device isn’t connected to the Internet.

Mixed state Folder occurs when you have some items within it are mixed across online-only, always offline and/or cached.

Note: When you open an online-only file, it is download to your device and becomes a cached file. You can open cached files anytime, even without internet access. If you need to free up space, you can change the file back to online only. To do so just right-click the file and select ‘to be set’ or go to the Citrix Files dashboard – settings – free up space

Only files or folders that you mark as “Make available offline” will have a green circle with the white check mark. These files or folders are downloaded to your device and are available offline.
Note: To bring these files or folders back to online-only, you need to right-click on the file or folder and select “Make available online.”

The file or folder is currently syncing to the cloud.
Note: This means upload and downloads are currently in progress.

The file is currently checked out.

Right Click Menu

Citrix Workspace Macos Catalina

When you right click on a file or folder within Citrix Files, you will see some additional options. These options give you access to the functions available in Citrix Files for these items. Options will vary based on the types of files or folders you have selected, permissions, and account settings.

OperationAvailable ForDescription
ShareFiles and FoldersCopy Link - Copies a Citrix Files download link. Link settings will be determined by the Share options in your Preferences.
Email with Citrix Files - Send a download link through email. Email options may be customized before sending, or by modifying default options in your Preferences.
Email with mail app - Opens the Mail app in Mac OS. A new message is generated that contains a Citrix Files download link
Initiate Approval - (For a single file only) Initiate an approval workflow on a file
Request FilesSingle FolderCopy Link - Copies a Citrix Files upload link. Link settings will be determined by the Share options in your Preferences.
Email with Citrix Files - Send a upload link through email. Email options may be customized before sending, or by modifying default options in your Preferences.
Email with mail app - Opens the Mail app in Mac OS. A new message is generated that contains a Citrix Files upload link
Check OutSingle FileCheck Out a file to prevent other users from making changes
View DetailsSingle File or FolderView detailed information for a file or folder. The details window provides access to multiple file versions, notes, or checkout details
Refresh ContentsSingle FolderFolder contents should update automatically as changes are made, but you may refresh contents manually using this function

Additional actions are available under More Options.

OperationAvailable ForDescription
DownloadFiles and FoldersFor file(s) and folder(s), download allows you to download file(s) or folder(s) to a specific location on your computer.
Note: For improved performance, use this option for large file downloads or downloading a large number of items. These downloads are optimized for bulk operations and do not store data in the cache.
UploadSingle FolderRight click on a folder and upload allows you to upload files and folders from a specific location on your computer.
Note: For improved performance, use this option for large file uploads or uploading a large number of items These downloads are optimized for bulk operations and do not store data in the cache.
Manage PermissionsSingle FolderAdd users to a folder, modify folder permissions, and copy folder permissions from one user to another.
Add to FavoritesSingle File or Single FolderAdds the file or folder to the Favorites folder.
PreviewSingle FileStream a video file without downloading it (Available for .mp4, .ogg, .ogv, and .webm file types).

Menu Bar Icon

This icon displays the current status of Citrix Files. A spinner over the icon indicates activity.
Uploads in progress or edits that are being saved back to Citrix Files will be indicated by a spinner. You will also see a spinner when navigating to a folder. The spinner indicates that the contents of a folder are being fetched and should appear after the spinner disappears.


Clicking on the menu bar icon will open the dashboard:

  • Recent Files - Files that have been uploaded or edited will appear in the list of recent files. Double click on a file to open it.
  • Overflow Menu - Access Preferences, Send Feedback, Help Launch Website, and quit/exit the Citrix Files application.
  • Workflow button - Open a window containing Workflows where you can view
  • Open Citrix Files Folder - Open the Citrix Files drive in Finder on this Mac.

Overflow Menu

This provides access to Preferences, Send Feedback, Help Launch Website, and Quit.

Provide a rating for the app and leave detailed comments.

  • Help - Provides links to support and legal resources. This menu also allows you to report a technical problem with the app to the development team.
  • Launch Website - Opens the Citrix Files website.
  • Quit - Quits the App.
  • Preferences - Opens the Preferences for the App.





Log out - Logs you out of your account. Cached files are deleted

App Settings

Cache - Hover over the ? for details and cache usage
Clear Cache - This removes ached files
Reset App settings - Removes folder structure archive and cached files. Doing this will quit and relaunch Citrix Files for Mac to please save any work before resetting.
Uninstall - This uninstalls the application. Administrator permissions are required.

Share Options

Notifications - Set default notifications that are applied when sharing
Security - Set default security options that are applied when sharing

Open and Edit

Open and Edit has been tested with the following applications:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Keynote
  • Numbers
  • Microsoft Excel 2008, 2011, 2016, 2017
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2008, 2011, 2016, 2017
  • Microsoft Word 2008, 2011, 2016, 2017
  • Pages
  • Preview
  • Sketch
  • TextEdit

Other applications will be tested and fully supported during the course of the Beta program. Please report any issues you experience with open and edit.
Users are welcome to use Citrix Files for Mac with any application, however when using applications that are not listed above, we recommend saving local copies before uploading to Citrix Files until compatibility has been tested.

Conflict Prevention

Citrix Files for Mac provides end user notifications when another user uploads a new version of a file or checks a file out while you are also viewing / editing the file, in order to prevent file conflicts.
Notification when someone uploads a new version of the file you also have open:
Notification when someone checks out a file while you also have that file open:



Citrix Files Drive is Unavailable

Citrix Files gives you access to the files on your Workspace account by making them available as a storage drive (like an SD card or a thumb drive). This drive needs to mount itself into your Mac's file system before files can be accessed from Citrix Files. If the Citrix Files app experiences an issue with mounting, the app menu bar icon will show a warning symbol. You will need to ensure the drive mounts properly before you may use Citrix Files.

Reconnect the Drive

  1. Click the Citrix Files menu bar icon.
  2. Click Reconnect.

Relaunch the App

You may need to relaunch Citrix Files app in case the app experiences an issue with mounting.

  1. Close any files that may be open in Citrix Files (Ex: You have opened a Word document in Citrix Files).
  2. Click on the Citrix Files menu bar icon.
  3. Click on (...).
  4. Select Quit.
  5. Open Citrix Files app in your Applications folder.

Reinstall Citrix Files

Citrix Files installs a kernel extension or ext to mount the drive.

  1. Click the Citrix Files menu bar icon.
  2. Click on (...) Over Flow Menu
  3. Select Help.
  4. Click Uninstall Citrix Files.
  5. Download and install Citrix Files again.

Additional Resources

CTX237344 - Citrix Files for Mac Known Issues
CTX119253- Language Support for Citrix Products

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Installed the most recent update on my Mac. As soon as a I did my citrix receiver won't open.

Keep getting error 'You have not chosen to trust 'Digicert Global Root Ca', the issuer of the server's security certificate. I wen't into the Keychain and changed the setting to Trust for all of the Digicerts, but the citrix receiver still will not open and has the same error. Posted on Oct 16, PM. Oct 21, AM in response to gbscaptain In response to gbscaptain. Hi, try to uninstall your current installation of Citrix and download the new version 'Citrix Workspace app Oct 21, AM.

Page content loaded. Oct 30, AM in response to luisabarca In response to luisabarca. Oct 30, AM. Nov 19, AM in response to luisabarca In response to luisabarca. Nov 19, AM. Nov 25, PM in response to luisabarca In response to luisabarca. Nov 25, PM. Dec 9, PM in response to pedpac In response to pedpac. This did not work for me. It is still saying certificate in my keychain cannot be trusted. I cannot even find digicert sha certificate in my keychain.

Receiver for Mac Auto-Update Troubleshooting Guide

Any help would be much appreciated. Dec 9, PM. Dec 30, AM in response to luisabarca In response to luisabarca. Dec 30, AM. Question: Q: Catalina update citrix won't open More Less.

Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: gbscaptain gbscaptain.There are four sections in this document:. Note: In Receiver for Mac version From Receiver for Mac version By default, Yes, notify me is enabled.

If the user account is managed by an administrator or is under a company policy, the Citrix Receiver Updates options might be set according to the administrator-specified settings.

Edit Custom Settings and create a new Preference Domain for com. The log files related to Citrix Receiver Updates are:. Resume auto-update for Citrix Receiver. Open a ticket online for technical assistance with troubleshooting, break-fix requests, and other product issues.

Customers who viewed this article also viewed. Based on the delay group settings, updates are available at the beginning, the middle, or the end of the delivery period. The delay groups are categorized as follows: Fast — Update rollout happens at the beginning of the delivery period. Medium — Update rollout happens at the middle of the delivery period. Slow — Update rollout happens at the end of the delivery period.

Terminal Command to modify Updates rollout period: defaults write com. Supported values: Auto: Citrix Receiver Updates set to check for updates automatically. Manual: Citrix Receiver Updates set to be check by User. No automatic checking for update. Disabled: Citrix Receiver Updates disabled for Clients. This will share all log files corresponding to Citrix Receiver for Mac.

When you check for updates manually and do not find any update available, it is due to the following reasons: No updates are available.

Your account is set to a medium or slow category in the delay group. This indicates that the update rollout happens at the middle or at the end of the delivery period. The following dialog appears when you check for updates manually and no updates are available. Solution : You can check for updates at a later time or wait for the Citrix Receiver Updates notification.

Common issue 2: Issues when checking for updates: An update check can fail for various reasons. For example: No network connection during the update check.

Firewall settings do not allow a connection to the update server. The following error message appears if there is an issue when checking for updates. Solution : Ensure that your network connection is working properly. Alternatively, also verify that the firewall settings are not blocking the connection to the Citrix update server.While you can still download older versions of Citrix Receiver, new features and enhancements will be released for Citrix Workspace app.

Citrix Workspace app is built on Citrix Receiver technology, and is fully backward compatible with all Citrix solutions. For more information, please visit the Workspace app FAQ page. Compatible with Mac OS Action required to continue auto-updates on Receiver. Explanation: A new security certificate was recently released to further enhance the security of Citrix Receiver. However, this certificate disables Receiver Auto-Update functionality.

Citrix Required Update For Mac OS 10.15 Catalina

It is important that you download and install the recently released Receiver Auto Update Tool to restore Receiver Update functionality. High performance web and self-services access to virtual apps and desktops. Configure for anywhere access from your desktop or web access with Safari, Chrome or Firefox. Yes, I accept No. Your download will start immediately upon accepting this agreement. You may close this window once your download begins.

Sign In.

Citrix Workspace app Technology Preview for macOS

Find Downloads. Select a product Receiver Fix to enable Receiver auto-update May 18, 22 KB. What's new, fixed or updated Release notes. Receiver for Mac overview. Eula External Eula itEula. End-User License Agreement Please read the statement below and accept the terms of use to proceed:.

Do you accept all the terms of the preceding statement? Community Citrix Community Blogs. Global Sites — Choose your language.

All Rights Reserved.In order for the new update to work with your Caterease Connect program, you need to update your Citrix receiver. Please click the button below to update! We at Caterease know that pickup and delivery orders have become the primary source of revenue for many of you. As a response, we have created a comprehensive tool to manage these orders within your existing Caterease program. The new Quick Order wizard lets you create delivery or pickup orders for new or existing customers in an instant!

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The calculated delivery or pickup time will default for any new quick order, and can be easily overridden by you. Create detailed, custom letter templates for printing or even for use in email correspondence — peppering them with merge fields that dynamically pull specific information directly from the event. Choose any custom letter to be printed or emailed from any event or even an entire GROUP of events, and it will look completely customized for each individual customer.

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Than handy Merge Table Wizard lets you quickly insert specific information — menu items, staffing, payments, ingredients and more — exactly where you want it. Your prints, your image — your way. With Caterease Document Builder, all of your favorite word processing tools are available at your fingertips — inserting images, creating tables with or without borderschecking spelling, formatting fonts, etc. No longer will you have to open one software program after another.

Caterease has everything you need to simplify your busy workday. View a video on Document Builder. Add or even import any number of prospective leads, and manage their statuses, track necessary next actions and easily report on any information. Call leads or email individually or — in the Professional version — in batch and then instantly make a detailed history note that is automatically date and time stamped.About this release.

Install, Uninstall, and Upgrade. Secure communications. Aviso legal. Citrix Workspace app for Mac is compatible with all currently supported versions of the following Citrix products.

For information about the Citrix product lifecycle, and to find out when Citrix stops supporting specific versions of products, see the Citrix Product Lifecycle Matrix. If a user chooses to continue through the warning, a list of applications is displayed; however, applications fail to launch.

Installing the Citrix Receiver for Mac

When clicking the attachment, you are asked to import the root certificate. Wildcard certificates are used in place of individual server certificates for any server within the same domain. Citrix Workspace app for Mac supports wildcard certificates. If your certificate chain includes an intermediate certificate, the intermediate certificate must be mapped to the NetScaler Gateway server certificate.

For information on this task, see NetScaler Gateway documentation. Before installing this version of Citrix Workspace app for Mac, confirm that the certificates at the server or gateway are correctly configured as described here. Connections may fail if:. When validating a server certificate, Citrix Workspace app for Mac now uses all the certificates supplied by the server or gateway when validating the server certificate.

As in previous Citrix Workspace app for Mac releases, it then also checks that the certificates are trusted. If the certificates are not all trusted, the connection fails. This policy is stricter than the certificate policy in web browsers.

Many web browsers include a large set of root certificates that they trust. The server or gateway must be configured with the correct set of certificates. Suppose a gateway is configured with these valid certificates. This configuration is recommended for customers who require stricter validation, by determining exactly which root certificate is used by Citrix Workspace app for Mac:. Then, Citrix Workspace app for Mac checks that all these certificates are valid. Some certificate authorities have more than one root certificate.

If you require this stricter validation, make sure that your configuration uses the appropriate root certificate. On some user devices, both root certificates are available. Also note that root certificates eventually expire, as do all certificates. Some servers and gateways never send the root certificate, even if configured. Stricter validation is then not possible. Now suppose a gateway is configured with these valid certificates.

This configuration, omitting the root certificate, is normally recommended:.Asked by pacmanNL. An upgrade of OS from Mojave to Catalina as resulted in an error when using the Workspace app or url to launch Citrix Workspace applications. Citrix does not support Beta versions of macOS.

Hi TejusAdigaM. Pretty please! But it is a known issue I have and its reproducible.

I also am having this issue. My point as well is how does Citrix find out about these issues if we don't tell you. A beta version of the CWA might be a good idea. I am also experiencing the same, it's the intermediary CA in my case that's the issue, despite trusting all 3 level of the certificate, root, intermediary and end site. It doesn't appear to be an issue with the SHA-2 which is due to be deprecated in I am also having this same problem.

And I use my Macbook Pro to connect to my work. It is critical usage. Hospital and patient care. So your response that we do not support beta software is pretty callous and basically blows off your clientele.

If Apple has a beta version, then I am sure they expect their 3rd party's to follow suit. Do you know how to solve this problem? You will be able to leave a comment after signing in.

Upvote if you also have this question or find it interesting. Learn more. Follow, to receive updates on this topic. Posted June 9, After summer comes macOS. The operating system boasts a whole lot of new macOS features like Sidecar, iOS apps porting, and major Photos update. To try the features right away, you can install Catalina from the Software Update tab. However, be prepared for some troubleshooting.

Citrix Workspace Mac Os Catalina Os

How to fix macOS 10.15 Catalina problems

Giving up Catalina is a decision you can choose to make. But before rolling back, ensure you use every bit of advice as to how you can fix the common problems. Sometimes, a quick fix can solve your concerns. No matter how many times you start over, you keep getting an error trying to install Catalina. Apple recommends to reset SMC. Click on the power button and wait for your Mac to start up. Wait for your computer to restart. Reinstall from macOS recovery. Once you see the startup screen, start the installation again.

Citrix Receiver Mac

Some users reported they were prompted to enter administrator password several times to complete the installation. So it might be something for you to try as well. If you install Catalina on top of your current operating system, the computer will keep all the files and still need free space for Catalina.

All the system junk, app leftovers, and unneeded files will go away in a minute. Backup your disk and run a clean install. Reinstall Mojave. Click Reinstall macOS.

Citrix Workspace For Mac Os Catalina 10.15.3