Citrix Workspace For Ipad Instructions

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1 On the iPad home screen tap the App Storeicon. 2 In the search field type Citrix workspace. 2 3 Select the Citrix Workspaceapp in the results and tap the download (cloud) icon or GET as appropriate. Citrix Workspace Install Instructions. Install Citrix Workspace client (new name for Receiver): Download Citrix Workspace here. It is recommended to install the Workspace with an admin account (or run as admin). Accept the license agreement, click next. Do not enable App Protection, click INSTALL; Once intallation is done, click on FINISH.

For security reasons, ITS requires using the UI Anywhere VPN when connecting to Virtual Desktop from off campus. For instructions on downloading and installing the VPN client, see the UI Anywhere VPN support center.

Virtual Desktop supports launching remote applications on most any kind of device, both desktop and mobile. The following instructions were made using an iPhone but the steps are fundamentally the same for an iPad.

Installing and Using the Citrix Workspace App for Apple iOS Devices

  1. Download the free Citrix Workspace App for iOS app from the Apple App Store. Search for 'Citrix Workspace App'.

  2. After installing the Citrix Workspace App on your iOS device, launch the app. The initial start screen is shown. Enter in the field as shown and tap Continue.

  3. Enter your credentials as shown and tap Sign in.

  4. You may optionally enable TouchID to sign you into Virtual Desktop.
  5. You should now see application icons in the Citrix Workspace App.

  6. If you touch the + sign next to an app, it will show up on your Favorites tab.

  7. To launch a connection to an application, simply tap its icon

downloadWhy can't I download this file?


To resolve this issue, follow the steps below --
1.) Launch Studio and navigate to Policies node
2.) Click 'Create Policy' to bring up the Policy dialog box
3.) Search for 'Automatic keyboard display'
4.) Click 'Select' and then click 'Allowed' to enable this policy
5.) Click OK to continue and complete the creation of policy

Citrix Workspace App Instructions

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