Citrix Workspace For Ipad Instructions

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To access the Citrix Receiver on your apple device, you must install the official Citrix Receiver App from the App Store Open the app store, and search for “Citrix” in the search field. Choose Citrix Receiver for iPad on the drop down. Pick the app titled Citrix Receiver from The list of results. Apple computers and devices (MacBook, iMac, Mac mini, iPad) Citrix Workspace app replaces the Citrix Receiver App. When accessing your BVN desktop for the first time via an Apple device, a free program called Citrix Workspace App will need to be installed onto the computer or device. Download for macOS. Important: Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by Citrix Systems Inc. Could void the user’s authority to operate this equipment. Responsible party information Citrix Systems Inc. 4988 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA, 95054 Instructions 1. Install the latest version of Citrix Receiver. Enable Bluetooth from iPhone or iPad.

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  1. Install “Citrix Workspace” from the Apple App Store. Only need to complete this step along with account setup the first time.
  1. Open “Citrix Workspace” and select “Get Started”.
  1. Enter “” for the server URL and select “Continue”
  1. Login with OSU University name.# credentials. You will then be presented with enabling “Touch ID” which you can proceed with or select “Not Now”, after you will be prompted to select a store. Choose “COEStore” and “Continue”. Login with OSU University name.# credentials a second time.
  1. Select the + sign tab on the left edge of the screen.
  1. Select + sign by your class or major image from the COEStore tab to add to the Favorite screen
How to use citrix workspaceCitrix
  1. Minimize tab and select your class or major image. A virtualized Windows desktop will appear for use on the iPad.
  1. Ensure your data is saved to U: or remote drive and select “Sign out” from start menu after completing session.

Citrix Workspace For Ipad Instructions List

*For Connecting a Citrix X1 Bluetooth Mouse follow instructions located at