Citrix Workspace Command Line

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To start Citrix Receiver and enumerate applications without opening the Citrix Receiver window use the following command line for SelfServicePlugin in the startup folder.

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C:Program Files (x86)CitrixSelfServicePluginSelfServicePlugin.exe -poll

The -Poll parmeter gets applications while hiding and not requiring Citrix Receiver window to open.

Additional command line parameters:

-ShowAppPicker Launches the Main UI

-logon Starts the Logon sequence

Citrix workspace linux command line

-logoff Logs off the current user.

How can we manage Workspace App settings on a remote Windows device using MDM/Intune? Obviously default store is the most crucial but also other settings? I have ADMX ingestion working with Intune and can deploy settings, but while deploying the Storefront list does populate the clients registry. Now you can use the Citrix PowerShell cmdlet Add-BrokerApplication to add the common applications to other Delivery Groups. For example: Add-BrokerApplication -Name 'Common App 1' -DesktopGroup 'Delivery Group 2' Now you can add the single applications to each corresponding Delivery Group.

-disconnectApps Disconnects the current application sessions

-reconnectApps Reconnects to any session.


-exit Exits the Self-Service Plug-in.

SelfService.exe Command Line Parameters

Citrix Workspace Install Commands

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