Citrix Workspace Cleanup

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  • Citrix Workspace Clean-up Utility Is there a clean-up utility for the Workspace app similar to the Receiver clean-up utility? I thought I read somewhere the receiver clean-up utility doesn't clean-up everything left behind from Workspace.
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Citrix workspace cleanup toolCitrix workspace cleanup tool

Receiver Cleanup Utility:

Citrix Receiver for Windows Citrix Receiver Cleanup Utility. Citrix Receiver for Mac. Citrix Receiver for IOS.

You might want to uninstall existing receiver version and install same version or a newer version of citrix receiver in user’s machine. In this case, you can uninstall citrix receiver directly from add or remove programs but that might leave some registry keys, and folders back. So, it is always recommended to use citrix receiver cleanup utility to remove existing citrix receiver from a user’s machine.

Receiver cleanup utility is available for download from citrix support site, but each citrix receiver setup has receiver cleanup utility in it. Use software like 7 zip to extract contents of citrixreceiver.exe to a folder. You will find receiver cleanup utility in it. You don’t have to download it separately and juggle with different recievers and different receiver cleanup utility versions. You can run it silently using below command: ReceiverCleanupUtility.exe /silent.

After you extract citrixreceiver.exe to a folder, you can see receivercleanup utility as shown below:

How To Run Citrix Cleanup Utility

Run it with admin rights and reboot once done. Install latest receiver as needed once rebooted. Always backup registry before you run any tool. For more information on how to use this tool, check this link:

VDA Cleanup Utility:

Citrix Workspace Cleanup

If you have to reinstall VDA software in user’s citrix VM, you can start doing it from add or remove programs. In case you end up in errors that some components are not deleted, you can use vda cleanup utility from citrix. You can run it silently using below commands:

Citrix Workspace Cleanup Utility

  • VDACleanupUtility.exe /silent
  • VDACleanupUtility.exe /noreboot
  • VDACleanupUtility.exe /silent /noreboot
  • VDACleanupUtility.exe /unattended

For more information on how to use this tool, go through the article given here:

Citrix Workspace Cleanup Utility

Note: Always check if there are new versions of these tools available in citrix support sites.