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  1. Click Add Add Chrome app or extension by ID. Enter self-hosted Citrix Workspace’s extension ID. Select From a custom URL. Enter the URL where Citrix Workspace is hosted. Install Citrix Workspace extension from the Chrome Web Store: Click Add Add Chrome app or extension by ID.
  2. Workspace app is the new name for Receiver. This post applies to all Workspace app versions, and all Receiver versions 4.0 and newer, versions 1808 and newer (e.g. 2103.1), and the LTSR versions.
  3. Citrix Workspace app for Windows (Store) is client software available for download from the Microsoft store. It enables users to access virtual desktops and hosted applications delivered by Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. Citrix Workspace app 2103 for Windows (Store) is the current version available from the Microsoft Store.

1. Launch the Google Chrome web browser.


2. Click this link to go to the Google Chrome Web Store and install the Citrix Workspace plugin: Citrix Workspace plugin for Google Chrome

Step 1: Downloading and Installing Citrix Workspace. Go to the Citrix Workspace Page in the Chrome Web Store. Click 'Add to Chrome'. Click 'Add app'. Step 2: Accessing the VLE. Open a new tab, and make sure your bookmarks bar is being shown. In the upper left-hand corner click 'Apps' In your Apps Menu click 'Citrix Workspace'. Users install Citrix Workspace app for Chrome OS from the Chrome Web Store by searching for Citrix Workspace and clicking Add to Chrome. Once installed, Citrix Workspace app for Chrome OS must be configured with connection details for Citrix Gateway and the Citrix Receiver for Web site providing that provides users’ desktops and apps.

3. From the google Webstore click the Add to Chrome button on the right:

4. Click “Add App”:

5. The chrome://apps page will now launch where you will see the newly installed Citrix Workspace app. Go ahead and click it:

6. when prompted for Account URL, enter and click Connect:

7. When prompted, log in with your WCSU username/password. (Do not use your WCSU email address for username)

8. You will now be presented with a white screen with two buttons on the top: ‘Favorites’ and ‘Apps’. Click the ‘Apps’ button to view all of the apps available to you.

Click on an app’s icon once to open it. You may again be prompted to allow the Citrix Workspace App. Click ‘Allow’.

An app takes up to one minute to open. When it opens, you can begin working immediately.

When you want to go back into Citrix at a later time or on another day:

  1. Launch your Google Chrome browser.

2. Navigate to this page: chrome://apps

3. Click Citrix Workspace:

4. Log in again with your credentials as explained in step 7 from above:

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Citrix Workspace Store

NOTE: Support for NPAPI was deprecated by Apple in Safari 12.0. See here for more info.Store

CWA Updater Logging

CWA Updater Logging is enabled by default with Citrix Receiver for Mac Version 12.6 and later. This is helpful when troubleshooting CWA auto-update related issues.


To enable Session Logging

Citrix workspace chrome web store
Connection Diagnostics logging is specific to identifying errors while connecting. All logging will be enabled up until the point when the session is deemed successful.
Full Logging will log everything including the Connection Diagnostics and Session Logging. Once enabled, the CWA will store up to 10 Session Logs after which they are deleted starting with the oldest to maintain 10 logs.

Citrix Workspace App Chrome

Note: Full Logging can impact performance and must only be used while troubleshooting an issue because of the amount of data. It must not be left on during normal use.
The user enabling this logging will get a warning that must be acknowledged to continue.

To enable Store Logging

Select Normal or Verbose in the Store Logging.

Citrix Workspace Chrome Web Store

The two levels of the Store Logging are Normal and Verbose. With Verbose, the AuthManager will provide more detailed debugging information. Use Normal when only StoreComms logging is necessary.

To disable Session/Store Logging

SelectGoogle chrome citrix workspace app

Citrix Workspace Chrome Store

Disabled in the Session Logging and Disabled in the Store Logging.

Chrome Citrix Workspace Launcher

The CWA log files are stored in the local Mac user’s home directory: ~/Library/Logs/.

Chrome Store Citrix Workspace App

Type of loggingLog file location
Installer logging~/Library/Logs/ReceiverInstall.log
Session logging~/Library/Logs/Citrix Workspace/CitrixViewer_<time_stamp>.txt (*)
Store loggingNormal~/Library/Logs/CitrixServerCommunication.log
Verbose~/Library/Logs/com.citrix.AuthManager.log, com.citrix.AuthManager_1.log
(along with CitrixServerCommunication.log)
Always-on loggingWeb Browser Launch Logging
(Citrix Receiver Launcher/NPAPI plugin component)
~/Library/Logs/Citrix Workspace/<time_stamp>.txt
~/Library/Logs/Citrix Workspace /Citrix Workspace Launcher_<time_stamp>.txt
Receiver Helper Logging~/Library/Logs/Citrix Workspace /ReceiverHelper_<time_stamp>.txt
Citrix Workspace App Logging~/Library/Logs/Citrix Workspace /Citrix Workspace _<time stamp>.txt
Citrix Viewer Logging~/Library/Logs/Citrix Receiver/CitrixViewer_<time_stamp>.txt (*)
CWA Updater Logging~/Library/Logs/Citrix Workspace /Citrix Workspace Updater_<time_stamp>.txt

(*) The log files for Always-on logging (for Citrix Viewer) and Session logging are the same. Viewer log files generated by Always-on logging contains only the most important logs. However, if Session logging is enabled, other logging along with the Always-on logswill be written to the log file.

Citrix Workspace Chrome Web Store

Email Log Files

You can click “Email Log Files” available in the Logging screen to zip Session/Store/Always-on/Citrix Receiver Updater log files, and send it as an attached file via email using your default email client.