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Citrix Virtual Apps software uses FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA), a proprietary architecture for Citrix virtualization products. It delivers individual applications, as opposed to entire desktops, to devices. It is also used with Citrix Workspace to deliver apps as part of a complete virtual desktop environment. I found and installed Citrix OSX client 6.30.314 and it works a treat! That is with Tiger 10.4.3 and internet connection. Prints locally & I can have my PDFs agian. I will put it on the work Mac (10.3.9) and expect it to get me going again. Clearly the problem is client version specific.

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Applicable Products

  • Receiver for Mac

Symptoms or Error

A USB Joystick has been tested successfully from a windows client. USB device pass through is configured on a Citrix policy via Studio, but USB device options on mac receiver client show 'Policy Restricted' in the 'Virtual Channel' column. Customer tried updating the local policy by editing the /library/Application Support/Citrix Receiver/USB.conf file and setting the Citrix USB device redirection rule policy to 'Use default' which did not help. reference:,


Move the enable line to the top of the config file and the device works as expected.
/library/Application Support/Citrix Receiver/USB.conf
# Syntax is an ordered list of case insensitive rules where # is line comment
# and each rule is (ALLOW DENY) : ( match ( match )* )?
# and each match is (class subclass prot vid pid rel) = hex-number
# Maximum hex value for class/subclass/prot is FF, and for vid/pid/rel is FFFF
ALLOW: vid=07C0 pid=1131 # axis controller CR939 # moved device line to top of file
DENY: vid=17e9 # All DisplayLink USB displays
DENY: class=02 # Communications and CDC-Control
DENY: class=09 # Hub devices
DENY: class=0a # CDC-Data
DENY: class=0b # Smartcard
DENY: class=e0 # Wireless controller
DENY: class=ef subclass=04 # Miscellaneous network devices
ALLOW: # Otherwise allow everything else

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Problem Cause

Citrix Workspace App 2007 For Mac

Device was being blocked by one of the other devices in the conf file.