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Citrix workspace 2101 client
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For performing a silent reset use the below command line, with /silent switch.

'C:Program Files (x86)CitrixICA ClientSelfServicePluginCleanUp.exe' /silent -cleanUser

Note: Uppercase 'U' must be used in the parameter.

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Resetting Receiver to factory defaults removes the following items:

  • All accounts and stores.

  • All apps delivered by the Self-Service Plug-in, along with their icons and registry keys.

  • All file type associations created by the Self-Service Plug-in.

  • Cached files and saved passwords.

  • Per-user registry settings that are user preferences and, for per-machine installations, all user-specific registry settings.

  • NetScaler Gateway registry settings for Receiver.

Resetting Receiver does not impact the following items:

Citrix Receiver Workspace App For Windows

  • Receiver or Plug-in installation.

  • Per-machine ICA lockdown settings.

  • GPOs.

CTX138514 - SelfService.exe Command Line Parameters Specified

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