Citrix Workspace 1906

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UiPath Studio is a key component of the UiPath Enterprise RPA platform. With this intuitive digital canvas, you can design automation workflows with prebuilt activities that you simply drag and drop. Once complete, your workflow is executed by your UiPath Robots.

  1. Citrix Receiver For Mac 11
  2. Citrix Workspace 1906
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Citrix Receiver For Mac 11

  • UiPath Citrix Server Remote Runtime is a UiPath component required only for native automation in Citrix environments. This allows communication between the Citrix server and the UiPath Citrix extension from the client machine.
  • Studio lets you create workflows with three different complexity levels. You can use a Sequence to create simple, linear, decision-free processes, such as extracting data from a document and inserting it into a spreadsheet. Use a Flowchart for processes involving decisions and logic, such as entering data in a timesheet only on weekdays. Finally, you can use a State Machine for complex processes with conditional triggers, such as overtime payroll billing for a weekend entry.
  • With Studio, automating your processes is simple. Basic, Desktop, Web, and Citrix recorders reduce design time by creating workflows from human actions.
  • Studio offers a user-friendly framework including development best practices, such as logging and exception handling. Dependencies are handled on a project level, ensuring simple product upgrades.
  • Studio helps you develop workflows faster with reusable automation components. Easily share the components your team builds across your organization or download components from third parties in the UiPath Go! Marketplace.
  • You can integrate with Microsoft Office for advanced automation using Word and Excel. With its flexible architecture, Studio can connect with cognitive and OCR technologies including ABBYY, IBM Watson, Google, and Microsoft.
  • Studio is available in several local languages and—to ensure consistent process quality—includes visual debugging tools that offer linear steps and breakpoints and target element highlighting.
  • For power users, Studio allows you to harness the full capabilities of VB.Net, C#, Python, and Java to develop the most sophisticated automations.

Citrix Workspace 1906

Workspace Environment Management documentation is updated to reflect current product behavior. Fixed Issues Fixed in Workspace Environment Management 1906. Attempts to create a WEM database using the WEM Database Management Utility might fail. The issue occurs when the synchronization context creation for the WEM database times out. Citrix Workspace App and Citrix Receiver for Windows sessions running on Version 1906.1 of the Virtual Delivery Agent can disconnect unexpectedly. The issue is limited to specific scenarios and connections from Windows clients. You can identify the issue in the Windows Event Log on the client device as shown in the following example.